Final Preparations for Tournament of Roses Parade

Brandi Hitt shares a preview of famous Rose Bowl event.
2:38 | 12/30/12

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Transcript for Final Preparations for Tournament of Roses Parade
Just send them @ginger, underscore, zee. A day away from the start of new year's celebrations. Here in new york they've been testing dropping confetti from the big times square ball drop and out in california, volunteers are in a feverish rush to put the finishing touches one one of the other great traditions, the annual tournament of roses parade. Brandi hitt joins us to show us how it's done. Good morning, what a fun assignment. If you ever wondered what it takes to build these floats we went to work and got our hands dirty. ♪ everything is coming up roses in pasadena. And this is your ticket behind the scenes to the 124th annual tournament of roses parade. I take off the whole week of work to do this. Reporter: That's because there's more to it than just flowers, days of painting, blending and gluing around the clock to make them come to life. For the first time in six years disney is returning to the rose parade after all, walt disney was the grand marshal in 1966. This year's float, disneyland's newest attraction, carsland. Up and down route 66 looking around. Reporter: The 125-foot-long float, a waterfall. How many flowers are we talking about covering this entire float? Hundreds of thousands. Reporter: To build this float, they will use tons of seed. 200 gallons of glue and 2,000 volunteers like melissa rodriguez. It just makes me feel nice. Reporter: And this work is not easy. As I quickly found out. Wait. It takes six hours just to cover this one car with and seeds. There you go. Not bad. Not bad at all. Reporter: Every float is unique this year. And for the first time, a wedding will be televised live from atop this farmers' insurance love float. Wedding way up there. We were with the lucky couple from virginia when they saw for the first time war they'll be harnessed in and exchanging vows 27 feet off the ground. Well, thankfully the weather i expected to hold up for the parade for that couple and we also learned some other great secrets. Because every decoration has to be natural they'll use dried artichokes for fur and dried seaweed for windows. Josh elliott from "gma" will host the parade this year.

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{"id":18093989,"title":"Final Preparations for Tournament of Roses Parade","duration":"2:38","description":"Brandi Hitt shares a preview of famous Rose Bowl event.","url":"/GMA/video/final-preparations-tournament-roses-parade-18093989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}