Fitbit Possibly Linked to Rash

Some using the popular exercise counter say it gives them a skin rash.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Fitbit Possibly Linked to Rash
That was beautiful. Now to some uncomfortable news for users of the hugely popular exercise tracker fitbit. I think we have a few of these users at the table. Turns out that some of these people are coming down with skin rashes. ABC's Reena ninan all over the story this morning. Reporter: From steps cliented to miles worked, it measures and tracks it all. To make every moment count. Reporter: But now the hottest workout accessory is not only counting calories burned but giving some a workout itch in the form of a rash. I wore it 24/7. Reporter: Katie bought her fitbit just before Christmas. Hoping to keep her motivated and moving. But two weeks ago she noticed this rash on the wrist where she wore the watch-like device. It got worse and had elevated bump, blisters and that's when I decided I needed to go see the doctor. Reporter: Fitbit force casings are made with a surgical grade stainless steel, ray type of metal that contains traces of nickel, something that 8.6% of the population allergic to. It is found in everyday objects like belt, zippers and earrings but with those with an allergy constant contact can treat dermatitis. The shape of the lesion is exactly the shape of the thing that is coming this contact with it. Typically we treat with topical steroid products. Reporter: They tell ABC news exclusively they are actively psyching ways to modify the mod so that anyone can wear it comfortably. They advise losers to discontinue using the device and offering full refunds or exchanges for other fitbit models. Adele is happy to take -- They're offering me a product that will clip on called the one so there won't be metal touching pie skin. Reporter: And as for this -- It's a great tool and I know it works to a lot of other people but this particular fitbit doesn't work for me. Reporter: Fitbit has created a website, and even a hot line for users to report any reaction so they can request a full refind. If not allergic it records your sleep and any late night activity. Good morning, America. I can see getting very compulsive about it. Because they track lack thereof sleep and you become totally obsessed. Not that I wouldn't want to throw it away if it's tracking everything. You sort of sometimes just can't get more sleep and there it is just reminding you. Thank you, Reena.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Some using the popular exercise counter say it gives them a skin rash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21596168","title":"Fitbit Possibly Linked to Rash","url":"/GMA/video/fitbit-possibly-linked-rash-21596168"}