Flash Floods Trap College Students in Kentucky Cave

The Clemson University students and tour guides were rescued six hours after the floods blocked the cave's exits.
3:38 | 05/27/16

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Transcript for Flash Floods Trap College Students in Kentucky Cave
A flash flood emergency in the south where more than a dozen college students were trapped in a Kentucky cave. We'll take you inside the rescue. We begin though with ABC's rob Marciano in Kansas where two tornados were reported. Good morning, rob. Good morning, George. Two through this area and one taking out this massive mature tree and slamming it into this home. This neighborhood is liltered with trees and debris. Yesterday another frightening day across the central U.S. And a long duration of that for many it went all day and through the night. Overnight, lightning igniting the skies over the plains. These dramatic bolts crackling across Oklahoma. In paducah, Kentucky, a police car caught this massive lightning strike. So powerful it knocked the dash cam variety from its mount. Also in Kentucky, a dramatic rescue for 19 people stuck in this cave for over six hours. The group made up mostly of Clemson geology students and their guides entered the cave at 10:00 A.M. For a tour. But then the flash floods came rushing in blocking the exits. The worst was the entrance because of all the water coming down. With no cell service in the cave the group followed the guide's toward a known dry area called the attic. Two police officers called in to help but shortly after entering the cave they weren't able to get out. I was scared. I mean, when your life is on the line you're kind of -- you're always going to be afraid. Reporter: Finally at 4:30 P.M. Rescuers made their way to the group leading them through high water holding a rope getting to the mouth of the cave where they were reunited with loved ones. Severe weather also wreaking havoc in Texas. Thunderstorms and lightning. All that rain leading the flash floods across the state. Up to 16 inches north of Houston. In Waco cars trying to plow through the high water getting into trouble. The engine of this car catching on fire and backing up traffic for hours. A tornado in Brian, Texas, also igniting a fire. At least two twisters cutting through whaumega, Kansas and getting hammered by hail. Blinding rain led this car to flip over. In the last 24 hours over 350 severe weather reports across 15 states and that doesn't even include all that flash flooding. By far the most widespread event this year and, George, I'm sure ginger is about to tell you we're not quite done yet. Ginger is right here right now. We're done yet. He's right. We've got severe storms in parts of Texas and hefty rain come ago long with it and why we have the warnings and watches from Austin to Houston, Wichita included. That's for the next 24 hours or so, right. So a lot of places will still sigh the heavy rains then the atmosphere stabilizes after those storms move through then the heat of the day will start to become unstable again so the atmosphere churns back up in Waco to Dallas, Bryan, Celina, Wichita included with the large hail, strong winds and potential for tornado later this afternoon and evening. At the same time we're watching a storm in the atlantic. That's right. We are still not yet in official hurricane season. But we may just see a named storm in the next 24 hours, 0% shot of this coming at you with the holiday weekend impacted from Charleston back through parts of the Georgia coast and up into North Carolina too. I think it's heavy rain, it's wind and certainly rip currents so something to watch for if you're traveling to the southeast. Absolutely. George. Thank you. In the middle of this severe

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The Clemson University students and tour guides were rescued six hours after the floods blocked the cave's exits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39421901","title":"Flash Floods Trap College Students in Kentucky Cave","url":"/GMA/video/flash-floods-trap-college-students-kentucky-cave-39421901"}