'The Flip Side' Explores Reversed Gender Roles

Abbie Boudreau reports on a new web series that flips the gender roles upside down.
5:45 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for 'The Flip Side' Explores Reversed Gender Roles
Reporter: What would happen if girls were to behave more like guys? I love you. Thank you. There's a difference between, you know, showing affection when it comes to guys and girls. Reporter: It's the flipside. A hilarious viral video series, more than 2 million views and counting. Where men become the sensitive type. I remember when you used to open the door for me. Reporter: And women, they don't hold back. What do you like to drink? Raspberry kamikaze. That sounds good. We wanted to show guys being good. Reporter: This is what it looks like on the flipside. Flipping gender roles. From the gym. To the bar. I love this song. What? I love this song. Whoa. Hey. It's fun to see the roles totally reversed, especially in the bar. Guys get so aggressive. Reporter: They always crash the party. That's the biggest one they love. See this happens. Reporter: The creators say they're tapping into their real-life relationships for endless onscreen drama. I have a girlfriend that hates valentine's day. But if I don't do anything, I'd get into trouble there. You said you didn't want to do anything. Reporter: In the spirit of flipping. You know how sensitive guys are. But they love chocolate. So, I got them a box. That's so nice. Reporter: I swear, you did great. For "good morning america" -- i swear the camera does not add ten pounds. Abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. Nobody knows the dos and don'ts of dating better than this man, chris harrison. The long-time host of "the bachelor," and "bachelorette," has seen it all. What do you think, chris? It's the social dynamic of "the bachelorette" pushing that envelope. I think the roles have been pushed. I don't think they've been reversed. I think it gets to a certain point. And I see it on "the bachelorette," you go back to the traditional roles. In the end, it's the guy that gets down on one knee. You get to that point. And I think the woman wants to be treated like a lady. I think a man wants to treat a woman like that. It will get to a certain degree. I don't think anybody really wants to do a 180. What do you see on the show? On "the bachelor" and "bachelorette"? Does it work? I think it does work. You see sean on "the bachelor." When the women get out of the limo, it's a natural progression. When it's the woman there, and the guys are put in a role they're not used to, it's awkward for them. Again, that's why I love the show. It just raises that debate. But eventually, I find on "the bachelorette," the roles do reverse. And the guys go back to taking control. I think more and more women want to take more command of the situation. A new day has dawned. And by the way, as they should. It's great when a woman comes up and starts a conversation. Wants to pay for -- obviously, that's great. Those roles have changed. But don't you want to be treated like a lady at the end of the day? Of course. But treated like an equal. I think we all want that. In your experience, what advice would you give women in the dating world of how to add a little bit of the manning up, but be careful. I think it's being assertive, being confident. That goes with everything. Knowing yourself and being confident, and being happy with yourself. And realizing -- this goes both ways. Somebody else isn't going to make you happy. Someone else isn't going to complete you. Once you figure that out, the pieces fall together for you. What do you like in a lady? How about that for a loaded question? I see you working, lara. I wonder because you do have -- how many women have you seen? How many men have you seen in all the years you've been doing this? Right. You've seen what works and I think you are somebody that can give us insight on women everywhere. For me, it's knowing what i like. I'm a pretty traditional guy. I grew up in what I call the south, dallas, texas. I like old traditions. I like being a gentleman. I like being able to open a door and pay for -- I like that. You wouldn't want the manning up? To a certain degree. But I like somebody who's -- we all do. Smart, good conversationalist, can add to the situation and the equation, for sure. Let's talk a little bit about this season of "the bachelor." I want someone like you to support me and take care of me. I would support you. Would you love me forever? If I wasn't married. It would be amazing. Speaking of lasting relati-- yeah. Wondering how sean's doing on "the bachelor." We're three episodes in? Three episodes in. Phenomenally well. I knew people would fall in love with him. He has something, doesn't he? You met him when he was here on "gma." I n he was on with emily. I think it was hidden. Now, he's had his time to shine. He has the great charisma and the charm to make the women feel like they're the only ones in the room. Is it sincere? It is sincere. You can't fake that. That's why america's falling in love with him. But also 15 women on our show is falling in love with him, which is bound to cause trouble and drama. Thank you for the insight. Thank you for the tips on "the bachelor." Check that out on monday.

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{"id":18312735,"title":"'The Flip Side' Explores Reversed Gender Roles","duration":"5:45","description":"Abbie Boudreau reports on a new web series that flips the gender roles upside down.","url":"/GMA/video/flip-side-web-series-explores-reversed-gender-roles-18312735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}