Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Hurricane Matthew

Scott talks to "GMA" about the latest warnings and information for the state of Florida as Hurricane Matthew continues to churn.
2:57 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Hurricane Matthew
Governor Scott thanks for joining us what can you tell us about the impact of Matthew right now. We are georgians about half quip or because it's just off the coast to Cape Canaveral about forty miles. We've seen hurricane force winds up to 107 mile per hour did its ability not bail out its we don't know where damages. How we've been blessed that we don't have we have had a direct hit. But as you know did it to hurricane force winds we're gonna be a lot of storm surge. Here than Jacksonville area he's still have helped our cue to evacuate. Our concern mayors we're gonna happen. Up to twelve feet of storm surge and close waste on top of that it's not just an attack because it's gonna pack some rivers. So we've we've got to be very careful about all the buddy we're gonna be offered at you know the but he comes after the fact but that's gotten its. With the storm surge it's gonna come in fast. And lead back to what that's quite so there or can we recently had a pan handle the water can be very fast. It goes without great ethnic EQ you. That storm surge still is dangerous but is it fair to say your state has been spared the worst. I've never seen anything like that before we have you would wager that will be put our shelters. How fortunate we don't have any traffic issues we don't have fueled sorted shortages. Here we have dropped to let reporters that people without power right now there's certain restore power down MIT IN in the port Largo area. Dog were still that in the damage that George. And is you say going for bigger concern is more flooding both on the coast stand in what other what other things you brace for right now. But it biggest thing right now we're expecting going north supporters see a lot more storm surge we've seen in the southern part of the middle part of state. That's my biggest concern right now in my concern all along with their feet everyone take it seriously and exactly. Keep your that you actually are you still have an hour or so to evacuate. To do it if you have a chance to evacuate I don't want anybody here on this storm surge I watch in effect adult feet. Can be this storm surge there wouldn't be morbid that gets blurry right now. This planning had so far has made a difference you know we get it back we sort of four point five million people we people move in. West of that state. Bill we feel we have we have bloodied people pre positioned I have got called up. Readout of fire and back to the National Guard we could it be this high water vehicles. Food water. So we're ready to do what did that worry a great deal of the aftermath we're restoring fairness but I have to say we don't we area about port about it without power. One final question though the city's south Carolina's extended voting registration to so many lives have been disrupted. Why would she do that. George would we look we we have we've had plenty of time to register. Looked at her that the politics. Do we at right now I'm focused on getting that. I've I'm getting it done. State and aggravated flight to dig it issue for me it I want everybody should survive this. Governor Scott thanks for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Scott talks to \"GMA\" about the latest warnings and information for the state of Florida as Hurricane Matthew continues to churn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42638245","title":"Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Hurricane Matthew","url":"/GMA/video/florida-gov-rick-scott-hurricane-matthew-42638245"}