What food should be America's national treasure?

Some French politicians are pushing for baguettes to be designated as a national treasure.
10:07 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for What food should be America's national treasure?
Just a few a couple of stories that have been circulating out there on our news feed the first about this right here yet. Afraid to Baghdad it's okay England yeah we'll you know what you write you're ticketed smells great by the way I would a French president. The French president I think is based should be lifted. Have you missed both calls were treasure because that year the committee for the safeguarding of Coulter heritage considers nominate him from around the world to add to the list. Maples they added pizza to the list. Bill dooms beer that is on the list to have a question for you guys. In the begat worthy of protective. All yes. Dealers between does what food they think our national treasure should be. And I want to ask you get for a get their answers what do you think our national treasure my immediate reaction let's not talk real at all. Coffee. Apple apple with George okay. Walt for immediate it if it from. The truck left on the live apple pie mama lift them on the top in hamburger really. So I thought that the matter that they hope slip hopefully. We didn't sign up for this thing the our country to be a bit submit any thing but whenever we do. Hot red meat hamburger in apple pie were ready and got picked. Okay. That pesky neighbor our favorite TV show not only widely didn't show. Chicago if you want to tell the story about you Castaneda. And likely. Kinney Hitler. Steve purple you know in the near the neighborhood ask. Yeah. Sam. Cash haul apple faster than well. When you are saying all this is because a real estate company zillow and did a survey asking which fictional TV characters you'd most like to have as neighbors. Can you guess who topped the list who who topped the list of the list on the guys yeah TV's daybreak topped a list that people would want us. Have a neighbor and since I don't my personal. I was here is I think who had a rope burns from there he's got. Good neighbor about what they're not lead over three to people I think this. Or. Okay most desirable. The Big Bang theory. That's 90%. Modern family and the Simpsons at 11%. Come on yet to worry about Sheldon bumping come to your partner villain here is a big big yeah. At Everest will and grace. Yeah. I. Also the worst. The substance of their on the list as the most desirable but also believes that it didn't want to we have trouble you're in a cartoonist. Anybody you would like to be unique. Oh gosh and Iraq. I missed. Doug in carry half for men from the king and queen. I could put it out on Twitter to have rainbow injury John yeah I'm glad dished the families. I've explored here. But Allen like a said she would live with will and grace. Feel good and and harper my daughter wants to be a friend. Now. That's sweet doing I. I was. Yeah. Big trees and she was six years old when. Now starring in the new series the alien is please welcome Dakota Fanning. Great to have video. It's should tell you about this new show NASA suits called alien instant. Based on. A book by Caleb Carr called in early next and it's set in 1896. New York City and and I place here Howard who's the first. Female all. And to work at the New York police department and it's psychological. Thriller about and the mystery I'd. I don't know leg yeah. We were hanging out earlier Dakota ninth she was out explaining an alien nest is a psychologist. Yeah. Old fashioned term for a psychologist and that's a big part of the show is sort of the birth of psychology and the burden of behavioral analysis team in finding Natalie can't yelling Nadia. But he's seen the commercials for it an advertisement for it looks at looks thrilling and also being here in New York City. The posters at all you good having an up a lot of fun. In promoting it gets. Now read your songs tournament we had no idea yeah I know I was LA and in the bodies. They thought about it building are certainly it's crazy but. I'm so excited that there's so many great. Shows out there are so happy that people are seeing it and then watch them. You any guest at the theme going because you went to the premiere of occur in a carriage wheel eighteen hundreds mean do you from the it from the theater CU it was on the Paramount. On the Paramount back lot and so from the theater. CNN New York street on the back lot we took of course they beat ten Kennedy and through ailing us AstraZeneca. That's a great big broad I. I've done we've come see the commissioner Sarah and I in this house. An employee of the New York police department you're please according to respect that my position demands. Our family supply and acquaint. That's how it is the first woman to hold a position when police department accident perhaps ms. Howard can help arrange an impromptu meeting with the commissioner. The national help to them. With my own specially rose land on my sparkling reliance. Sarah I did not miss Howard. Okay. Or. Edited and update you rule in the mid little scared yeah. Didn't oh yeah they're they're scared me that we get along sell so well I was one of the bus let's get this was a six month filming. Experience and that's a long time human. I didn't know either of them before and we just couldn't be better friends and I love them both cell phone time. The cabins a museum on the need yeah. Yeah it stopped traffic and need you open about not and his voice is incredible item and it just coming into play guys yeah I've gotten to hear it. The songs tonight it's time there in the minds and think that this yet but I I love at II love it each time he's such. Larger than life person and and really special Hannah about it and you said six month shoot it's a limited series yet and yet there creators really went forward in terms of the devil being in the details on right now are on June they couldn't just hidden zipper. Yeah. Michael Caplan as the costume designer and he's. So incredible and so talented and very retail oriented and I always say like you know when your filming things and you're wearing costumes it's if there's fifty buttons aren't sure they might make sense now. It's you know to head to make it easier to get on and off a sister not my monitor live video and real old but no matter little rodent that 18100 yeah. Today everything was very real which is a privilege to when air yeah I think they. That you can tell when you watch the episodes. The amount of detail on that sets and costumes and every the props everything was authentic before they get a new movie coming out with Toni Collette please stand by we welcome. A very special film to me. It's a Bakley. A young woman is on that autism spectrum who's a Star Trek fan and she writes the script and enters it into a competition. And and it's really was an amazing experience yeah I lost so work gets an a barn which was like my favorite thing. I got a light makes it a monster really get things where they printed fabrics and I'm but anyway that's really it's a beautiful film and I hope people find from. Okay. Savings wouldn't fit into the wonderful pleasure watching you grow up and he this place. Give it premieres January 22 on TNT. Did to you check it out.

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"Some French politicians are pushing for baguettes to be designated as a national treasure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52370606","title":"What food should be America's national treasure? ","url":"/GMA/video/food-americas-national-treasure-52370606"}