Food, Family and Faith: At Home With Stephen and Ayesha Curry

The NBA star opens up about the championship loss that still hurts, and his wife discusses her new cookbook.
5:39 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Food, Family and Faith: At Home With Stephen and Ayesha Curry
What that noise was of the basketball yeah. A little about what that out there live for the courage that's what's up the superstar barely making a name on and off the basketball court. Step to becoming the first ever unanimous NB NBA MVP and is likely just a starter over right win for me. Vicious battle I know because I had a chance to visit with them at home outside of San Francisco the city wants cook. Yeah. Her family and fake. I he should Curry's ingredients reliving her best life is a little and my she's a self taught food maven whose recipes and lifestyle pacs gave her over four million social media followers. Frequent appearances on Rachael Ray and chop June this is phenomenal. At home for NBA superstar husband Stephan and their two daughters Riley and Ryan are happy to be her very own taste testers. Obviously I share your passion. For food for cooking. Tell us where an adult stems from its fence isn't family. Growing up I just remember always being in the kitchen Catholic food gets people talking and it makes people feel things and that's why let it so much about. It was Stefan who one day said everybody's always asking for your speed when he started blog and now. She's Carl laying down blog into a cookbook this season life so what do you want somebody picking up the book to get out of it. I want them to note that it's never that experience and it doesn't have to be perfect but he can be delicious and can be quick and it can be easy. And this fall she makes her food network's debut on her new show I he's just pull me. Can you tell them about the sale of state and wanted people. To have fun with food and feel like they can have company over people in the kitchen and still preparing meals and even get healing and show. You'll need it simply family and concern. Now despite her hectic culinary schedule she still manages to make it to 95% of her husband's home games. And she's known for being developed passionate outspoken fans one of her life tweets landed her in hot water with fans after she called the NBA rigged. You very passionate. Yes and I'm in love my husband's that's protective it's hard and it did picture your personality. In a 140 characters. And though at times they intend to be very cynical and I don't think that comes across very well look that is a media but. So well but what is it Y two BA basketball wife if you well it's it's interesting I I only say. I don't like the car. Myself a basketball life guy down. I like to say and just a young woman who happened to marry somebody that ended up playing basketball. And for him I don't think he would identify himself as basketball player he is there KN minute guide. Placed in a great position doing what he loves playing basketball. To rally the press conference that was put in things like that she handling being she had no idea I really wanted to keep it that way but she formed me. Database is a big bomb energy. I got a chance to try some of my pieces recipes and catch up with the other Jeff curry. That we exiting at sites rep ticket with her statements. It's that Philly household. Isn't this Jeff Perry approved festive fourth of. Like you those who got the book coming out. TV show. I was pretty as unbelievable as so is surpassed. There. The game day when it's game day what's put Perrier. It gave me gain its Ali concern super Harvey. The always. Yeah. Yeah. Hillary off my girl heads up for a I have. A nearly perfect season but Golden State Warriors loss of 2016 NBA title to the Cleveland Cavaliers so. Here we are in the cusp of another. Season. Are you ready. Definitely read it very turn a page and give back to work tell us about that one big change in Canadian. Big outs of big addition. We lost some he some demographers but you have to be excited about what we can be going forward. Katie Ian and our core guys that we school remains. I will be an easy transition runs through me. So that we really got to focus on work. The report. IJ would not be complete without a tour. I'm Riley's brand new Playhouse. Which debuted on the TLC show Playhouse masters fit in very just a slice of life. Look at her. And Riley is a savvy saw what she jumped in the pit like that she looked and she goes quite a camera here. She's so where they are an adorable loving close friend you. Gas and I thought of that facility delivered her place I don't know why I was watching that I but I did see it but what it was really nice people you don't. You realize you look they look like they have big faces twelve right now do you think the person wrote how young Leon thirty years alone yet know whether or not going formerly over the long they handle extremely well I think in. The two biggest star that B Riley and I.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"The NBA star opens up about the championship loss that still hurts, and his wife discusses her new cookbook.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42185226","title":"Food, Family and Faith: At Home With Stephen and Ayesha Curry","url":"/GMA/video/food-family-faith-home-stephen-ayesha-curry-42185226"}