Forensic Expert Says Pistorius Was Not Wearing Prosthetics

The prosecution reconstructed the scene of the killing, continue trying to poke holes in Pistorius's version.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Forensic Expert Says Pistorius Was Not Wearing Prosthetics
That drat mmatic court in day for Oscar Pistorius. Matt Gutman there for all of it. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. When we arrived in court we were stunned to find a mock-up constructed of the bathroom in which Pistorius first shot his girlfriend and then used a cricket bat much like this to break down the door. Now, at issue this morning, his credibility. Did he lie about the way he used a cricket bat like this to batter down the door. This morning, with the repeated hacks of a krakt bat, the prosecution tried to pound holes in Oscar Pistorius' version of events the night he's accused of murdering his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. That Valentine's day he fired four bullets through the door which the prosecution dramatically presented in the courtroom. In his bail hearing Pistorius stated when he realized it was his lover, not intruders locked inside this bathroom, he battered it down with this bat. My dadlady, if you permit me -- Reporter: In court a forensics expert lumbered over the door. He said the actual one he used and struck the door. 1.5 -- Reporter: He testified those swings could only have come from swung swinging from a lower position. The marks on the door is actually consistent with him not having his legs on and I suspect it must be similar to the height that he was when he fired the shots. Reporter: Pistorius who claimed he had put on his legs to batter down the door. This time with the expert on his knees. Feet up. I lost my balance, my lady. Could you hit the door with the bat? No, I don't know. Reporter: The trial has done little to dim his star power here. Schoolgirls skill squeal when they see him in cross-examination the defense spent more than an hour talking about the trajectory. Did he hunch his shoulders when he swung and discovered key pieces of evidence of that door went missing insinuating that the police bungled part of the investigation. Expect that to shall a running theme throughout this trial. Okay, Matt. Thank you. ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams here with more. Getting into the forensic testimony, dig into that? They want to show he's lying. They want to show Oscar Pistorius was not telling the truth at his bail hearing. Remember, his account was he's in the bathroom. He thinks it's an intruder. He fires the weapon. Then runs without his prosthetics on and runs back into the bedroom screaming for help. Puts his prosthetics back on. Runs back into the bathroom with the prosthetics on. Why this expert becomes so important is undermining that and saying, no, wait, based on the angle we see, he believes that the bat was swung from a much lower level and could show Pistorius is lying. We heard at the end of Matt's reports there are claims the evidence wasn't handled properly. That will be consistent through the case. You'll see the defense time and again challenging the way the authorities did everything in this case and certainly maintaining the evidence is going to be a crucial piece because they want to say, the experts are wrong. How about this witness who said he had witnessed Pistorius recklessly firing a gun and this witness admitted he had been following the trial. So this is a friend of both riva and Oscar Pistorius who said he was there twice when Oscar Pistorius fired off a weapon. But there was sort of a surprising moment in court. The defense attorneys cross-examining him about something and says, well, I wasn't wearing my sweatpants, my track pants and the guy says, I wasn't asking about your track pants. Where did that come from? A aha. Someone asked about it previously in the case. They realized he had been following coverage of the case even though he's not supposed to be following coverage of the case. A point for the defense. This keeps going and going. Again, a judge is hearing this, not a jury. Absolutely and that does change everything. All right, Dan, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The prosecution reconstructed the scene of the killing, continue trying to poke holes in Pistorius's version.","mediaType":"us only 08","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22872990","title":"Forensic Expert Says Pistorius Was Not Wearing Prosthetics","url":"/GMA/video/forensic-expert-pistorius-wearing-prosthetics-22872990"}