Must-know Fourth of July grilling safety tips

ABC News' Gio Benitez brings important tips for how to safely enjoy a barbecue this summer.
4:10 | 07/03/17

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Transcript for Must-know Fourth of July grilling safety tips
barbecues but also prime time for grill fires and firefighters across the country, they respond to an average of 9,000 grill-related fires each year but fire and safety experts say a few simple steps can help keep your family safe and gio Benitez is back with those helpful tips. That's right, Amy. Summer just isn't summer without a good barbecue, right? But hundreds of people every year end up in the er from burns they get from barbecuing, so while cookouts are fun and a time to kick back, you just don't want to let your guard down and here's why. Check out this raging inferno caused about I a barbecue left unattended. A Utah home destroyed in minutes. In Massachusetts, a father's day cookout turned into a near disaster when a propane grill fire spread through this house. The family managed to get to safety before the deck burned away. Grill fire extended to the second and third floor of the rear of the building. Traveled throughout the attic. Reporter: According to the national fire protection association one of the leading causes of these fire, dirty grill, built up food and fat can lead to flash fires. Not supposed to do that. Reporter: They're unpredictable and can quickly become out of control if you're not paying attention. You're multitasking. Pay be watching children and other family mes and also enjoying the outside. People are not being able to focus on that grill. Reporter: Chief Scott goldsteen heads the fire rescue in Marilu and Democrat straights how this seems to take on a life of its own in a matter of seconds and he says this is the last thing to do if it happens to you. Applying water makes the fire grow. Reporter: Use baking soda instead or simply close the lid. Now in this demonstration chief Goldstein shows us what could happen if a charcoal grill gets knocked over. This could be weeds and grasses, it could also be your patio furniture. Reporter: Watch how quickly it burns through the straw and goes from there to this in less than 30 seconds. This is the time when you do want to use water so keep a garden hose or a bucket of water handy. All right, gio, I see you have a wire bristle brush in your hand. I clean mine with that but there's something you should know before you start. That's right because sometimes these wire bristles can actually end up in the barbecue. You want to make sure it's not in there and didn't fall off and get in there. Get a damp cloth and just wipe it all down, get it clean. That's a good tip then you also say there are some things you have actually that in your own home to easily clean the grill. I'm gearing up for this one. Tell us how to clean it. So listen you got aluminum foil. Everybody has it. Just roll it up into a little ball and make sure it's warm and make sure it's not too hot but just put it on there. Get tongs and scrub it down, make sure it's warm but not too hot. You also want to go ahead. This was -- I thought you had an onion. This is an onion. Here's what you do. You also get that a little bit warm, put the onion there and spear it a little bit, why not. There you again then you clean it like. Onion gets what, it just cleans it. Well, what's interesting is -- But what's good about this, it has enzymes that breaks everything down as you just scrub it all down like that. Do you cry at the end as well. You might. I was worried about that. It smells really good though. Here's the thing we've been showing all morning which I'm excited about. This is the grill bot. Check this out. I got to know if it works. We'll turn it on right there and shut this. You shut this. It starts cleaning on the inside. There you go, you can hear it moving in there. But it only works when you shut -- Once you turn it on. We're shutting it to make sure it gets in there but you there go. It's moving around. Okay. Now, do you do that when it's still hot or do you turn it off. You want it to be a little bit warm, absolutely. This thing actually works. It works. I think our director uses this and he says it work. I'm excited about that. Thanks so much. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"ABC News' Gio Benitez brings important tips for how to safely enjoy a barbecue this summer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48407847","title":"Must-know Fourth of July grilling safety tips","url":"/GMA/video/fourth-july-grilling-safety-tips-48407847"}