Fox News faces lawsuit alleging 'appalling discrimination'

Tichanona Brown, Tabrese Wright and Monica Douglas tell "GMA" why they filed a lawsuit against Fox News and what they say they experienced while employed by the news network.
8:10 | 04/05/17

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Transcript for Fox News faces lawsuit alleging 'appalling discrimination'
We are back with Fox News under fire at least 22 companies have now pulled ads from the "The O'Reilly factor" after those explosive allegations of sexual harassment against the prime time star. Fox also facing a lawsuit from three women alleges racial discrimination. We'll talk to them after ABC's Mara schiavocampo brings us the latest. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: Good morning, the national organization for women is now calling for O'Reilly to be fired and now another lawsuit against the company. Not about sexual harassment but race. Some employees saying they were ridiculed because they were black. Welcome aboard. Congratulations. Reporter: This morning explosive explosive new allegations against Fox News. One former and two current employees in the network's payroll department accusing a supervisor of racially charged harassment and saying fox did nothing to stop it. In this new 36-page lawsuit, tichaona brown, tabrese Wright and Monica Douglas claiming the former head of accounting Judith slater who is white harassed the three black women calling their department the urban payroll department. Questioning whether tabrese Wright's three children were all fathered by the same man and expressing an unwillingness to even be near black people. The lawsuit also claiming slater made disparaging remarks about other races too allegedly calling her daily commuter train the Bombay express due to the number of people of Indian descent. Monica Douglas alleges even though slater warned her not to complain to hr, she did report the alleged harassment in November 2014. But she claims nothing was done until a little over a month ago when their allegations went public. Fox fired slater citing what it called the 19-year veteran's abhornts behavior. Fox is now in the midst of chaos. It's in the midst of a crisis of credibility. Reporter: All of this happening as the network's former chairman Roger Ailes facing a new sexual harassment suit brought by Julie row begareginsky. Reporter: And Bill O'Reilly under fire after a recent "The New York Times" article reporting the anchor and parent company of Fox News paid nearly $13 million in settlements over claims of inappropriate behavior by O'Reilly including sexual harassment over the last 15 years. We are calling today for an independent investigation into the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News. Reporter: This morning, more top advertisers pulling out of the "The O'Reilly factor" which brought in $446 million in advertising revenue from 2014 to 2016. Now losing at least 22 companies. Including Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, allstate, Lexus and Bayer. One additional note. We incorrectly said 340 women filed lawsuits over sexual harassment allegations while an attorney for one of the alleged victims say there have been 30 such allegations only three such lawsuits have been filed. Now, back to that racial discrimination suit. In a statement in response to the lawsuit fox says there is no place for conduct like this at Fox News which is why miss slater was fired and that's the latest from that suit. Okay, thanks very much. Now we'll get more. We're joined by tichaona brown, tabrese Wright, Monica Douglas and their attorney Douglas Wigdor. Good morning to all of you. Th you said it was comments about the black lives matter movement that was the tipping point. What were they? Walking down the hallway if you encountered any -- if you encountered Judith slater, she would put up her hands in this, you know, motion I guess mocking the black lives matter movement. Walking into the bathroom. Even saying good night to her at night, she required us to say good night at 6:00 or whatever time you're leaving and instead of saying good night back it's hands up, don't shoot. That was definitely the tipping point for me. She actually had you repeat words. What was that about? She called me down to her office one day and she was actually in a meeting with her accounting team and she had these words on post-its and she said, I want you to say this word and it was mother and then she picked up another one and it was father and ask fifth -- all of these words and I said, why do you have me doing this and she said like black people continuously mispronounce these words and I have a couple of people, black people on my staff and it's just words that are always mispronounced in meetings and wanted to see if I as well mispronounced these words. Whoa. Tabrese, you worked in the payrule department and called it you say the urban payroll department. Yeah, the urban payroll division. And? It was insulting, appalling and we shouldn't have to deal with that at all. So, what are the circumstances where she comes up to you and asks if all your children have the same father? We were in the elevator one day and she came up and she saw me with a bag and she was like, oh, big bag. And I'm like, yes. And she's like, I'm just like I'm going to take my food home because I didn't finish eating it. I'm going to take it to my kids. She's like, oh, you have children. I have three. All by the same man and I'm like, yes. I was shocked. I was shocked. And why not take these complaints to the hr division? With my prior experience, hr does not do anything. I had a situation where my senior director, she had been to hr and to the legal department and spoken with a senior vice president and our head legal counsel for Fox News and nothing happened. Mon characters you just joined the suit recently and say in addition to these allegations of racial discrimination, you were mocked for your breast cancer. Yes, that's correct. What happened? She would often say -- call me out, cancer girl, a one-boob girl. Just in the Normal course of business? In the Normal course of business in front of my staff. And according to the complaint you raise these issues with fox's general counsel, Diane brandy. So what happened then. That's correct. I had a discussion with Diane regarding Judy's behavior and expressed my experience with her and Diane simply said she's untouchable. Untouchable. She cannot be fired because she knows too much. That's really the bigger story here, George. There's really a cover-up going on at fox at the highest levels. Jrue DI slater worked at fox for eight years. She didn't wake up in year 17 and become a racist. She had been doing this all along. And at the highest levels including the general counsel. They were willing to let this happen solely because she knew too much and what she knew as we're reading about and understanding and seeing about the government investigation is how there have been all of these settlements and trying to cover up these settlements. You're saying the fact that fox fired her and is not appropriate for her to be there. They fired her knowing for many years that she was engaged in this conduct and that's reprehensible. They let it happen because she was the comptroller and privy to all. The information about all of the various different settlements that have been going on at fox for years. What's the most important thing you want out of all this? I want a voice for many years of feeling voiceless and just to, you know, let people who -- black women who are going through the same thing that are still working at fox to, you know, speak up and to not have it happen any longer. Thanks for sharing your story this morning. You're welcome.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"Tichanona Brown, Tabrese Wright and Monica Douglas tell \"GMA\" why they filed a lawsuit against Fox News and what they say they experienced while employed by the news network.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46589988","title":"Fox News faces lawsuit alleging 'appalling discrimination'","url":"/GMA/video/fox-news-faces-lawsuit-alleging-appalling-discrimination-46589988"}