France's First Lady Hospitalized After Affair Rumors

Valerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for France's First Lady Hospitalized After Affair Rumors
To that sex scandal rocking france where the country's first lady has been hospitalized said to be in shock after tabloids published photos exposing the president's secret affair with a famous actress. He's now lashing out at the press. Abc's amy robach with the details and this guy has a very complicated love life. He's french. The french are usually considered more liberal when it comes to these types of issues but this is sending shock waves throughout the country. This morning french francois hollande is preparing to address allegations he's carrying on an affair with this woman, 41-year-olds actress julia. They say this man is riding a motor scooter coming and meeting julia in this paris apartment not far from the home he shares with val who spokesman said suffered a big emotional shock. The news hit her like a high-speed train and hospitalized for depression and extreme fatigue. People traditionally haven't sympathized with her. She doesn't have a charming personality in public but now seeing her as a woman scorn. She and the president have never been married. He said he greatly deplored the invasion of his privacy and even threatening legal action. According to a new french poll 77% of french voters surveyed thought the president's liaison should remain private and eight in ten said their opinion had not changed. When you look at polls that say 80% of the people believe this won't change their opinion of him, that is not good news. He's only got a 28% approval rating to begin with. Julia has not commented on the alleged affair but her lawyer reportedly obtained a legal injunction for publishing these pictures. Now, a close friend of tr treeweiler says she's prepared to forgive as long as he comes clean with his intentions and maybe we'll hear those later 10:30 eastern time he has a press conference. Got to get it all done before the state dinner here at the white house in february. That might be best. They might want to get on that then. Very complicated. Now, he basically got together with his current live-in girlfriend -- lover. When he was leaving his previous live-in girlfriend. She was the one before. Who was his rival for president of france. She knew what she was getting into. Yeah. Okay. Amy, thanks. Lara, you have something, a

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{"id":21524397,"title":"France's First Lady Hospitalized After Affair Rumors","duration":"3:00","description":"Valerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.","url":"/GMA/video/frances-lady-valerie-trierweiler-hospitalized-affair-rumors-21524397","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}