Frantic Search for Missing Washington Girl

Questions surround the disappearance of a 6-year-old whose parents said often plays alone.
4:42 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Frantic Search for Missing Washington Girl
This is the young face at the center of a frantic search six year old Denise -- vanished without a Trace -- Paulette -- Is one -- ours. She's a daughter of east Bremerton she's a resident of the mobile home park and in fact she's the daughter of all the folks in the we want her back she was last seen around 10 PM on Saturday night by her parents as they put her and her sister to bed. In their quiet mobile home nestled in the woods in Bremerton Washington but by Sunday morning -- -- was gone. What we're looking for here is. Any Trace of what happened to -- or where she may be what some find puzzling. Is that her parents did not call 911 right away. In fact the police were called until 10 PM on Sunday night a full 24 hours after they had last seen -- And even then the phone call came from a neighbor that some detectives -- Certainly addressed but right now our focus is on finding this child. With regard to issues concerning why the delay. What was explain to us -- this was. Kind of normal behavior for this child. The parents told police they weren't worried at first because their mobile home park community is fenced in. Imagines would often wander the neighborhood something they reported allowing their six year old daughter to do but in the past she had always come home. There's clearly no rational reason or responsible reason. Two. Not immediately contact the police. If you don't know where you Childs a six year old. Outside. -- in adults the view. Is in danger they are extremely vulnerable moving around on -- around. And so any time he gets beyond an adult that -- the child supervising them. There's a real potential of a danger or harm coming to a child. But tonight new details emerging about the dark past of the missing girl's father ABC news has obtained court records. That -- James Wright was charged with molesting his stepdaughter back in 1999. He pled guilty to assault but the molestation charges were dropped. Yesterday right consented to a police search of the family home and took a lie detector test though investigators won't release the results. And even though Child Protective Services removed two of two nieces siblings from the home. Police stated he is not a suspect or even a person of interest -- says father spoke for ABC station KO MO yesterday -- -- independent. She's tenacious starter name written all over that house to -- -- Today marked day two of that frantic search for the boldly three foot tall 45 pound girl known around the neighborhood as sweet and trusting. Now drawing to an end with no leads and no clues. Unable to confirm what -- was even wearing when she went missing more than a hundred officers from ten agencies including the FBI the sheriff's office and the center for missing and exploited children. Have descended on this small suburban neighborhood with K -- teams. Putting it on lockdown. No one allowed in or out except residents searching the backseat and trunk of every single Clark coming in going. And now halfway through a search of every single one of the 103 homes in that community. Nothing allowed out of the area until it's been examined including all of the residents recycle bins and dumpsters. Volunteers who had been searching the woods near the home desperate for any clues. Have been requested to stop to allow police to focus on the other residences. Everyone knows the clock is ticking. This is heart wrenching. There is an officer out here or fresh water. They're arch is thought the -- -- and over again do everything we can. To try and find her. The chances of finding a missing child plummet after the first 24 hours and for the right family it is now well past 72. Unconfirmed is the clothing. That she was last seen wearing. This -- sightings from witnesses in the park who say that she was wearing a pink shirt. -- blue jeans and may have been wearing flip flops. Or being barefoot still the shaken community refuses to give up on the girl with that contagious smile. Neighbors say little Denise love to knock on doors and ask if anyone could come out to playing everyone hoping and -- that little -- May still -- to start first grade. In the fall. The disrupt the child's well and she's I'm GO -- for Nightline in New York.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Questions surround the disappearance of a 6-year-old whose parents said often plays alone.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24862991","title":"Frantic Search for Missing Washington Girl","url":"/GMA/video/frantic-search-missing-washington-girl-24862991"}