Fraternity GOP: Garry Trudeau's 'Alpha House' Showcases Republican 'Crisis Of Identity'

Amazon series is based on a real-life story of a Capitol Hill house shared by members of congress.
5:09 | 11/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fraternity GOP: Garry Trudeau's 'Alpha House' Showcases Republican 'Crisis Of Identity'
Hello and welcome the top quiet on the red carpet I'm Rick Klein for ABC news and M Olivier -- Yahoo! News here for the DC premiere of alpha house a new screening series at It looks at. Four senators who live in very uncomfortable quarter. Were you by any chance scheduled to turn yourself and that the DOJ this in. And who's the better part two of them were actually -- is available to Washington. Aren't the characters and our show really are based on anyone in particular. Obviously -- insurers didn't. Telling the story mainstream conservative Republicans who are now caught in this crisis of identity say no tests -- meal war. And I'm deeply honored to receive this. This recognition. But there aren't any direct parallels other lot of cameos in this initiative is all you like politicians are cameos -- But we're not prepared to say -- they are. And. Unless you live in the -- that's -- Here today to need to adjust this isn't -- -- it wasn't real life. It can't be I think that that the event began. I remember once we don't meaning he'd eat it and they ask me about. What's not high eighteen month. My reaction woods has -- all laughed at that and I said Bob. And a lot we don't have any -- room. Because the rats spin on -- I -- -- -- -- -- then it was a big like I'm bringing my mistress check. Creative. The truth is we just can't. Although I've been backing him -- years have been fronting for her. To tell us about your character in the film looks a little bit of a different role than your typical -- folks and not someone that a lot of really. Yeah and active -- can have a. You know it's different that anything and everything. It's an interesting because he's from Miami to civilian -- and she put together Republicans didn't -- She had different bag them I mean the power and divine in -- light hearted that was out. -- and gathering. Well mostly gatherings at stub -- Collins financing Greyhound. Asian I don't think shopping it saddens me -- Very powerful man once said that -- it's. Good -- Anything about a woman -- doesn't mean not making -- about a woman and definitely doing everything they needed to be a powerful woman is one of the characters on the show. About my character like an excellent person that I anti bleeding badly they -- -- got -- thinking -- -- any victim. He -- about it and I think that justify that perfectly and it helps sometimes things -- is there -- inspiration followed. Read up on yeah. Million I did try to let -- -- Stephen millionaire and this. And I am even good CNN's -- magnetic confinement. Was there any political messes that. Draw from -- the ability -- to wield power for money like that mom happy ones in bed together. It matters me. Plus the latest come together and not think about. Know anything about actual characters so you know if you look at senator -- -- -- -- Florida for whatever you need of Phillies and I never crossed the plane. Some Marco Rubio son John Edwards some other legal -- rubio and real life as the real thing. Not on our senator not so much to you please parity didn't. Of course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Show have you ever had a moment where you said it. Hold on a -- there that would happen this way this would happen that way so I like it did happen all the time. Because we really didn't want. As authentic as possible -- Away something really funny in a committee hearing -- -- -- at the table with us John Goodman's character senator Vincent and -- And I went out of sadness that actually a staff sits along the -- another -- at the table as -- -- back. John Edwards and thank you Jonathan -- says yeah. That does it for this edition of top line on the red carpet you can follow us all week long at And at Yahoo! News you to follow me on Twitter at reclined. Follow me on Twitter at -- Knox and of course but on -- next time.

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{"id":21023034,"title":"Fraternity GOP: Garry Trudeau's 'Alpha House' Showcases Republican 'Crisis Of Identity'","duration":"5:09","description":"Amazon series is based on a real-life story of a Capitol Hill house shared by members of congress.","url":"/GMA/video/fraternity-gop-garry-trudeaus-alpha-house-showcases-republican-21023034","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}