Grumpy Cat's Music Video 'Cat Summer' Goes Viral

Grumpy Cat and Oscar join the "GMA LIVE!" team to view their new hit video.
5:36 | 07/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grumpy Cat's Music Video 'Cat Summer' Goes Viral
-- -- -- -- But Harry and most importantly still won the only yourself a little less hillbilly from -- grumpy cat. -- -- -- -- -- -- just say I you know sitting next to you is an honor -- but this is the greatest -- They're really great honor and let him. It's breaking his -- -- a lot of people have been familiar with something patent but now she has brought her other famous friend I'm scared. The blind -- Oscar along with -- respected human companions had a son and excel in the morning see guys. And how scrappy -- this morning thanks to the tactic on V yeah really -- to -- off like a little waiver from what you didn't. Real extreme ground beef -- of just -- The -- -- dancing it gets worse so this is actually the happiness yes. She never agency's fifth and -- can hold up. But he's setting the -- -- is wearing off -- wearing on a little bit he is. You know I wouldn't say stress -- you about a minute -- he'd rather sweeping -- yeah. Okay they've they're here because there is of a brand new world premiere of -- new music video coming out so we want to check it out first up further a deal. What is sure to be this year's summer and then enjoy -- from. -- -- -- And even yeah. -- -- It's. All you lose it. Outstanding. It really is and I I said got to make a drunk he's had and -- a rise to the top do you -- -- -- you -- concerned. Said that will leave us now getting a little too heavy. I don't I think and the Czech Michaela and keep an eye. -- -- -- what do you have to say about this. Yeah they wait a second and respected he says -- grumpy cat language they really had it happened to Mike inner self. It's not that impressed me going to be -- hey do you ever did you ever enjoy ourselves as ever smile. And -- herself a little bit making that. Had some of any. Working with the other cat -- -- but that's something that this all of the I guess he sees it she's now included the -- -- -- she obviously is doesn't have to -- though it's not like you know I'd like to share some of the well. Do you how was it like getting all the cats together this. It was totally -- -- with -- -- of sharing a well you know -- Chris he was gonna donate. One drillers nailed her every. Video via online -- -- had a -- YouTube channel. And watch the cats summer video you can help -- me -- this doesn't just for fun it's actually hasn't. Really keep her there is absolutely and it's all in memory of -- late friend Netanyahu -- related. Odyssey -- getting a little frisky over there. -- there any -- divas on set because we know -- comedians. -- -- They'll have a veto moment -- patty some -- infringement. While the -- they can go on another good -- And Mickey White House -- how you adapt aspect. Sure Oscar was actually. Little farm cat born in a litter of -- -- in the middle of Iowa and Dallas visiting the farm thought I was responding to -- Craigslist -- from musical instrument I found the student and he came home with me that fifth along with the a lot of heart. Com. That's -- Good story so do we know what's next and in the video -- the video's of great but this is going to be a hit -- adding right everybody pregnant. Yeah you see the people in studio good. It didn't it makes you wonder what could be next. Well under the -- has another book coming out and on its. And -- could have. Holiday movie coming out in the center he's granted you rights she taxi ever won all. I mean it's just -- what what amazes me is -- right she can act. But here's just plays it cool front yes. Doesn't say a lot the good friend me out yeah -- that it expects yeah. And that -- read any of it. I'd say that about -- -- -- -- I'm think I think that that was so nice to have both Oscar and grumpy thank you for being here at such a great cause we do on our mind everybody's still. And that you can see semi -- a music video. On YouTube and every again every head. A meal from fifty system different scenes trailers and you can join the online conversation cat fat cats summer break we will be doing that for a to be to have died that's something I'd -- -- -- -- found in and it amounted to. Low mark not really -- I guess grabbing yes he's cool about it is like his appointment given up program CNN.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Grumpy Cat and Oscar join the \"GMA LIVE!\" team to view their new hit video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24581841","title":"Grumpy Cat's Music Video 'Cat Summer' Goes Viral","url":"/GMA/video/friskies-video-cat-summer-viral-24581841"}