Full List of 50th Annual CMA Nominations Announced

Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban and Cam reveal the full list of nominees live from Tennessee.
7:59 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Full List of 50th Annual CMA Nominations Announced
Paydowns and dizzy and yes how excited to have country superstars Dirks Bentley and Keith Urban and also rising star cam announcing the nominees for the fiftieth annual CMA awards that come into us live from the historic grand Ole opry in Nashville. They just announced six categories but in case meant that. We'll get a recap and then bring in how can. Here at the nominees for CMA outcome of the air. This award goes to the artist in producers. Nominees are hero Mir in Warren's. Mr. misunderstood Eric church. Story teller Kerry underwent. Black Dirks Bentley. And rip cord key Arab and those are the nominees for CMA album of the. Other nominees to see my a video of the year and this award goes through the oddest and the director of first up is far away by Chris Appleton directed by Tim a task. Humble and kind but to McGraw stripped by Wes said woods. Wreckage here but Eric church directed by Jon peace and read long. Somewhere on a beach. Oceanside Steris then lay it directed by it was Edwards as well congrats west. Burning house by cannon directed by trade fan join us does all the nominees to see my music video. Next on the nominees for CMA song of the year the sort goes to the songwriters. The nominees are die happy man Shawn Douglas Thomas read Joseph smarter. Humble and kind Lori McKenna and my church Busby and Marron Boris. Record year air church Jeff tied. Burning house cam Tyler Johnson writes Jeff Baxter. Who CSI's. Office of. And KV eleven nominees for CN main male vocalist. The air chair each. Tim in drop. Chris Stapleton. Derek spent me. Key Arab and we'll add up enough money on it. Yeah that's that's thank you the nominees to see many female vocalist of the year. Kelsey ballerina in. Miranda Lambert. Marron Morris. Casey mosque rights. And Carrie Underwood. As the nominee to cement the outlook let's. And the big one the nominees for CMA entertainer of the year are Garth Brooks. Luke Bryan. Chris Stapleton. Carrie Underwood. Keith Urban. And tickets are Gregory's engine and computers. Yeah I'm minutes yeah. These other nominees for musician obvious see many musicians of the yes. Cigar category Jerry Douglas. Yes there are broad laughs the of atop poll Franklin. Still gets. Dan a half yes it's. Brett nice and it's. And Derek wells gets out. Those companies seem right at six. It is inept. Next up we have the CMA single of the year. The sort goes the artist producer and mix engineer the nominees are die happy man. Thomas threat producers Dan Hough and Jesse Frazier mix engineer Justin. Humble and kind to McGraw producers. Byron Gomorrah and Tim McGraw mix engineer Byron gobble. My church Marron Morris producers both the merit Morris makes engineers Dave costs and Busby. Nobody to blame Chris Stapleton producers Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton mix engineer Vance pal. Record here Eric church producer Jay Joyce mix engineers. Next category is CME musical event of the air this award goes to each artist. The nominees are home alone tonight Luke Bryan teaching can pick out. Think of you Chris Young duet at Cassidy. You are my sunshine Morgan Stapleton and Christie sent. Different for girls to expend yeah and seeing. Us live fighter Keith Urban yeah. We're glad that there of the nominees as you may musical. Yeah. It's true motives and I have. A right here somewhere there week. The nominees to seem a new artist of the year is an intense category first up. Kelsey Valerie. Brothers Osbourne. Marron Morris. Old Dominion. And calls Lindell you know those nominees to see my new artist. He's the nominee is who CMA. Vocal duo of the year. Brothers Osborne. Dennis Shea. Florida Georgia line. Chile and Rory. Met in today. Those monotony is for CMA vocal do. Finally the nominees for CMA vocal group of the year are Lady Antebellum. Little big town's. Old Dominion. Rask a flat and background in. Those a nominees for CMA vocal group. All they it has so much for doing and I got to ask though cam year in the middle that's a separate indexing keep that they are competing in three different categories. Now have been involvement in the yeah it's that and bring them next focal do logo outside bands I. He can be you. You know and then and that independent it enjoying the head right as happy with the nominations I'm sure you are for your personal ones but the the wresting that. Exciting. He had so exciting I think that's really close I'm prominent newness of the bunch and certain to get to know everyone but. Everyone is such a good. Carson assisted people in country music it's to communities it's really easy to make cited for everybody in how hard they work. And just kind of gets a really nice Pulitzer honoree tether. I have to say I really strong. I think the it addicted of this city the oddest this year is excellent and is. A good mix of of everybody in here's I think it's going to be a nice and Siemens lot of new artists which is courageously when the list collect. Who wasn't doing real strong going to be well Ford apps have this is here so it's going to be great to watch. Our rights decks Keith can thank you so much the fiftieth annual CMA awards hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. We'll broadcast live here on ABC. I'm November 2 save some just relaxing have a great Wednesday.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban and Cam reveal the full list of nominees live from Tennessee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41769391","title":"Full List of 50th Annual CMA Nominations Announced ","url":"/GMA/video/full-list-50th-annual-cma-nominations-announced-41769391"}