Gabrielle Douglas Wanted to Quit Gymnastics, Work in Fast Food

2-time gold medalist says in memoir, "Grace, Gold and Glory" how homesickness nearly made her quit.
3:36 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Gabrielle Douglas Wanted to Quit Gymnastics, Work in Fast Food
America fell in love with gabrielle douglas when she won two gold medals at this summer's olympics. Now, she's opening up about her tough road to triumph in a new memoir. "Grace, gold & glory." There it is right there. Thanks for coming in this morning. Thanks for having me. And thank you for bringing the big medals. The two, big gold medals. We're looking at that now. But I read in your book how close you came to not even going to the olympics. So, what happened? About seven months before, you just lost your fire? Definitely. I was very homesick. My family came and visited me for christmas. And I wanted to go home with them because I hadn't been to home for so long. I wanted to quit and give up the sport, just so I could go home. At the time, it was very hard, very tough moving away from my family. Christmas went around very fast. And I wanted to leave. What did you tell your mom? I wrote up a text message on my note. And I showed it to her. And she was just heartbroken. She could not believe it. You said you were going to work at chick-fil-a? Yeah. I wanted to get interactive with the sports like track, dancing and work at a fast food restaurant. How did she convince you not to give up? We sat down and had a long conversation. She told me to keep fighting, keep pushing. I'd rather you come home as a fighter than a quitter. That is the story of your life. And you open up about it in the book. You fought against so much. You grew up, when you were a little baby, your family was homeless, living in a van, for a period of time. Yeah. You also were a victim of bullying and even racism, in school. How did you fight back against that? It definitely made me stronger. And to this day, I mean, I have a forgiving heart. So, I forgive them. And I move on. And hope to, you know -- I wish them the best. And it definitely made me stronger and motivated me to achieve my dreams. And one of the most complicated relationships you had to deal with was the relationship with your father. Hadn't seen him for so many years until he showed up at the olympics. That had to be difficult to deal with. It really was difficult since he wasn't really in the picture. And I mean, I'm a normal girl. I go through normal stuff. And it happens. All of the stuff that is happening now is so good, though. You're on a bit of a whirlwind right now. The last couple of months, you've gone to the white house, met president obama. I heard he gave you some souvenirs, as well. Yes. He gave me a pen and PRESIDENTIAL M&Ms. YOU STILL HAVE THE M&Ms? No. I guess they are pretty good. And we all watched you on "dancing with the stars." Yes. The fierce five showing up to help shawn out. That must have been fantastic. It was a lot of fun. And we had so much fun performing on stage with shawn and derek. So, what is next? You're on the book tour right now. Going to have a little break over christmas. But gymnastics, still in your blood, right? I'm hoping to attend 2016 and get back into the gym. Get back in the swing of things. And just gain more. I want to go to more world championships. And I think it would be cool to attend two more olympic games. It would be cool for all of Thank you for coming in today. The book is called "grace, gold & glory." It's in stores today.

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{"id":17874671,"title":"Gabrielle Douglas Wanted to Quit Gymnastics, Work in Fast Food","duration":"3:36","description":"2-time gold medalist says in memoir, \"Grace, Gold and Glory\" how homesickness nearly made her quit.","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-douglas-gma-interview-star-wanted-quit-gymnastics-17874671","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}