Gail Simmons Serves Up Memorial Day Feast

Culinary star makes a special potato salad and other tasty treats.
3:55 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for Gail Simmons Serves Up Memorial Day Feast
together to share delicious food so we're joined now by Gail Simmons, food and wine special project director and a judge on bravo's "Top chef." She he's show us three unique takes on a memorial day favorite, potato salad. Exactly. One of my favorites. It's back and it's big. So -- Does it ever go away. I've always been eating it. Forget those who don't eat carbs. Food and wine loves to hit the grill. Three takes on a basic. One that is a pickle and snap pea potato salad. That soups really good. Super fresh for spring. Ooh. And make a little dressing. I'll tart with mustard. Want to pour in lemon juice. Yeah. Spicy mustard. Dijon mustard and olive oil. Yum. I already like the way it sounds. In the pan I have some scallions and red onion and shallots. If you want to just pour that mixture right into the pan. Ooh, okay. I7s browned them up and I'll add thinly sliced snap peas and some pickles, chopped dill pickles. Love pickles. Yes. This is going to be your sauce. Want to season that up. Smells so good. And salt and pepper. Go ahead. And I'm literally going to then dump these thinly slices potatoes right in the pan. That looks so good. And mix it all together. Let it cool and you have yours first potato salad. That is great. Anything with pickles. The next one is a hummus and yogurt dressing. Cut them differently. Big chunks as opposed to thin slices, I have some hummus and then I have some yogurt. You can use nonfat Greek yogurt, whatever kind of yogurt you want. Mix that together. Go for it. All right. I'm going to add celery which is a potato salad classic. This looks really good. I have some little French pickles. Pickles are big clearly in potato salad and some white onions. Now put that all right in here -- Nobody has to cook. In advance. It's all in advance. Yeah, this takes like no time whatsoever. Perfect. Then you'll mix it with chopped parsley. Do chives. Can you do really any green -- Yeah. Mix it in. Wow. Mix that all up and there you have it. This is my personal favorite. Pancetta and brown butter. Who doesn't love pancetta. A special kind of bacon. It is an Italian bacon and it's# sliced and browned like this. Browning it in butter and letting it cook out until it's nice and golden. A little bit of rosemary. And a little bit of shallots and that's all going to come together. One of my favorite flavors all in one. Too. Now I'm going to put this into AYM bowl. Okay. If you want to put into this bowl some of that vinegar and the spicy brown mustard. Spicy brown mustard. Yeah. And what kind of vinegar is that? Cider vinegar. I have beautiful fingerling potatoes. You just cut them differently for different look. Mix that together, of course, always season with salt and pepper. Okay. And finish. I'll reach around you. Fresh chive. Yum. These are all fantastic recipes and so easy to make. The best thing you can make all of these the day before and then you're done. And I didn't get to taste any of them so we're going to break I'm going to have a taste of these. Serving them with great steak I grilled with ancho chilchiles. I'm going to keep eating and let you know you can find these recipes on and we'll be right back. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Culinary star makes a special potato salad and other tasty treats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23869042","title":"Gail Simmons Serves Up Memorial Day Feast","url":"/GMA/video/gail-simmons-serves-memorial-day-feast-23869042"}