In the Game with Elena Delle Donne

WNBA rookie on her first season with the Chicago Sky and how her family keeps her grounded.
6:06 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for In the Game with Elena Delle Donne
And it bears that are riches all the people that we've had. In the game and it continues to Elaine and -- -- Thank you so much I've been looking forward to finally meaning you know how has your first WBA. WBA season -- and tell us. And injuring to me you know I came off my college season immediately and getting drafted and having to Chicago brand -- city and then we just starting games but it's been so much fun we've been down while isn't successful. Getting some wins which is very important and it's it's been a -- so far. Playoff bound baby you know -- Making them this -- there's a lot of love out anyway. You people really appreciate the way you play it. The family aspect how important your family to -- -- my gosh -- everything to me and they've definitely -- the person I am today. And just I owe everything to them and it's just great to just you know have a small -- -- -- -- who I trust and who cares about me. Think people have a better understanding. The the one time that I live in. Connecticut and not far from the University. Of Connecticut and you broke a lot of hearts tell the people again. The reason YE -- left there and I think everything worked out well for everyone involved. Yang you know at first leaving I got a lot of -- backlash but I think once people kind that started them understand my story in the fact that bastion myself -- Okay with and the biggest thing -- at that point in time. I wasn't ready to leave from my family and especially my sisters it's very apparent what she means to you into the -- -- and how. This talk about that relationship a little bit more for those people who don't understand and don't know -- she is. She especially means she was born deaf and blind mystery about -- -- and basically everything and I've been fortunate enough to have an Angel -- my -- my entire life so she really has shaped me in the person that I am today and being eighteen leaving her with some very difficult because. You know all of our communication is in person through touched -- smiles hugs can't -- hand sign language and leaving her impress me at that point in time and I just wasn't ready to do it so. I came back -- up a little bet your power lines and now -- able to spread my wings and still know that obviously the love exists whether I'm in the same room with her -- miles away. If you look up to anybody as far as. Players are concerned when you're coming along -- slips someone I definitely -- -- him and have actually met her so it's been great to be haven't talked to learn now that she's catching in Chicago. I have be very. They're lining to this -- little time with -- yet it has an incredible -- speak to turn kind of just pick apart every little thing gets an hour she's an incredible person. We have wonderful people. On FaceBook and on Twitter he has been W that -- some questions if they told you I really want to get to some of them. Elizabeth asks us first off -- -- is ridiculously talented ego could therefore be a problem. How does she stay humble. And focus with -- all -- attention and all the respect that you haven't received. -- Tripoli in drying out with my sister has always kept me home -- -- I'm doing is putting -- the author of Afghan and when I see her fighter struggles every single day just to get up in the morning. That's far more incredible than anything I'm doing on the court so having hanging -- really isn't anything to me after watching her grow. Same area and yes this what's the biggest difference between college implode and pro ball practice. That's a good question. First of we have buoyant practice boys there every single day and they challenge us in many ways -- in the -- strong being fat. So that's number one which is great for us and then. It's very high intensity -- shorter amounts of -- -- in college you'd be in the gym for maybe three hours practicing. But here it's getting in and now and then we know we're gonna work really hard for an hour and a half and we're going to be out of pension. -- a -- a job now not the basketball part of it you know I can't believe I'm being paid paid to -- the -- that I love. We always ask anybody sitting in -- chair what's next for them I know you're just in many ways just getting started especially in your professional room. -- what's next for you. Fly actually just starting this offseason undone and a bit differently I'm -- -- run camps across the country for her young girls. And keep them excited about the -- the -- and you know just. Make them better and when I was young I was hungry to get better and I -- to be that type -- person can go around and help -- it better things. Maybe even do it a little sleep overnight -- have some funds I wanna make it enjoyable but they're also learning a lot about the sport. -- it's also not just learning a lot about the sport and about themselves and how is -- -- a school you know because. I would say they're very very few that are gonna go on the play professionally like -- then let the skill set that you learn from being on the team if that's something that can carry over until. Every day -- it carries out in life and you know being part of a team my entire life has helped me so much so you know. Just do things in life because you're always going to be working with people so that's huge enough action -- sensible people skills and just kind of be their mentor. About being a great feeling belated thank you very much thank you all the best to you think CEMEX.

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{"id":20305102,"title":"In the Game with Elena Delle Donne","duration":"6:06","description":"WNBA rookie on her first season with the Chicago Sky and how her family keeps her grounded.","url":"/GMA/video/game-elena-delle-donne-20305102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}