'Game of Thrones' spurs interest in huskies

The show's star, Peter Dinklage, issued a plea to fans buying or adopting huskies after seeing the show's "direwolves," saying that shelters are reporting many of the huskies are later abandoned.
3:20 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for 'Game of Thrones' spurs interest in huskies
We are back now with our big board and what they're calling the "Game of thrones" effect. Fans who love the popular HBO series so much they're going out and buying siberian huskies because they look like animals on the show called direwolves. Yeah, they're beautiful actually. The problem is they may not realize what it takes to raise a husky and shelters are seeing more of those dogs abandoned so we have more from Nick watt from Hollywood. Good morning, Nick. Reporter: Good morning, David. Well, I'm here with the huskies and the volunteers from Hollywood huskies. This is a rescue organization. As you guys mentioned these are now "Game of thrones" fans favorite dogs and that is causing some problems. The direwolves of "Game of thrones," a bit siberian husky, a bit German shepherd. A bit cgi and this -- Hi, boy. Reporter: Is an actual husky. A lot of people are adopting because they do see the popularity on "Game of thrones." Reporter: Sounds absurd. It's for real. Terry Lann nisster just got involved. Please to all "Game of thrones" many wonderful fans we understand due to the direwolves' huge popularity many folks are going out and buying huskies. Peter dinklage just posted. Shelters are reporting many of these huskies are being abandoned. More than one shelter telling us they've seen a doubling in the number of abandoned huskies. The husky puppy. Who doesn't want this face? Reporter: She adopted hers in real life but, remember, these dogs pull sleds. Huskies are very high energy breed. They're also very intelligent so if you don't keep them busy and exercised they become destructive. Reporter: Yes, the Starks adopt a litter on the show but, remember, that's on TV. Real-life people, there's a bouncing beast actually in your living room. And I fear we just contributed by showing those puppy huskies. They're so cute, but, hey, Nick, the experts are telling us what we should be telling everyone. What should you keep in mind if you get one of these dogs? Reporter: Well, what you have to keep in mind if you get the husky, they shed a lot as you can possibly see on my black shirt. They are very, very active. If you do not exercise these dogs they will tear your house apart. But they are lovely. They are fluffy but just research and if you really love "Game of thrones" that much, grow your hair, wear a cape. Do not adopt a husky just because you love the show. Just don't. Just don't do it. But, Nick, we're not just talking about dogs. Other animal dogs have spiked because of television shows and movies, right? Reporter: Well, I mean, they have dog, yeah, Beverly hills chihuahua, 101 dal makes, "Men in black" which caused a pug faze, also Harry potter, Michael, owls now after Harry potter came out there was a spike in the adoption and then the abandonment of owls because your young Harry or hermione grows up, lose interest and owls live for 20 years and you are left with an owl. You know, adopting is a popular culture, probably a bad idea. But they look beautiful right there in the shot so thank everybody there at the dog resort and thanks to you, Nick watt. You had an owl, didn't you?

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{"id":49245659,"title":"'Game of Thrones' spurs interest in huskies","duration":"3:20","description":"The show's star, Peter Dinklage, issued a plea to fans buying or adopting huskies after seeing the show's \"direwolves,\" saying that shelters are reporting many of the huskies are later abandoned.","url":"/GMA/video/game-thrones-spurs-interest-huskies-49245659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}