'Gangster Squad' Star Ryan Gosling

Cam Mathison talks to Ryan Gosling about his new role.
2:48 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Gangster Squad' Star Ryan Gosling
Over the past few years. Stars -- on -- Michael Ryan Dawson. Shop with leading roles in. Everything from comedies. Sexually. I mean gracious just -- should you take office. You may -- -- some Egyptian border crossings to romance flex. Canadian born actor is. Hailed as one of the finest of his generation. His latest film gangster squad tells the true life tale of a small group of -- just -- police officers in 1940s Los Angeles. When a squad together must come together to save the student from notorious mob boss Mickey -- Gosling plays the reluctant hero Sargent Jerry would. Can actually change anything around here -- much. Traces of my favorite movies in the -- and I collected all the Burger King cups and I was kind of obsessed with -- and so that was my main entrance into the gangster picture -- -- -- -- want to talk to while waiting. She's just want to make his -- -- their top. -- well yeah. You met with some of his family -- -- preparation right yes what did you learn from -- That he was -- much braver man than me for the promises of the movie was important that the character. Kind of be resistant -- they kind of create a better narrative. He didn't need any convincing. You know he was all in. Right away. The film. Originally scheduled to be released last year but was delayed after the Aurora Colorado tragedy because it contained a sequence that involved the theater shooting. Director Ruben Fleischer -- -- I was really proud of him because he really was the best sequence in the movie without question that -- -- it happened he was. He he wouldn't dream of keeping it in. Shot on location -- LA the director said even the ever present paparazzi didn't affect every focused -- I mean just have to get used to guys hiding in the bushes -- -- adjustments were being like you know follows. A list of what is it about gangster movies that keeps us so fascinated with them but guess is currently doing a lot of people grounds and went into pieces -- -- Killian. Them in -- -- some of these cases do know is that like a little against a lesson right there is that like -- politics to an ordinance addressing that well we've got to get store or go -- -- You go -- first I -- so what's -- don't think too much about it to your spirit restoration -- that but see you're not going to and that's the difference. -- -- -- -- cop -- more. For Good Morning America --

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{"id":18190441,"title":"'Gangster Squad' Star Ryan Gosling","duration":"2:48","description":"Cam Mathison talks to Ryan Gosling about his new role.","url":"/GMA/video/gangster-squad-star-talks-gma-18190441","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}