Garth Brooks gushes over latest Denzel Washington movie

The two-time Oscar winner discusses his role in the new film "'Roman J. Israel, Esq." and talks with Garth Brooks about the powerful message it conveys.
5:30 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for Garth Brooks gushes over latest Denzel Washington movie
How are we gonna top this I mean we've had Garth. We had Kelly Rowland here and done so and Jozy wouldn't Tony Robbins that's coming up a little bit. And now a man who needs no introduction to top Oscar winner starring in the new movie Roman. Finally at an embarrassment spotted check okay the crew. Other production call. Isn't true that your mom it's really didn't slow not Denzel. Dental this and so. He and it who is sometimes spelled the end CIO. But I'm Denzel junior Denzel Hayes Washington junior how far the same name. So she started calling me Denzel OK does that make it easy against little peninsula and we both show up. Are you again tonight but where we say we say didn't that happens that this really way it is now. It's beautiful film can't thank beautiful and got to see this it sells units sold sold but incredibly powerful and and that but the former. We weren't secure weave through found since we shall have some throwback pictures. Mr. Brooks here yes thank you got to build a. We got yeah. That if not only think guy again. The fourteen Tony don't know what I was fifteen well I was in Daytona Florida. House and yeah government. Don't know what made mainly seeing as gold I want the mainland and in India and they don't. Well yeah. For you you here actually eleven years ago to the day we asked you the same question you already talked about a with the Thanksgiving dinner. You said Mac and cheese that was your favorite. Thanksgiving dishes at still this so the senate yet and can't can't have it without it. You don't gotta be fresh and refreshing. Equipment. And see you give me into public. Shovel out the window mile wide makes is what that it has. Armed guards in this courtroom detained June and would not allow you to use the bathroom do you view would buy oil definition be detained over the cultural content if you continue to pursue this with all due respect you you're asking me to bring in erroneous court decision to tell me to wait in my experience when. Okay. Finding contempt. Surging ocean like ever force upon. Roman Roman Israel tries hard. He tries hard and he doesn't always succeed but he tries very. The decision yeah poor guy got hot. Did you know I've. Love this character and moved from almost as much as any I've ever done just that. Interesting and nothing yet has yet to say look. Yeah it's good so much of him in office guy who want to info it's it's perfect guy and I want to thank you. The conversation my wife and I am after. I hope everyone has it supply. About. It's just believing that we understand each other when the truth is we who have. And I have a clue what you goes on your life you know who goes in mind that we make all of our human space effectively run that tolerance and speaks. That forgiveness that second to think about that before you strike back. He's everything from him and me he's tired hot button thing. Yeah so that. Yeah UB yen and at the residence yeah. Absolutely no accurate enough I think we're gonna use of the house forever from them drowning in the shallow. What a beautiful you know. Driving a Lexus maybe five times a day we only do it makes and I got a good smile around that shallow rattling in the. That's true pro yeah. And it. He's done thank and I look at is some work with Tijuana two. You know you meant so my home my kids there were in the business now. Couple actors of producer and the director. Oh. There the other actor all goal and remove any planet might in fact my wife just closer show she is doing the show in a Brooklyn last night as pro. I'm inches or less car hits theaters on Wednesday.

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{"id":51265199,"title":"Garth Brooks gushes over latest Denzel Washington movie ","duration":"5:30","description":"The two-time Oscar winner discusses his role in the new film \"'Roman J. Israel, Esq.\" and talks with Garth Brooks about the powerful message it conveys.","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-gushes-latest-denzel-washington-movie-51265199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}