Garth Brooks Talks New Album of Greatest Hits

Brooks joins us live in Times Square along with his wife Trisha Yearwood to talk about his new album.
3:49 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Talks New Album of Greatest Hits
Got to brag about you. So, Garth as you may know became the first artist to earn seven diamond albums. Yes. Is fresh off winning his fifth cma entertainer of the year is it that's what I'm talking about right will. I love that. How was that moment? It was awesome. First of all I came with the most gorgeous date, left with the most gorgeous date so I was going to be a winner no matter what but, man, when they called my name, I was just numb. Are you kidding me? And it was sweet. I got to go hug the guys. I don't remember the speech. It was good. I was there. You were great. But I did end up going home with the best-looking woman so it was a great night. We haven't slept since to tell you the truth. Oh, my. We'll get to that. I'm sure what I'm saying -- we haven't overall slept. We've been celebrating. Tell us about this box set. This collection. Very cool. Finally lands today at target. Can we say target because -- You can. It's the only place you can get it. Only place to get it. There's the box, ten disks all the new stuff and including the 25th anniversary of friends in low places where George strait the king is singing on it. It is awesome. And it was -- 126 songs. Isn't it cool? How do you remember the words to them? Anding it made it a great value so I'm proud to partner with them. And there's a little special treat for fans I understand in this? Oh, yes, well, you know, there's stuff in there but the whole new album is in two weeks before you can get it anywhere else. "Gunslinger" is there there and Mr. And Mrs. Yearwood's Christmas record coming out today. This is good. You know, it wouldn't be right if we didn't share that with one other person, right? Who's that. A woman I believe you called the queen. The queen is here, yes. Trisha Yearwood, everybody. ??? What. Hello, beautiful. I love your coat. How are you? Hi. Hello, gorgeous. How are you doing, beautiful? You doing good. Sit here. You are on TV, by the way. We've never kissed on television. How are you? Great to see you, congratulations. I want to hear about the Christmas. About the Christmas music together. What was it like singing with me, honey? Oh, it was just -- you're so big and strong. Thank you. And you're so amazing. We had fun. We love Christmas. We love Christmas music. And we can't wait to start playing it in our house. And so this year there's going to be Sinatra, Dean martin, a little rosemary Clooney and Garth and Trisha playing. Leave me hanging. It's called "Christmas together" and it is a clb race between the two of you. Who calls the shots when you're in the recording studio? In the studio? Her. But at home. Ask us where in the house. At the house. Her. I'll say what do you think -- I don't know. You haven't told me yet. You just look like you're having a great time. We are. We are having a really good time and had a chance to sing a few of the Christmas songs in the last few days and it's really fun to sing together. It was fun to see you at the cmas in front of legends, 50th anniversary. Getting to sing the greatest songs in country music from Johnny and June cash, Conway and Loretta. That was awesome. And Trisha and Garth. Garth is performing coming up. Don't go anywhere.

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{"id":43456969,"title":"Garth Brooks Talks New Album of Greatest Hits","duration":"3:49","description":"Brooks joins us live in Times Square along with his wife Trisha Yearwood to talk about his new album.","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-talks-album-greatest-hits-43456969","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}