Gay Teen Accepts Plea Deal for Relationship with Girl, 14

Kaitlyn Hunt was accused of having a sexual relationship with her younger schoolmate.
4:01 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Gay Teen Accepts Plea Deal for Relationship with Girl, 14
begin with the plea deal for the florida teenager charged with having a relationship with a younger schoolmate. Abc's matt gutman has been tracking the story from the start. And you spoke, matt, to kaitlyn hunt. Want to change your plea -- Reporter: This morning, kaitlyn hunt is one step closer to home. Are you relieved? I am, actually. I no e when I'm coming home. Reporter: Earlier this year, the 19-year-old former cheerleader, was arrested, charged with lewd and lis sieves you battery of a miner. The high school senior was romantically involved with a 14-year-old freshman girl. And faced a maximum of 30 years in prison and a place on the second offender registry if convicted. Hunt has always insisted the sex was consensual. I think I made a mistake by dating someone in high school. I went to cool with. Reporter: She pled no contest thursday to four misdemeanors and a felony. You see her in the orange jump suit. How does it make you feel? Sad. Reporter: This was hunt's third offer for a plea agreement. State prosecutors say the family rejected the first two plea deals, insisting hunt was being targeted because she was in a same-sex relationship. But then -- if they find out -- Reporter: Prosecutors found a trove of 20,000 text messages and lewd photos. Investigators say hunt violated the judge's no contact orders with the victim in a big way. It appears through the text messages, hunt was hoping to keep that control over the victim, in hopes that the victim wouldn't testify against her. Reporter: The judge put her back in jail. And inside those texts, a glimpse inside a relationship the 14-year-old's parents called abusive. The threatening tone, posted on our daughter, put our daughter in a place that made her feel she had to abide. Reporter: We read some of the texts. You were pretty cruel to her. I was hurt from the whole situation. Just how everything came out. Reporter: Hunt had called her professed love stupid and pimple-faced. But today, she's unapologetic. Do you concede that your girlfriend was a victim in this? I don't feel like she's a victim, no. Reporter: As part of the plea, hunt will spend another 70 days in jail. And she faces two years of house arrest after that. It's a bitter pill for a girl voted most school spirit in her high school. But she won't be listed as a felon or a sex offender. Being in a relationship, she doesn't think was improper in any way. She was fighting that. Let's get more from abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. And it seems to be headed towards some sort of deal. She's not denying it happened. Once the prosecution decides to move forward and charges her with a crime, she's facing serious time behind bars. What's she going to do? Go to trial on something she is admitting she did? No way. She had to accept a deal. You get to the question. Should prosecutors have brought a case like this in the first place? That's a separate question, right? That's where, if you're the potential defendant in a case like this, you want to put pressure on the prosecutor not to bring it. The problem is, the minute the parents of the alleged victim call and they say, we've got proof that our underaged son or daughter was having sex with an older kid, meaning, in this case, 18. Prosecutors' hands are kind of tied. They have to move forward. If the parents are saying, they want justice, we want you to do against the law. As a technical legal matter it is against the law. That was the real factor. Not the fact it was a same-sex relationship. I don't think this is about same-sex. The parents complained to the police. We see this in cases where they're not same-sex at all. Now, to the latest on that newlywed accused of killing her

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{"id":20469133,"title":"Gay Teen Accepts Plea Deal for Relationship with Girl, 14 ","duration":"4:01","description":"Kaitlyn Hunt was accused of having a sexual relationship with her younger schoolmate.","url":"/GMA/video/gay-florida-teen-accepts-plea-deal-relationship-girl-20469133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}