Texas' Warrior Open Honors Wounded Veterans

Former President George W. Bush talks about his passion project.
4:34 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Texas' Warrior Open Honors Wounded Veterans
Since leaving office, president george w. Bush has kept a low profile. Except when it comes to one particular issue. Helping the country's wounded veterans. This weekend, he'll be hosting the third annual warrior open in honor of wounded veterans. I went to texas to talk about his passion project. It's called the warrior open. While it might look like just another golf tournament, it is, in fact, anything but. Today's event is a testimony to people who have resolve and desire to live life to the fu fulle fullest. Reporter: The tournament host is the 43rd president of the united states. And entrance is not just a member of the armed forces, but you've been seriously injured in a war on terror, during post 9/11 combat. The example of folks out here today, is an important example of our citizens. You can be defeated or defeat your injury. They've chosen to defeat. Reporter: That's captain matt anderson, 30 years old. An infantry platoon leader, whose life took a drastic turn when he stepped on a land mine in afghanistan. You put a cue ball and you smash it with a hammer, try to put that back together and make it roll right. Reporter: After 3 years and nearly 30 surgeries, a constant lingering pain in his right foot, anderson, an athlete, in the truest sense of the world, became a nearly scratch golfer. Now, he spends his time teaching other wounded warriors as a therapy of sorts. It's an interesting choice, too. It's the hardest game out here. Reporter: You talk about people who are dealing with defeat and depression. Once they hit that one clean one, you see the spark in their eye that says, let's go do this again. Reporter: What does it mean to have the support of president bush? There's no words to put into it. To have the pull backing by the former commander in chief, on our world stage, is what we shoot for. Reporter: And for president bush, that feeling is mutual. You get off the big stage and don't want to get back in the spotlight, which has been my attitude since the presidency, I'm still looking for ways to stay engaged with the people that made a huge difference in my life during the presidency. And our military personnel and the vets made a huge difference in my life. And I think in our country's life. Reporter: What do you want people to know, about not just amputees, but people who suffer these injuries defending the freedom of this country? We can do literally anything. It depends on the person and the personality. These guys can literally do anything you put in front of them. They will do it well. They will do it with pride. And do it just as well as any other person on the planet. You're talking to an amazing guy in anderson. Every one of the people here who said I'm not going to allow my injury to get me down. And I want to live life. One way is to play golf. There's a great example of america's strength. Reporter: American strength, hailed by a former president, who spoke to me about life after the white house, including his health scare last month, when he underwent surgery to have a stent inserted into an artery in his heart. How are you feeling? Other than the fact I nearly bled to death when I nicked myself shaving because I'm taking blood thinner, I'm doing pretty good. I thought you were going to have to put a tourniquet on me when i got here. Reporter: And perhaps one of his greatest joys, the birth of his first grandchild. It's a joy to watch laura being a grandmother. I was telling laura, I can't wait to take her around the ranch and answer her questions about the trees and the animals and the grasses. Reporter: What's the difference between being a parent and a grandparent? It's like a practice session in basketball versus a full-court press. You can show up and love and pass back. Reporter: Always pass back. It's a great experience.

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{"id":20395198,"title":"Texas' Warrior Open Honors Wounded Veterans","duration":"4:34","description":"Former President George W. Bush talks about his passion project.","url":"/GMA/video/george-bush-heads-texas-warrior-open-golf-tournament-20395198","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}