Legal vs. Moral Guilt: Frustrations Highlighted by Juror B29

Dan Abrams discusses Robin Roberts' exclusive interview with one of the Zimmerman jurors.
2:00 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Legal vs. Moral Guilt: Frustrations Highlighted by Juror B29
I want to bring many dan abrams, our chief legal affairs anchor right now. And she strikes to the heart of the dilemma that so many outside the courtroom also felt this struggleween moral guilt and legal guilt. And I think robin was deftly able to illicit that from her. We talked about this again and again. As we were preparing for a verdict here, saying the fear of the defense is that maybe these jurors will base this decision on emotion. On a broader sense of right and wrong as opposed to following the letter of the law. And it sounds like that's the exact debate that maddy had in her head, which was on the one hand, she felt that there was moral culpability on the part of george zimmerman. But she did -- she came back to this more than once in your interview, she feels she did the right thing as a legal matter. She effectively had no choice. She said she was not aware of all the attention that this case was getting. And she gets home. And people are talking to her because remember they were sequestered for three weeks. And she had recently moved to florida. She wasn't there when trayvon was killed. And she said, we the public, were able to read, able to see blogs and all these things to form our opinion. And they only have the evidence that is presented to them in the court. We're able to see all of the arguments they're having outside of the presence of the jury. So, I think that maddy came out of this bubble -- as did all of the jurors. They're intentionally sequestered. What does that mean? That prevents them from seeing anything that is going on about this case, apart from what's going on in the courtroom. They come out of this bubble and say, oh, my goodness. Look at these other things we didn't hear. And look at the attention, et cetera. You have to wonder how someone like her goes back and friends and family say to her, some of them, I'm certain, say, come on. How could you have come to this verdict? And I think that in a way, this was her way of explaining the thought process, which I thought was very interesting, about how she went about coming to this verdict. Thank you, dan. Helps all of us to hear what

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Dan Abrams discusses Robin Roberts' exclusive interview with one of the Zimmerman jurors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19779656","title":"Legal vs. Moral Guilt: Frustrations Highlighted by Juror B29","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-juror-29-interview-gma-frustrations-highlighted-19779656"}