Zimmerman Jury Selection: Attorneys Ordered to Avoid Race

No one has been seated after two days of questioning potential jurors in the Florida murder trial.
2:26 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Zimmerman Jury Selection: Attorneys Ordered to Avoid Race
the high-profile trial of george zimmerman. Lawyers questioning potential jurors for a third day today. All eyes on that jury and how race could play a part in who is selected to serve. Matt gutman is on the scene in stanford, florida, this morning. And has the very latest. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Two full days and not a single juror seated. There's a potential pool of 400 additional jurors. This is a process that could take weeks, as lawyers try to peel back the layers of where the people stand on the sensitive issues like guns and race. This morning, a new group of potential jurors will face another round of grilling from a courtroom full of lawyers. I ask you to tell me one thing you remember reading about what would it be? You did not, on purpose, form an opinion? Reporter: Attorneys have been ordered to avoid discussing race. On tuesday, a juror raised it for them. A lot of people have taken sides? Tell me what you mean by that. There's a lot of people that feel mr. Zimmerman shot mr. Martin or followed him, attacked him, based on his race. Reporter: Several jurors talking about the sweatshirt trayvon martin was wearing the night he was killed. That hoodie has become a national symbol for the case. My son dresses the same way. I wear a hoodie, too. Reporter: In 2012, george zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman shot the teen in the dark. Zimmerman claims it was self-defense and has pleaded not guilty. If you're the jury, who do you want? I want a gun owner. I want people who have been victimized before. Reporter: If you're the prosecution, what kind of juror are you looking for? Those who can identify with trayvon martin. Anyone who's been profiled or harassed in any way. Reporter: While more than 70 jurors have been disqualified, what may be most surprising is how few have tried to get dismissed. It's a high-profile trial. Who wouldn't want to sit on it? Reporter: Now, the next stage of selection is rlly when the questions get tough. The lawyers are going to start grilling those jurors directly about how they feel about guns and race. But there is some room for optimism. The lawyers we've been talking to are saying they like what they've seen so far from the jurors. And a jury could be seated by some time next week.

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{"id":19380606,"title":"Zimmerman Jury Selection: Attorneys Ordered to Avoid Race","duration":"2:26","description":"No one has been seated after two days of questioning potential jurors in the Florida murder trial.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-attorneys-ordered-19380606","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}