Georgia Parents Discuss Sons' Alleged Plot to Kill Them

Yvonne and Zachary Ervin tell ABC News why and how they have forgiven their two sons.
6:45 | 09/28/15

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Transcript for Georgia Parents Discuss Sons' Alleged Plot to Kill Them
The Georgia couple whose two sons allegedly drugged and brutally take them in their home. These parents publicly forgave their sons. It's still a mystery why the sons did it. They have not entered a plea. Have not been convicted of anything. We spoke to Yvonne and Zachery Ervin moments ago. Please send someone to my house, my children are trying to kill me. Reporter: It's the chilling 911 call that stunned nation. My husband has distracted them. And I was just able to get to the phone. Please hurry. Reporter: An unimaginable scenario. 22-year-old Christopher and his 17-year-old brother, Cameron, allegedly attacking their parents. And, police say, attempting to burn down their suburban Atlanta home. How are they trying to kill you, ma'am? Trying to strangle us. Shoot us. They put xanax in our food. They tried to attack us when they thought we were asleep. Reporter: Minutes later, the police arrived, discovering Zachery Ervin covered in blood. His wife, Yvonne, found lying beside their bed, badly beaten. If she had not been able to make the 911 call, it's uncertain what would have happened. Reporter: The sons behind bars. Two counts of felonying a grated assault and first-degree arson. Both face as many as 60 years in prison. This morning, Zachery and Yvonne say they're standing by their sons. Good morning to you both. Good morning. Thank you for being here. How are your wounds healing, both of you? For me, I'm doing a lot better. Both physically and mentally. God has really been good to me and helped my wounds to heal fast. I still have a couple of little scars here and there. For the most part, they're healing well. Zachery, you spent the most time in the hospital. Yep, yep, I'm heal fine. God has truly worked a miracle. And you're their deliver a message to people, but before we goat that, what happened? Can you tell us what happened? Well, we don't know what happened. I mean, it's just -- our kids had one bad moment. You know, it was one bad moment. Um -- and god will reveal in time to us and to the world all the -- get all the answers to questions answered. You know, and things of that nature. But for now, you know, we just need to focus on healing. But you can understand people, especially watching at home who have children, the question is, why? Why, that come over, comes up again and again. Where there any kind of signs, Welcome back togma. "" D wane cannot get enough of these stunning, stunning images. The super blood moon seen round the world last night. If you missed it, you have to wait, what, 2033? Is that ? Yep. 2033. You don't have to wait that long. Jesse palmer is here this morning. He'll show meor of it this morning. We're forming that and some of the other big headlines. Donald Trump announcing his tax plans. Ben Carson now neck and neck with trump. Andasca nr legden Tyon art ewt set to take his final lap. He's expected to announce he's retiring at the family experiences. With nothing that would indicate anything like this. It was shocking to some people when the police report indicated one of your sons said since the age of 11 he had been thinking of something like this. It makes some people speculate what was going nonthe home for a child to -- having these thoughts for so long? Again, we don't know. We just don't know. Have you had a chance to communicate at all with your sons? Yes. What have you said to them? What have they said to you? We told them we love them uncondit unconditionally. We love them. I have taught my sons withere will be consequences ton S S to something you do good or bad. You're calling on the public to forgive your sons. Absolutely. People don't know our sons. So that may be easy for them to say, well, I can't forgive. But if I ask people to take it personally. What if it was your child, your son, your relative, your friend? You say these types of actions lead to consequences. What do you feel the consequences should be for your sons? That's up to god to determine that. You know, I just -- I just pray for mercy. You keep referring to it as one bad moment. Mm-hmm. There are people that are going to say, that is putting it mildly. They -- they attempted to -- It's not mildly. To do what they did? Attack you as they did? That's a bad moment? Yeah. There's a -- people who are incarcerated now that have had one bad day. You know. There are people who -- you know -- are put in certain situations to where, you know, rage or something has caused them to have one bad moment. That's why I keep saying one bad moment. I'm not discounting what has happened. I look at my wife, the scars, the things that happened. I look at me. Your faith is remarkable. It's certainly been tested. So the final message, Yvonne, that you want for people this morning? The final message, I think for me is, like I said, study the word. Because, that's what's going to help you through any situation. Yvonne and Zachery, this is not an easy time for your family. For you the come share your story. We thank you. We wish you all the best going forward. Thank you, thank you.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Yvonne and Zachary Ervin tell ABC News why and how they have forgiven their two sons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34098631","title":"Georgia Parents Discuss Sons' Alleged Plot to Kill Them","url":"/GMA/video/georgia-parents-discusses-sons-alleged-plot-kill-34098631"}