Re-Gifting 101: Getting Rid of Unused Presents

Learn the rules for properly reuse the gifts you don't want.
3:41 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Re-Gifting 101: Getting Rid of Unused Presents
I can't wait to open these presents. Okay. You never know you're going to get again and again and again. Apparently, a study says, that 83% of people think it's just fine to regift. And so do we, apparently, right? We all do? There's a few rules you should know. You should only regift unused presents. Rewrap to freshen the gift up. And only give something that your giftee can actually use. Right here, we have -- uh-oh. Can you take your name tag off when you give it to them? I'm pretty sure, yes. There's five types of presents that are most often regifted. They may not be perfect for us. But we're going to make them perfect at this moment. And we're going to be very happy. I'm going to start with sam. Sam, this might require a bit of an explanation. Why don't you go ahead and start opening that. I can't wait to see what it is. Sam is a winner of many a competition. And he -- I know. I found that. You deserve one. I'm betting this is the kind of thing -- fruitcakes last forever. I could save it until next year. You can't give it back to the person who gave it to you because they'll know what you did. Rachel, you're getting fruitcake next year. Great. I ask this question because if someone gives you something that is the wrong size -- are you supposed to open the gift for rachel? This isn't even for rachel. You want to open it? It's got a tag. Rule number four -- when someone gives you something that's the wrong size, let's say it's gigantic. And there's only one person that someone gigantic would fit. Rather than taking it back, can you just give it to someone who it might fit? Oh. You know, I would be nothing without the love and support of colleagues like sam champion. What size is it? This is nice. I can use it as a jacket. And amy can use it as a tent. The rest of us can use it as a car cover. All right. Yeah, here. Rachel, I actually don't know what this was. I literally -- I switched the names. I know. Okay. Whoops. Clearly. Oh. Just what I always wanted. That's lovely. Fantastic. You're welcome. I shall be regifting this for sam. You can wear it with a belt. We don't have much time. 195 kids at your home. Actually, thank you. This will be devoured in a little bit. That's good. I'll trade you. No thank you. This is one I want. Amy has a lot of children at the house right now. I want them to be hopped up on sugar. And the last thing -- I'm sharing the wealth. Thank you so much. I like the day-after christmas regifting idea. I like that. I really do. I lost out on the fruitcake,

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{"id":18066948,"title":"Re-Gifting 101: Getting Rid of Unused Presents","duration":"3:41","description":"Learn the rules for properly reuse the gifts you don't want.","url":"/GMA/video/gifting-101-rid-unused-presents-18066948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}