Ginger Zee Meets Her Kid Look Alike

The mini meteorologist dishes on her "wiggly" teeth and what she wants to be when she grows up.
5:36 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Meets Her Kid Look Alike
And graces here again to two months the balance. Of the -- she jumped on he would have been all -- -- -- -- love it. Amy -- -- joining us -- -- live today incidents and now. Clinton is the moment. Oh yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I have been -- been practice saying. Lifting and running in the heels and look this is so much fun to have you here she said to me and the way down what it's GMA lack of news it's just more fun that is expected on the Internet. So are you enjoying New York City is -- first time to -- say Fiat what's your favorite parts of fire. Think -- the -- management about twenty eager to Toys 'R' Us FAO Schwarz -- yeah. That is right next door. -- don't want to miss the parents went -- Not many of the accurate known inside the toy store last but not lending probably -- Like -- -- out -- the other way up MEI -- critics out noon rally. Human it ain't so when you've got when you sign that we were doing that the mini -- segment is seeing double. -- edition. What did you always -- whether. Crime lab to -- -- and school. I'm mad about bank may have to look at we have a lot in common. As we've we've seen they love their video you're video is perfect and that in the end -- -- study meteor allergy when you do it that's attack duke law. That -- yeah Ljubljana. I. He did and here is thinking -- doubles I just happen to turn around and oh my goodness there's still show. And they are -- Shelby from yesterday. And was. Mining town hall and I mean she I have the same -- is doing like. Cleanly at any moment. We both you know oddly to have you on -- where the serious side to OC and the lender will give you cheer you stand next me sweetheart. In fact I think and and Shelby is. Just adorable she and I just because she literally looks more like me and I cannot be happy about it -- -- does not happen. As well on Saturday -- Thursday shall be and Savannah grades along with the other mean these are all going to be together and you guys are gonna. Thank goodness you rowdy yeah he really didn't leave the conference UE heat he's kind of that's the others have been so much find anything else they wanna do like your New York -- -- -- saying. Well. -- Now but it did a member of the don't want it now yeah. Whenever I can eat your witness. Yeah. -- -- captain and France he says you -- get a good. And that they and so when you're down on Friday daddy's gonna -- he has done. Thing isn't a -- And I asked how they -- -- don't need any home apples or anything else could have an out -- -- in the copper you know. Now but we will leave you with them some apple hi guys Hollywood. Did you -- yesterday in New York City. Not coincidentally. -- -- contained -- Home and lamb are pleading for encouraging good -- all the buildings are together really -- conveyed to hit the green wondering does the -- sensitive to a -- a -- neighbors and the New York City you got a couple more days to have some fun zone. His FAO Schwarz to just on the way that you get into his -- big lately. Yeah. -- -- Yeah. I know you are selling well spoken -- I need to learn from you this -- him. If I'm Minnesota senate today and this is what we're talking about now is national apple pie day so we have a letter sent to Virginia adding -- and a -- this marriage and that of our favorite dessert with an apple hike from -- -- live. Now four pieces here because in a special -- that's coming up and competition. With your hands look at this you can have some -- -- Yeah now we get an eating contests and Kidman Natalie -- and -- lives. They can eat eat genetic cousins and now lives -- national something -- -- that's what I've learned. Here is involves that you shouldn't eat but you want to avenue right in front of you again -- can you come mantown help you cut and can you say. KBK how can we don't get some healthy food costs. It began the day. I don't panic and terror -- on the I'm sorry I'm gonna get you some healthy stuff some. Putting some ideas what do you. We like -- tomatoes. It hit just. And then -- bears the -- and I don't get me is. It's -- Alina we'll Milan on Thursday all right Hank I guess I better get to it -- work to do that kidnapping case just let whenever we want something to say hey -- LA but -- -- and -- erupted as rough have a -- accident. Do it daily well let's say higher and rough how perfect are many. Who -- There I don't know that -- good AI. Media must take a break us down and sure they kind of thing that there's -- I'll watch out yet -- evidence that. But this after I -- yet. I thought monopolies campaign and -- having his own.

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{"id":23695261,"title":"Ginger Zee Meets Her Kid Look Alike","duration":"5:36","description":"The mini meteorologist dishes on her \"wiggly\" teeth and what she wants to be when she grows up.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-meets-kid-alike-23695261","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}