Ginger's Love Letter to Michigan Themed Wedding

Ginger Zee shares some of the details of her Lake Michigan wedding.
5:21 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Ginger's Love Letter to Michigan Themed Wedding
And we wanted to keep the "Gma" bridal shower going, with a look at your big day. We talked about the dress. We have talked about the shoes. And now, well, you know what? We have a love letter to the place that -- well, she chose for her wedding. Her beloved state of Michigan. Anyone who knows our ginger knows she has three, big loves. One, her fiance, Ben. Two, her long-time pooch, Otis. And three, her hometown state of Michigan. Ginger grew up in Grand Rapids in the southwest part of the state and has credited her roots for sparking her passion for weather. One of the main reasons ginger got into meteorologist was because when she was a little girl, she looked at storms across lake Michigan. And realized then she was nas noted by them and wanted to make that part of her life. Reporter: When it came to decide where to wed, it didn't take ginger long to settle on the inn at bay harbor. They will say their I dos overlooking lake Michigan. The entire day will be a love letter to ginger's home state. For the reception, a Michigan salad, featuring cherries. Later, they will nosh on dogs from Herman's boy. The local delicacy is a flattened bagel with a hot dog baked inside. They're custom baked for us. And I don't know another place in the country that does this. Reporter: And for entertainment, a favorite Michigan band, the outer vibe, which happens to feature ginger zee's brother, Sean. A michigander through and through. It's going to be a Michigan soiree that will knock your socks off. Reporter: The people of Michigan couldn't be prouder. And so are we. Ginger, this one is for you. That's great. The bagel dogs makes my mouth wa water. We have a taste of home. And a special guest bringing it in for you. Oh. Put it back. There we go. There we go. Her fiance, Ben. Wow. Oh. Have one. Oh, my gosh. Are those -- These are the bagel dogs. These are the bagel dogs. Wow. It's great to see you and all. I know. This is what we're waiting for the entire time. Seriously. It will be the best you'll ever have. If you guys want one. I want one. Have a dog. Have a dog. We have other gifts. You can pull that off. You think so? Really. Take it off. We have other gifts for you. Thank you. Gentlemen, can you bring in gifts for Ben and ginger? Please, open. Thank you. Oh, wow. Is it going to pop out and scare us? Oh, no. Oh, wow. It's a gift from your registry, right? A nice silver platter that you wanted. You can have us over for dinner. Only cook bagel dogs. There's one more. And we know you're concerned about the weather. You know, it's going to be outdoors. So, we had this in mind, just in case. Oh. That's awesome. A raincoat. Too many things. Too many things. That's wonderful. Oh, wow. See? You can do it, too. I can wear anything. I can pull it off. Just in case. We know you've been looking at the models for 270 hours. Yes. No dock in the future. That will work if you have one. And there's one more. One more. Oh, wow. That's for you, Ben. Ginger, that's yours. How does this even work? This is science. It's going to be on me. Put it that way. There you go. It matches my outfit perfectly. Very happy. From our home to yours. Is there anything you want to say, Ben? I just want to do it at this point. Oh, my goodness. The wedding. Yeah. It's very important. Everyone keeps asking us, are you nervous? We're excited. We're happy. I'm glad we can spend it with you guys in the morning. And we can do this all together. We're excited for you. Thank you. Yes. I grew it for you. I'm not joking. Ditch the beard. Robin likes it. I said it. And then, robin likes it. I love it. I'm going to work on the hair part next. We have to send you guys off. Oh, my goodness. Ginger's getting married. Thank you, guys. Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm sorry. All kinds of stuff. Ben and ginger, all the best. Oh, my. We're going.

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{"id":23987129,"title":"Ginger's Love Letter to Michigan Themed Wedding","duration":"5:21","description":"Ginger Zee shares some of the details of her Lake Michigan wedding. ","url":"/GMA/video/gingers-love-letter-michigan-themed-wedding-23987129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}