Girl, 12, Appears in Court in Bullying Death Case

The 12-year-old suspect was represented by Jose Baez, former attorney for Casey Anthony.
2:33 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Girl, 12, Appears in Court in Bullying Death Case
Just what we can't make a definitive statement to the court that we will be prepared. On Tuesday with a petition or what discovering who we are asking -- diligently working to do that we're asking September casualties and and that we would have an arraignment and pretrial time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Treatment. Certainly there are -- This is strictly for educational purposes. In fact -- even considering not going through with the allowing. The -- to use a computer if we can find an alternative educational source fortunately she's been suspended from school. If we can find some type private tutoring situation. Unfortunately that parents can afford that -- different -- -- -- Approval of all sorts we're certainly gonna take advantage of that first before we even. -- on the -- of anything with a computer and -- you have. According to -- -- -- from both parents -- Well aware of that and willing to cooperate with any order of the court -- contact was where -- -- Small matter -- thing. Especially when I'm sure there are cleaned up prior to using their computers actually seemed -- apparent that they have knowledge that she is going to getting. -- on a computer and that any -- supervision by parents. It's it. There is one other. I guess clarification occasionally but I support for and that would be for permission to her for her to attend church services. And as awkward as it sounds. She was unclear whether she could actually go on and her guard. While at home should play figures pressure occasional -- tensions -- things. Except this does not -- from. That's certainly one. And judge I believe that we are on schedule -- just -- to stay with our twenty wanting attention here in new. We're asking that trial team at least at this point -- network.

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{"id":20681763,"title":"Girl, 12, Appears in Court in Bullying Death Case","duration":"2:33","description":"The 12-year-old suspect was represented by Jose Baez, former attorney for Casey Anthony.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-12-appears-court-bullying-death-case-20681763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}