Girl, 10, Wins Court Battle, Gets Lung Transplant

Philadelphia girl's parents' plea to get her on the transplant list went to federal court.
1:45 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Girl, 10, Wins Court Battle, Gets Lung Transplant
Good news now, for that little girl in philadelphia who need aid lung transplant to survive. Her parents struggle goat her on the transplant list was debated in federal court and tonight she has a new lease on life. David wright has the story. Reporter: She wan breathe a bit easier today thanks tie new set of lungs. Doctors finished the 12-hour transplant operation late wednesday, replatesing sarah murnaghan's xhiechild-size lungs with lungs from an adult donor. The family said we're thrilled she's out of surgery and her doctors are pleased with her progress during the procedure on prognosis for recovery. She was dying of cystic fibrosis but because peed trim lung transplants are so complicated children under 12 normally have to wait for donor lungs from other children. U.S. Requires all available adult lungs to be offered to adults first. I would urge you this week to allow that lung transplant to move forward. Reporter: They got the attention of congress but obama administration kept the policy mostly intact. Unfortunately, there are about 40 seriously ill pennsylvaniians over the age of 12 also waitingify lung transplant. Reporter: But last week the murnaghans convinced a federal judge to put her on the adult list. It took less than a week to find a match. Overnight her mother posted on facebook, we are elated this day has come but we know our good news is another family's tragedy. My hope she accomplishes all those little things that 10-year-olds should accomplish. Reporter: And today, her parents have the gift of hope. For "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":19389718,"title":"Girl, 10, Wins Court Battle, Gets Lung Transplant","duration":"1:45","description":"Philadelphia girl's parents' plea to get her on the transplant list went to federal court.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-lung-transplant-sarah-murnaghan-wins-court-battle-19389718","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}