'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Most Memorable Food Moments

Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and Sara Moulton share their favorite and most popular recipes from over the years.
7:26 | 11/06/15

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Transcript for 'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Most Memorable Food Moments
From the balcony of this cooking school, Julian was a distinguished food author and food historian. Well, welcome back to "Gma." Boy, remember Julia child. She got all the cooking started on our show, part of the "Gma" family for so many years. Guess who is inside with three of our favorites right now? Hey, robin. Three of our all-time faves right here. Emeril Lagasse, Mario batali and Sara Moulton. Can you believe it's 40 years. You guys have been a big part of it. All the chefs, our favorite memory, thousands of food moments. We've done food segments here starting with, of course, Julia. Julia child. This is Julia child, bon appetite. Take creole seasoning, bam, just like that. What we'll make is -- I learned to come from all the chefs that came on "Good morning America." Julia child, the queen of cuisine started it out becoming our very first cooking correspondent in 1980. Oh, I see. Just like that. I could not cook my way out of a can of soup and Julia would come on and she made it fun. She took us to far away places. You can improve the flavor of your wine if you drop a live eel into the bottle. When you try it let me know if it works. And was part of the "Gma" family for over 20 years. Throw it on the floor. It's going to go into the fusty food -- I know what you mean. When Julia started hamburger helper was considered exotic. I don't feel right starting a meal with you unless you said -- Bon appetite. In 1993 emeril Lagasse added a little spice to the "Gma" kitchen. New New Orleans cooking. There you go. What was the name. Emeril's new New Orleans cooking. By 1998 he was a bona fide weekly regular. I got to tell you, you know why I'm here? You have won my breakfast in bed contest. Bringing lucky viewers breakfast in bed for over 15 years. Oh, my goodness! Aaagh! You're doing okay, baby? Even culinary greats graced the "Gma" screen before they became big stars. We have here like three pounds of ground meet? Wolfgang puck. Rachael. Cook it down until it gets nice and soft. Har Joe. If Wolfgang and Julia look good it's because of Sara. And food network star Sara Moulton started as our kitchen assistant working behind the scenes. Happy birthday in hi. Over the years we've even seen some famous faces whipping up tasty treats. This is Martha Washington's chocolate balls. Sorry. Cookie, it's smoking. Some red wine. Just kidding. With countless chefs and culinary classics year after year, we've never tasted better. I learned a lot. How to feed my family with the things you do on "Gma." Excuse me. Yum, yum. I don't know about you but my mouth is watering after that segment. Sara, emeril, Mario, thank you, you have been a big part, a big part of our family all these years and thank you for helping us. It's been real special. For you, my friend, gosh, we did the counting, it got very close to 800 appearances on "Good morning America." Yes, that's right. A lot of it you showing up at people's doors like that. 15 years ago breakfast in bed. Who would have thunk, right? And still extreme hi popular. Such a great feeling, traveling in America and people asking, you coming to my door? And wanting to know? Exactly. Somewhere in America. I do remember that one time, you guys remember when the bed broke. Yes, in Los Angeles. Ah, the good old days. We'll leave it. You introduced us to this guy over here. That's my pal. That's right. This aspen. Yeah, exactly. What do you remember most about that show, Mario? Very little. We slept very little. That's what I remember. It's the miracle of makeup that we looked okay, but it was such a backdrop and such an amazing time in an amazing place and they captured it. You guys on "Gma" nailed it. It looked like a painting it was out of the films. It was beautiful. Sara, you were behind the scenes for so long. I was for almost ten years. I know. You know how I got that job. How. '81 and Julia started works here and I missed her so I said let's have dinner. She said, objection, no, dear, I have too much prep to do. I said let me come work for free. I did and we had dinner and next day I was hired. So you were -- then you moved in front. How did that all happen? I don't know. Tavis a mistake. I mean, you saw me up there. I was terrible. I don't know. Because I started on the food network and they thought maybe these weigh not so bad and became the foodette tore. I remember that 7-eleven challenge. That was so much fun. They gave me $15, this is -- $15 to go to a 7-eleven across the bridge and make a meal for four people in the time it took to drive back from there and we had a -- 7-eleven. And we had a convertible with balloons behind it and did an O.J. Chase and had a helicopter following us. I made a meal on the time back. You do that on "The chew" every day. Not from 7-eleven. You have better ingredients than I did. I was so excited to find fresh Oranges. I've been on my best behavior but I'm about to pounce. You each -- I know, we got one. This is from the folks -- this is their popular -- This is your most popular. What is yours? Describe your dish. Mine is just a slow cooked ribs, homemade barbecue sauce, slow and low and that's what they wanted. Oh, and Mario. I'm doing a neapolitan meatballs parmesan sandwich with a little melted mozzarella. All three of us wouldn't be here ever without Karen pink cu ichlt krchpicus. You beat us. She is our food stylist and has been terrific. We love you, Karen, we thank you. A little dessert. White chocolate ras per by Chee cheesecake from "Gourmet" magazine. We did it more than once. The number one on our website, the number one recipe is -- Ready. Beef bourguignon. The smell of that thing -- Karen did a great job as always. It is like to the tee. Everybody back, everybody, back. But also you know we also want to say Margo, you talked about -- Margo Baumgartner. Longtime food producer. I always knew if she was around that one of you guys had to be here too. Now she's a big wig. She's a big wig with us here. Thank you all very much. Thank you, robin. Happy birthday. You can get all these recipes on our website but that one right -- I thought it was going to be Charlie's taco Ching. No. No. Let's go to ginger now in new

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and Sara Moulton share their favorite and most popular recipes from over the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35017950","title":"'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Most Memorable Food Moments ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40th-anniversary-memorable-food-moments-35017950"}