'GMA' Anchors Compete in Pumpkin Carving Battle

Who will create the best designed pumpkin and survive the judge's critiques?
3:00 | 10/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors Compete in Pumpkin Carving Battle
Oh, no. One of the best things about halloween is picking out our own pumpkin and carving it. As you can see, somebody has better knife skills than others. We might not look it. We play nice on tv. But the weekend "gma" anchors are competitive. To carve the best pumpkin, one must pick the best pumpkin. Size does not matter, dan. Go back to the baby patch. I got this. The next step, let's get these babies cleaned out. That feels good. No, it doesn't. For some of us, it's a new experience. I've never done it. Let's just say, this is not the rewarding part. I warned you in advance. With that out of the way, we get down to business. Thankfully, pumpkin carving MASTER hugh McMahon is here to give us pointers. I want a mustache here. Now, it's time to cut. Die, pumpkin, die. I decided to go for a little twist on the classic jack-o'-lantern. Since it's my first time, i kept it simple. My design -- well, it's a surprise. I'm going to cut myself. My colleagues are moving slowly. So, I'm just going to make min more elaborate. We'll let the judges decide if that worked, dan. This is your first pumpkin, huh? It shows you have some ability. I have ability. We're looking forward to your second pumpkin. I think you need to explain this. These russian dolls open up. And they open up to smaller dolls. I like the shapes. The only thing I care about, I want you to acknowledge this is better than bianna's. The jury is still out. The jury is out? My inspiration was a recognizable face. But I made an artistic choice by giving mine jewelry. Work on the dimples a little bit. They're earrings. Something I came up with, the same amount of time they had, by the way. I think it's very nice. I think it shows creativity. I like what you did with the pop-out thing. And the mustache. I don't know what I need to comment on more. Ginger coming in at the end with the most elaborate pumpkin ever. Or bianna golodryga's mystifying russian dolls. They're snowmen. I take pleasure in seeing other people shine. I specifically wanted to elevate you guys. Oh. Uh-huh. I like it. Poor jake. I'm sorry. I'm going to work on carving. I don't want to embarrass him. If it wasn't for bianna, i would have lost. So, thank you for bringing those. The jewelry, one step up from russian dolls. I'm going to save bianna and go

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{"id":20690893,"title":"'GMA' Anchors Compete in Pumpkin Carving Battle","duration":"3:00","description":"Who will create the best designed pumpkin and survive the judge's critiques?","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchors-compete-pumpkin-carving-battle-20690893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}