'GMA' Deal and Steals on Holiday Gifts for $20 or Less

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts on jewelry, pillows and more for $20 or less.
3:50 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deal and Steals on Holiday Gifts for $20 or Less
holiday gifts and they're all $20 or less. That's right and what's important about that is $20 or less doesn't mean it's a stocking stuffer. All of these are substantial gifts on their own. Ready. Partnered with all of these brands to bring you great savings. I love this first up from collage.com. You helped me out with this and wrote a note to your son and did it for all your kids. We then took a photograph of it, upload it and then it's printed on a little pouch so you can give somebody a truly personalized gift. I'll give away the price, $14. $14 gift like that. We did photos of your family. George. Softy George calls his daughter Harper doodle and made an I love you pouch for doodle. You can make pouch, pillows, a variety of different sizes and patterns. You have to purchase it and you have three weeks to get it in time for Christmas and time to think of the Christmas and notes you want to write. I love these normally $40 to $75 and slashed that by at least 65%, $14 to 20 bucks for all of these. Okay. A little bling, bling is good. All pave crystal pieces. Leather bracelets with pave crystals. A variety of earrings. She was stunned at these prices too. You will be as well. Yeah, very good. That's very good. Ooh from the crowd an had to give extra. These normally are 42 to $68 and slashed them by 64 and more percent. $15 to 20 bucks. You do love these. Love at first light. Let me give you a little cuticle treatment. Take a little of the soy melted. Put it on the other side. Right there. You rub that in a little bit and rub it on your hands and cuticles. Give you a pro tip. If you are planning to buy an artificial tree for the holidays you must buy the oh Christmas tree scent because your whole home will smell like the authentic pine. How good is ha. I love these because you can use the wax on your skin. Exactly. It keeps me soft and supple. Soft and supple. If you can get soft and supple tore this deal like him buy it. $39 normally slashed by 51%, 19 bucks. Can't beat that. Okay. Aqua hair towels. Anyone good to her hair these are fashion. Turbans and towels. Prevents split ends. As opposed to putting a big bulky towel on your head. Fabulous deal normally depending on the style 18 to 22 and they are's all 9 bucks. Okay. So from our friends at cozy bling and we have some here. Come on over, you guys. We asked them to model them. Hats, scarve, mix or match or do like they did all one color. These are normally 32 to $44 but we've slashed them by 55%. 14 to 20 bucks. Your choice. And I love these young ladies, they just show up to watch the show and end up being models. I love it. Lolo. Huge assortment. The original coolest collection of vinyl bags, a silhouette for every single person. You can no got wrong with these. Normally 24 to 85 and slashed them by 50%. 12 to 20 bucks and everybody is going home with jewelry from Daniella swaebe. You are the best.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts on jewelry, pillows and more for $20 or less. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43595213","title":"'GMA' Deal and Steals on Holiday Gifts for $20 or Less","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deal-steals-holiday-gifts-20-43595213"}