'GMA' Eat It to Beat It: Surprising Calorie Counts at Popular Restaurants

ABC News' David Zinczenko reveals how to pick healthier menu options.
4:09 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Eat It to Beat It: Surprising Calorie Counts at Popular Restaurants
Okay. Yeah Allen on the Saturday that goes back to show us how you rate to challenge now and I your favorite restaurant in its earnings Harrington -- needed to beat -- And today it's all about good and gone bad words can't count those dishes. We're gonna start date when a -- right could be mad about -- -- -- -- restaurant everybody thinks on -- eating solid finish -- I must be eating healthy that there are so many. Food health impostors out there. Here we're -- California Pizza Kitchen and this now looks great it's got thirteen hundred calories and eight for France had been -- -- club. Doesn't corn dog and a half dozen there's been possible way to argue -- is -- that is crazy but. Best cabinet I'm just -- and I'm still. It's basically -- candy and she uses -- so -- California people. Pop up -- -- instead. And then you basically end up. -- -- -- On -- slowed me right this once or -- -- sit here and let Eric keep out of that we're going to Cheesecake Factory. The salmon is picking up because it's healthy because it's embarrassed they went into Cheesecake Factory and it came out a six times -- I don't know yet. You're like the equivalent of this seventeen -- -- is basically. Flags -- mosquitoes. And he backs tend to vote totals -- -- -- -- little thing the rhetoric yeah just this right here and it's so basically when you know you can eat cheesecake back. Okay. He taught us you're going to stage. Another thousand calories so this is not real this is sort of sought to aid in some kind of -- -- correct correct. This is drowned in all -- Cause they're around that I got aquatic OJ Simpson is not always healthy -- not always help you need that nobody needed to be brave thing when green rain. Do you look like they can be -- trucking -- everywhere but I got a chance -- this is the one instance where you want to save your kids you know -- -- the vegetables. Because what we got here is that 12100 calories. Right here in these crispy green beans and -- -- what artists don't. How did ourselves. And a -- of -- of fruit -- you know what I want to anyway. -- -- that dog that he meant one more after that I shots and they want it okay because that's a 103 grams fat the results of that. That -- would have basically have the snap -- and you're gonna and it and look at we're gonna end up saving aren't that. And another nice -- and -- -- Our food supply -- that's all I gotta do look at the last thing more smoothly smooth he's got -- help you lose your job losses this. There's this -- the surf rider city's homeless -- -- I don't know how it's got a 139. Grams of sugar. Head the only you're going to be -- the couch watching midnight movie selections. That's significant snow -- That night -- so if you are a few quarters as a mortality as -- -- you're -- little. Elliott good -- yeah. -- its overt bag. Happy birthday Harry's got eight feet of can't back. And this is the equivalent of -- fascinating gets acquitted eating feed -- candy necklace why would you drink it right. So I had a lot of -- -- yeah. Selling your dominant news. It's your turn -- we want to do instead. This has the strawberry -- -- We'll have this view later today and and you're gonna save me. 599. Lives and says that the eighteen syllables all of my -- fifteen spoonful until they're going to get. -- between this and ask him. Days and they go thank you so much -- saw. Doing anything. The California. And Cheesecake Factory PF -- and John produced all told us that the offer a range of choices on their menus including lower calorie helped purchase options. All right scenario happens and -- we bring you.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":19827786,"title":"'GMA' Eat It to Beat It: Surprising Calorie Counts at Popular Restaurants","duration":"4:09","description":"ABC News' David Zinczenko reveals how to pick healthier menu options.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-eat-beat-surprising-calorie-counts-popular-restaurants-19827786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}