'GMA' Great Car Giveaway Reveals Winner in Tennessee

Find out why Sam Mullins was chosen as the second winner of a new Mazda.
4:03 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Great Car Giveaway Reveals Winner in Tennessee
Day two of our great "gma" car giveaway contest. We asked you to tell us why somebody deserves a new mazda. Thousands of you narrowed. We had to narrow it down to just three. This was corrine from yesterday. She was so excited about winning. Went to her job as a hairdresser. Three jobs she has. It's time to give our second mazda away. Today's location, is mt. Juliet, tennessee, just outside nashville. Our unexpecting winner is sam mullins. Here's the story of a lovely family. Even though we're a blended family, we're so close. And such a tight-knit family. Reporter: With ten children, seven girls, three boys, ranging from ages 20 to 9, they call themselves "the brady bunch," on steroids. And in the driver's seat is their father, sam mullins. My dad, whatever it takes to keep the family going. Whenever I need to talk to him, he has time to talk to me. Reporter: Life hasn't always been easy for sam and his wife, christy. With ten mouths to feed, the family struggles financially. Between them, they make do with one car, a 2003 minivan that has seen better days. It's tough. But he continues to move forward andenjoy. Reporter: The vehicle just isn't safe. No heat. A broken gas gauge. Oil leaks and alignment issues. Sam worries about his family when they're on the road. But the sad reality is, that everyday necessities like water and electricity take priority over a new car. My husband was helping him work on the car. They were putting brakes on the car. Reporter: So, when sam's neighbor heard of our contest, she nominated him. Getting a new car for the mullins family would take the weight of the world off their shoulders. Reporter: This morning, "good morning america" is helping to lift some of that weight and giving a brand-new car to sam mullins and his family. We're all nodding our heads. What a guy, so deserving. Melissa, you look ready to go. Let's do it. I am. I'm so excited. I'm about to knock on sam's door right now. He has no idea how many of his friends, family, neighbors have been a part of making this happen. His wife, christy, has been in on it the whole time. She's inside with him right now. Let's get this surprise started. Oh, no way. Oh, my gosh. Come here. You don't even know what's going on. I know who you are. I have -- my kids are not at school. Over here. I have friends that are going to help me with it. You guys. I need your help right now. Are you ready? Three, two, one. Sam, this is your new car. You may recognize the driver. That is your neighbor, samantha. Your new mazda. My god. It's a beautiful car. Didn't know what in the world. First of all, my kids are supposed to be at school. Details. Look at everybody that's come out to support you. Samantha. Oh, my goodness. Get in your new car. Oh, my god.

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{"id":20934477,"title":"'GMA' Great Car Giveaway Reveals Winner in Tennessee","duration":"4:03","description":"Find out why Sam Mullins was chosen as the second winner of a new Mazda.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-great-car-giveaway-reveals-winner-tennessee-20934477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}