GMA Investigates: Employment Agency Fake Out?

Gio Benitez catches up with a man allegedly involved in a pay-to-work scheme.
3:54 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GMA Investigates: Employment Agency Fake Out?
Back now at 7:40 with "Gma" investigates. This, morning a supposed employment agency. A man taking advantage of people's desperation to find a job. Gio Benitez has the story. ? I have nothing to say. What you're saying is not true. Reporter: You're caught on camera. His name is Marius oliver. Not true. That's your only comment. He may be walking away because of what we've uncovered. Person after person desperately searching for work telling us this man promised them jobs after they paid a training fee. $200. $300. $1250. Reporter: $1250. These three job seekers say they were replying to one of oliver's craigslist ad, this one for security guard work reads "Looking to hire ten guards. Interview today, start tomorrow." Desperation blinded me and that's what happened. Reporter: "Gma" investigates wanted to see exactly what oliver would tell protect spiff clients so we made an appointment. There he is wearing what he claims is a security badge. He quickly asks our undercover producer for money. Oh, yeah, yeah, of course, of course. I brought that. Yeah. So I can get your paperwork going. Here you go, sir. Okay. Now -- What's your name again. Mr. O'neill. I'm a supervisor but he's an ex-con who says he's the supervisor for what authorities call an unlicensed employment agency and owners are unknown. The training is $997 and that's for your security license. You're paid 21.37 an hour. That's full time. Your training is $997 which we need to be paid in full. Reporter: We give him the money and show our video to Julie Mennen, New York City's top cop for consumer affairs investigating him. We are very familiar with Mr. Oliver and other bad arcs in the industry like him. Reporter: I mean he is promising an hourly wage down to the cents. Right, he's promising that there will be a job out there and that is not what employment agencies are allowed to do and also requiring the training. Reporter: So "Gma" investigates caught up with oliver. Mr. Oliver. Hey there. Gio with "Good morning America." How are you? What happened? What kind of business are you running here? What kind of what? What kind of business are you running. Security guard business. Where? Right there. We tell him about that hidden camera video. Pay is $21.37 an hour. That's full time. He denies ever saying that. That's not true? Not true? Really. So you're saying the hidden camera doesn't exist. I'm just saying not true. Really? Because we have it on camera. But not true. Anything else? He says he does not promise people jobs and that all that cash is only for training. But Mennen says even that's illegal. How do you sleep at night knowing that these people who need jobs aren't getting those jobs? First of all, I have nothing to say. What you're saying is not true. You're caught on camera. I'm not on camera. You sure are on camera. I'm on camera now. And you are on camera at the office meeting with that gentleman. Not true. Not true. That's your only comment. For "Good morning America," gio Benitez, ABC news, New York. Wow. Unbelievable. And gio tells us the training course to become a security guard could cost less than $100 and those job seekers in the piece that you just saw never got a job, never got their money back and here's a big tip, be suspicious of an employment agency that wants you to pay anything up front. Always make sure they are licensed. That's the big sign. If they want money up front. You know, people are just -- they want a job. They're desperate. And people take advantage of that.

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{"id":24481852,"title":"GMA Investigates: Employment Agency Fake Out?","duration":"3:54","description":"Gio Benitez catches up with a man allegedly involved in a pay-to-work scheme.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-investigates-employment-agency-fake-24481852","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}