GMA LIVE! (01.02.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Elizabeth Vargas From Times Square.
16:20 | 01/02/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.02.13)
You know I just -- that they had me in the -- day. That's like the last shot and pretty ties -- -- this -- what -- what -- -- not a times. Now we have all hang out this innovative. Otherwise it -- 2013. -- happy news out. Okay. Bradley spending would you guys I'm. -- normally this is favorite moments in the morning however since we just back from our New Year's break. There are moments of the New Year's break and I do think we all need to turn our eyes once more back to meet yummy. Sao -- -- reunion where our big boy Samuel. Area. The mom and. Great shots of -- a great. It's I've ever seen our Lara Spencer was they are on the scene when Florida losing and I. I have to I was in Miami -- did not stay for the party as we both kids and no media center. -- -- five boy were they happy it was beautiful weather down there we were there. For the New York version up they just don't they don't want to and and I don't blame him out there on their honeymoon so if you're looking for Sam. Don't bother. Yeah he's enjoying. His new marriage really is -- tough sanctions unleashing -- Speaking. It must be something. -- -- -- -- -- control room can damage the kidneys cam now. Hello Denise how audio. I'm no no don't wave when that handmade. And. Yeah some days you guys here and there in your great home city and Kansas City, Missouri that -- -- city of fountain CD do it by one of the fountain. Kansas City when -- give. I really hasn't he really aren't totally surprised me we're going and it's that we had dinner in many of the whole thing it is just us and it was. Perfect while cracking. There may have been a key to your job that's Graham had a -- -- are -- gonna be beautiful bride. -- -- the country of. I thought about it -- I have seen entering and I -- that Medicare I -- The last hour film we've maxed. He should not do means it's fair to -- I think she likes her men. You know and Xiamen painting. Because I was unclear you pay you very pleased and he wouldn't. -- -- Dress and you've seen that you will you be calling New York City home in case we will be calling New York City our that's correct in saying good. Can we reduce the value of congratulations that's very seriously and on the ground rather. A lot of. You know that's -- We're sorry and I speaking of meteors about to hear how you well -- rang and I actually we know how you dead yeah. Great job of -- All praise thread I guess I just love seeing you when you have a -- in your live in -- not -- him not to ESPN. You guys are great team and her story we -- so glad to see her there and help. -- I get the text. -- everything this is evidently are the corner of Orange grove in Colorado. And lesbian Southern California -- -- -- while. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if she knows that she knows it -- -- accident prone shields -- is given yes. -- -- -- So I thought really nothing of it until you might -- -- and we -- and a lot of first and second degree burns especially from her really the mid torso. He was working with the propane grill. At home. And she thought -- gone out she went to -- to begin. And propane especially wintry air heavier than air so it doesn't just a little silly to cities and says she limiting him -- blew the doors off the -- notices -- -- neighbor is some distance from their house after her neighbor flooding tree had fallen on his. How my -- -- loud and disrupted the explosion was well -- sit -- right there I have to tell you and shall be the first to say it. We we saw some pictures on the show today she's lucky she's a very very lucky woman. -- but still suffered some severe burns. It burned essentially all the hair off her face both the US or Canada -- -- has often had to pull over shirt off the left hand she's a lefty. -- trying to douse the flames but I tell you what she's got three wonderful children one of them was home. It was right there are not 11 was called very funny once the first responders got there. Her eldest daughter actress and model might go back and -- my homework now Saddam now but us rehab rehab rehab and said. She wanted -- this trip it's a big trip for -- -- are inherently in this here and she loves going and going seven California wanted to get her kids there. Got her kids there -- phenomenal job. And if you happen to be a lot done and watching from love to partner and and nominal -- He would have never known it just so happy and never -- -- she said it's funny she sat when the makeup artist. With a brush stroke put that one driver of that constant I want and a hundred you know. Cried tears of joy to be going to be a road back for her. Tight election is that running up again this shouldn't have to work full time it has been well she's gonna do I think sports and on this same course and advanced -- big national title game in Miami and Alabama Notre Dame on Monday and -- I think. And I think we're just they're -- see that a worker. It's not a lot of small injuring -- not at all but I'm -- points and meaning you guys listen. I -- was tell people that big difference about what we do. -- Whitman frankly every morning to make happen and why didn't he -- her but she is a much different. It is always so much you can -- -- spectacle -- on. I mean with her yesterday it was the first time anything could touch interface so. Listen. Everybody's opinion and that's what's important. Can we out this gorgeous now how you spent. New -- with your kid and your husband I assume he went to see me actually a New Year's Day and New Year's -- we went out for a nice little tennis classic no life sentence. What -- so sad that's -- you didn't know. Actually exotic is is that this -- -- I'm actually looking to you we have a truth. Folks. -- I know well -- -- of our guest this morning and by the way you can. Well let's explained in these cities controlled companies came into my dressing room before it GM starting time I'm just FYI you're on stand by Elizabeth feels so sad -- and -- -- -- -- aren't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was here on Monday. So those of you who -- here on Monday morning there are are lacking the but no no I can't get much better and are so that we we went to out to dinner and then. And especially a lot of families work is my boys are nine -- they wanted to statement that I couldn't get to that. I mean what -- that matter what I was like okay 10 o'clock am going to -- now they have about how many died seriously how often. -- on the weekends do you -- that night. More may not it's a rumor. I -- to 10 PM yeah it's 1010 -- -- while not a death. -- -- problem with homeland when it was on Sunday nights from ten to eleven isn't such a huge fan of that no DVR you couldn't do -- got out. Yeah I thought I was lying in bed knowing how to get up and -- here what would you guys tomorrow morning and it would know it was carrying. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the boys under New -- yeah I got them off hats and noise makers in the 2013 -- -- -- -- You want your -- we had just neighbors over that's always my feelings India bring import everybody and so many don't have any -- -- and I have so it's the whole neighborhoods you've been up there it's a -- Zero. That is not to be missed I don't know I imagine this is -- because and let's say midnight happens everybody's in -- raucous -- I'm sure out of here at the household. The great thing about -- -- -- house is that it then turns into a 7-Eleven. Have you or if you what I mean you go into her freezer for industrial strength and size freezer. Every single delicious. And the white castle burger and -- real dog and French bread pizza -- always. Is. He's doing little. I always have stuff like that in there yeah. Breaking out a lot of you -- you with a castle -- -- -- -- every bit. Got a couple tweets at some blood to save some early hours from her husband David -- -- shipments and 7-Eleven yeah. At the dining and we -- we -- great great time and we didn't they get the kids stay up to gusting up till midnight and that every person that's the first time -- loved him. I -- did not I'm couch watching the bond dropped his priest song I do understand some breaking news -- Jamie alive we now have. The first photograph of mr. Denise there yeah. Eleventh god. Hansen dam home what is wrong. And then I understand that there's been gobbled angry that he does in fact the fact -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- This -- and that is. And testing -- what you hear a lot of that's. Terror affect us Rooney he's opening a restaurant or anything he has the voice and -- Let's go moving on that I. I don't know stretched. Drag. I don't all right hey I think -- reacting. It's an impending nuptials to he's -- and his -- What -- morning good morning I understand Andrew I would say that -- it was Sam and avenues. I think I should be next could look at -- see this thing you're not -- -- A string alive but we -- out well hosted this is the -- Only -- -- Arnold anyway -- -- get it anyway yeah. And we asked people how -- view. Breathe. In the new year. I look at -- from first night Boston Nancy they want to see the fireworks. A lovely night at home for these girls. With a high the president made dinner and then take a look at that's our friend Katie and then then. That's right and I I think it did best this -- family friendly entertainment that he hadn't right what a fun night for -- figure high. And that we -- -- -- fuel break January -- back. What's your resolution missed -- CK US side -- debate about the possible. What is your. Resolution. My route -- -- any media ready to be -- I don't tell us very specific and. Viewers thought about sleep more sleep seven hours -- -- to I'm trying to commit to a seven hours of -- that's a -- one and that's you know you you might actually -- back. I find -- there are difficult to keep. Used to make really lofty resolutions that I always thought let's loser by January. Totally broke NN I -- keep them Mary -- I'm I'm joke but to be the best mediocre is not yeah. What I resolving it and I really am I'm leaving a little bit. Why I'm working out a little bit more and I am really into this thing went down on GMA jumpstart. January and I think -- I don't you know I think I just wanted to. Look like Tracy Anderson frankly I'm sure you don't have to look like you -- goodness gracious she -- that woman has a twelve pack for yeah. Painting and and and how he believes she's accused only challenge. Like -- she's almost as based what I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Business -- -- I just got a -- -- -- -- take your time. I don't hanging. -- -- -- -- Everybody tissue donor country Anderson has has worked the hottest spots in Hollywood and one ultra -- -- Incredible Honolulu burning -- really -- and you heat and yes I. It didn't seem like -- parent. -- In my mind goodness look and penny hasn't gotten -- unit Buchanan's. I wouldn't touch her hair and knew what she is -- naive yeah. We color petty all of the -- my mom because their capability. Hi penny his I have -- Samuel and I -- I would -- call him sandy. You always yeah. I love it again -- Alexander yeah you do you look at you you heard about maybe -- little -- that I do you have any. Yes she's here or not she's not -- the last vestiges of toddlers and this is agreed it goes on myself that I now know and marries her or his want to snatch company. -- -- It's a Trace while we grew and -- hasn't viewer questions Fauria in the show we didn't get to -- money from now ask. And remain as you see this is what she -- And she eat something before ruling party if she got what's -- good -- worked out snacks and -- how long should not how long should she allow for -- A working out right you know it's and I raise you metabolism kind of went yeah after a month yeah 30 minutes each morning eat your bigger -- after an M why -- still burning preferably but. But thirteen thirty minutes department and you need it -- -- go longer and the longer you can perform the more that a man -- assortment of baby up until I do I. You every time a regular Saturday April -- lottery pitted dates in my -- mix with toothpicks in my well in the state which is -- -- Totally -- begin protein powder and a better be careful -- -- -- you don't want any -- -- extra protein isolates a lot of us in there really. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah a lot of them would have -- -- it's funny that the milk thirteen you know not my favorite I'm getting really taking. -- Medicare with a pragmatic but they're good they're great because they give you protein you're not you don't have a protein powder in Vienna Virginia and I -- -- a little green yelled back. Do you you know you could be -- -- -- -- -- -- At midnight too much -- diet I have Biden makes is that my favorite thing I love the heat do you think you can -- like. You know a -- anything -- you -- you all kinds of things that could just make change your putting things into your safe and I highly caloric that aren't. There are gay and make you know that. Haven't been super process you know you don't when -- sure everybody in the fridge like KO EL -- -- -- like I'm the exact. I don't matter what I don't ask why are. I honestly -- account greens movie is amazing like doing any running reality Newington Connecticut but cheesy but not a lot of universities to be an effort to go to the it is given to the -- and then -- twenty minutes into it you get a little blood -- get a -- it's too bad idea -- threatening your performance isn't so great for -- -- -- what I think. Neither of whom solely actually isn't terrible thing -- many times it can't actually send that. Thank you we need are charging you -- a jump started you got us going to -- out of anger. There are all -- an easy thank you learn. It'll start you -- he -- -- -- -- yeah a lot of good day. Currently -- tips on Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! -- we thank you so much -- -- -- I -- the only entire I always. Here GMA extraordinarily low being 9:15 eastern standard each and every morning happy new year -- -- -- And.

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