GMA LIVE! (01.04.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Josh Elliott, Ginger Zee and Elizabeth Vargas From Times Square.
15:09 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.04.13)
-- -- We need a partnership -- Am I meanwhile has. She is struggle. There will always happen. My own instead and I not -- Oh no I'm glad she did but she's going to be the most -- -- stop him if he was wearing no. Daddy aren't now I'm really look okay. Walking their heroes standing by his -- Thank you very -- a lovely parting gift. -- -- -- -- -- these bacteria -- a lovely seeing auto relaxing our people were alive I accidentally got. So there's no wrapping me because I don't think -- -- -- -- of -- upstairs I didn't. I have -- here we'll might be another Howard thing I've got my job. Here by the way he's not talking literally we all have these earbuds in -- area made that allowed us to hear control -- It -- to hear -- Already they have stopped -- -- ever gonna happen. Elizabeth Vargas -- -- the yet another phenomenal program I would. Have to say before we get over there and you springer trolling the Internet for dinner date we -- directly to hang on the. It is fair to say and drew from that of all the wonderful. Cracker Jack television we did today. The making segment -- I believe. However momentarily broke Twitter and not for good reason. All all time -- -- -- -- and unanimous I had never been dating to not. -- piece of clothing more than me has had wondered briefly hit us. K nobody got time -- that. Saturday around accent isn't -- another word for long underwear yeah. And it wouldn't read this and what's next -- moving across for men yeah -- from abroad via the ground zero hair the president aero. And you what do you have CS and other selected. Get us there yet so -- -- first -- we got a lot to catch up with and get your house how does the trolling are we are do you have a day. Well I have one one lady. One lady greeted me is that -- was too young -- -- -- by the through -- Yeah money 525. -- you can rent a car that's exciting everything they can remain right then whether it was telling me before the show that maybe -- my clothing. Nothing that I live -- -- making -- -- his lungs and maybe it's what flannel. Did the flannel saying it looks he -- -- flannel Friday night that. Like you slept didn't have made any minute -- I'm a lot of the talking about there's room that there's something like Williamsburg hipster Obama and -- I absolutely appreciate you and again and again got laid -- -- out. I bet -- -- anyway do we got we -- this morning what's outside your window. And that our good friend pat in Montreal and -- this picture the snow up there. Snow on the ground and Rochester it doesn't seem like anybody is having a sunny day now. -- and I'm ginger is. -- -- affects them -- -- -- as well ahead the thing first Christmas post Christmas stormed out an extra -- back to you guys should know that he's got to change her. Make up facts known as ginger like -- excited and cannot stand we. It is I'm from west Michigan. Home nine Lexus hybrid power of the sun and not just feeling halogen lamp. I -- -- what else got so we -- so we ask what's outside your window. And our friend Danielle New Jersey pleaded that she would get up but she can't because -- -- her dog. Ran back to our head of the day this this little one right here tiger Lily is being Foster infant up for adoption. Entirely -- production injured the complete need to be. They've got to consider adopting a little -- you is that she she she looks really -- -- sweeter and now. He does he -- boxer -- and perform other goals. -- -- three against the head start with a heart the heart out of Atlanta on Sunday as a little. That's not listen had a nice season another lately there's not here because that's not what -- -- have a home. -- would join the Arizona twenty million restaurant at 7-Eleven right. Bob and hand you have yourself a merry little weekend -- -- -- and hey everybody in the past eight spring and why it's. If carried out you're just get your -- human. -- -- -- He's bringing and then he's been I don't think yes Maggie has yet but we do have a Paul let me cut out I want -- to thanks for you on the hill but. How people feel about this in numbers that's I would get -- yet to go vote. You can go and ask you yes in that fashion equality for all or no way leggings are only for women. Students and results weren't easy you're there for women shouldn't yeah. -- the next 14% say fashion -- prop 86%. -- You know what I -- 14%. Of them seriously because you should not be operating a moving vehicle no problem seriously -- 14% think that I should win millions -- yeah. Basic and other -- -- where we -- You can still vote so you can still weigh in on this very important topic Good Morning America that come on capitol. Already you know the making this rock to better. If -- January. Has been -- -- jump started me. And to help us continue the jump start lasting 22 more days look at -- yeah. Well. -- you know what -- -- around here somewhere how I want yeah. I -- when it brings a whole new level from the let's -- -- We and we. We hadn't of the day is actually Chris has been doing it for two hours trying to get us either -- you did -- look how far she's moving there are also highly. Ultimately downhill or cross country for us and super -- my guys and I'm really looks like fun it was a blast yeah. It -- I know that those moves that you were doing things the heartburn yeah it's it's -- -- agility coordination steam powers -- times did you notice all week long. Chris and again that seems we've gotten a Harley Pasternak yesterday the first week of January. If you're a -- on -- busy town -- absolutely. But. What's been the reaction thus far just in these first few days. As we. As we approach 2013 with a vigor and you know then and here's a -- like I appreciate these people wanting to jump in full -- at the same time. That's one of the one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is that I'm gonna run up -- did you 45 minutes ago. With a new one hour when he finds small meals they're making these huge promises that they just -- -- put themselves. I was struck by something that whenever big weight loss champions said that she was -- one little bit at a time and after well when you see take effect if you feel so much better. Think he can keep you going right you feel so discouraged that. The secret to transformation. -- -- instead of instead trying to tackle hold the right. Just try removing soda from lunch right now just like eating breakfast from drinking more water than those -- -- I was -- you guys. That little bit that first step is everything and once you know you've got that -- down. They make another promise to yourself that the one common denominator among all those incredible transformation that we saw over the last few days I mean jaw dropping transformations every single one of them said. I started -- home. Yeah otherwise yesterday I have to tell -- -- from -- Myself -- had to do a few less cars and -- and then I am an upstanding you know getting extra trash can just eating a couple. Couple bites -- and the. Yeah -- yeah. Are not alone and that you're not alone in yes and that's everybody who makes his overblown commitments. Here you can in the depriving themselves of the Wisconsin next biggest mistake I see people making depriving themselves now -- we're talking about a lifestyle you shouldn't be good things that you enjoyed eat in moderation moderation and -- -- -- absolutely. Funny I was we -- we're talking earlier in the week I gained a lot of weight when I was in college. I'm never coming home from college after one year by the look of astonishment -- -- -- -- my parents face everybody. You know home -- -- -- that you go home Thanksgiving go on Christmas and you know -- I was a sophomore forty hello. I I've got two homers and I -- -- I was I guess I would I -- more than that I did when I was nine months pregnant each of my pregnant no wallflower and -- I want that way -- been -- been missing weight since -- in the 24 it took me years to lose at all but I love slowly and steadily by just making -- you know sort of probably too -- -- change. -- that's perfect circle while you're doing is right there's no reason why. I think a full year to do my transformations Brazilians -- think that this kind of tightening economy they -- -- Never have to jump and -- and ninety -- -- outbreak that's life that's what you -- that's not transformation and -- -- -- 17% intention. Not to view this process with the guilt not to make these negative. These negative motivate -- absolutely -- the positive. -- and it's it's when you start to feel shame around and you know cravings and stuff like that that's when they control it's at any time that you find yourself hiding way to fight -- people. Not a good sign. I think how many people in the weight loss to if people trying to do this for him when he talk about hurting towns like an addiction and we talk about the people who work. Eating to cover their sorrow or that things -- -- -- they spent only along thinking okay what do you Wear my -- he has had not yet. Not you're spot on. There is -- a true addictive nature to a lot of he's just a Little League -- -- and that's why really what what we knew when we help people -- transformation it's rehabilitation. Because they're feeling is it is it. An alternative to convert it to me it's with Vanessa -- -- -- who becomes comfort for us so it's very natural for us to reach for it and sometimes -- to overdo it -- Chris it has been -- that means we guys. Dreaming of weight loss edition a phenomenal show every time we see him these -- one better than the next -- -- caring leashes if you're not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You the most beautiful son I've ever seen -- I promise I'll bring those little man Isaac from jump start studded jumpsuits. There -- some story. Other yeah I don't even understand this it's it was a Friday play in the day that you know this is. This was primarily the planet is so yesterday I try to not broken -- The failure doing real good thank you. I don't have got -- apparently. Let me then ask me like she say thank you for not taking my hat off on -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. -- We have heard three. -- yeah. -- -- I think its -- of what I think. We haven't played -- Extra we -- the extra -- yes we do a menace and we -- okay. Thank you think yourself just how could you possibly top inflatable -- it. But I don't know how but we're gonna try take a look at a baby happy as can be. Investigated let me tell a lot of the vacuum on. I can't see what's happening it was just in the McVeigh was immaculate planning. Over the -- and say it is -- -- monitor it and. -- -- -- Well I. It's. The. I mean for us like you know fiscal cliff it's like things overseen high and the -- -- the excellent for the dust buster it's all right it's already it would end it was okay. He's like yeah I heard that. I didn't ask her skirt that was a shot at a time without -- mom and the public we haven't Oscar announcement as well acting studio Lara and -- we have to think about Mary. Very ask all of bound by any -- an announcement about the Oscars there's going to be an added twist tell us shaken and stirred cocktails at Hollywood's biggest party together for. And if it Academy Award include a tribute to James son of a -- sports. The longest running the franchise in history which is celebrating -- -- -- its fifteenth anniversary this year. If the world is not enough for the most famous found a planet media birthday gift from Oscar will be right. That's -- and of course here on ABC Sunday. Be -- 24 really quick let's particularly with -- -- one. I have to -- I was a sportswriter and my former life. And was inspired by many of the greats including. A Bay Area legend of trader -- well here is I don't. I don't know how you came from Brad might not -- a little. Hosted by. This -- episode introduce yourself please two of the Internet. I'm married if rat out of there. My interest here and now would get big -- it was phenomenal I was I was gonna tell you she's -- -- I want to give you I think he -- after the shot and ask your address -- and send you some -- -- to go. I think anybody here about the -- Hopefully we have parting gifts for all of our lovely studio audience. -- seriously Meredith thanks for coming -- ticket and you guys thank you read. Why didn't your mother of your life you're -- like the giants 49ers -- -- -- guy -- terrible thing but. Murdered and where almost one now. On GMA lively want to thank you guys as always for joining us we're gonna take I 48 hour or so great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She'll have she'll have the latest on lake effect snow. Bringing happiness and all sorts. -- it'll we'll see you back -- not injured. 15 eastern yeah.

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