GMA LIVE! (01.16.13)

Charlie Sheen joins Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion on "GMA Live!"
14:25 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.16.13)
Good Morning America -- -- you know. You all and in your role in Omaha weighs in there's kangaroo in matters you know what I regime and their -- and tenors -- -- handling his commitment to stand wearing in the hot seat as the miracle and that's a Wednesday and literally today. That's -- Wednesday John -- everybody. I celebrating that -- -- and I manage and -- in the last season. The as the only season Lafayette 10 and once we go on the air were on the air for good health and I -- -- Megan Callahan. It's like a real long and -- -- -- -- talked about comments in the Delaware don't want rain you know things around and yes -- enemy and you guys. How did you find that the -- -- this in people this is never like a real. Regular working hours here holding a kangaroo -- That's what what what -- -- this morning let me you know -- jumping on it since it's trial -- fire actually it's a pretty exciting that does not assignment over think it did not. -- at first valujet said you know I don't know about live at the end you -- like -- -- -- as -- I don't know if -- -- yeah it's gone can't watch him go now we'll see now where we're actually -- -- hello to the Internet Charlie Bell and hand them. Yeah this alert because our show on on twenty mile off -- -- on Yahoo! -- we find is that GMA. Dot And place -- GMA dot Yahoo! dot. Com slash live here and if you have found this congratulating -- -- because we are they hidden gym and on the Internet and a lot of people found us on FaceBook in fact a million lights and we thank you so much -- Yeah yeah. Major yeah. -- I am sorry. I have 8000100 or eight million a million on FaceBook to go tomorrow if you know it's -- -- follow -- on this show I don't know 38. That you've had an interesting relationship between -- you right now where the two of the naval million in the room from around the world records and -- was -- -- about that you know. Nothing happened and piano and the most NA NA NAM eastern time and didn't you can you just cancel that one you know finally start I I I just nice guy -- It wasn't going where wanted to help them down kind of on the blog and then started back up because -- -- yelled -- -- a lot of people. I don't handle online -- -- man I'll ask your heating and had parents like sort of anonymous and people can really have not -- yes I don't know. How do you I mean when somebody in the when you pick up the Twitter one day and somebody's really -- -- how do you handle that -- dressed. -- -- -- I the united news and since it's their moments and -- and they're doing them a voice like I buy I suppose that some -- while Wal-Mart responded Donald's in Norwich and I don't think you know -- a good. Maybe I mean it's -- 140 characters the the fastening the it is you can connect anybody who joins an already there why -- and why isn't on her -- by an -- and LA I don't know. Advani and exercise of brevity and -- a guy who does like to correct punctuation I -- Jennifer -- I'm not -- -- I'm common -- -- actually correct you on your tax errors that happen -- and I am -- it's that diplomatic -- in my fourth grade who I would leave a note from my mother and it would semi colon -- I'm down the street Senecal and. After eight months in Trinidad then hammered -- on the ground guy bad guy on our camera guy here. My -- Grammer guy now get by the -- triggered put on the Sunday finest for Charlie. I didn't deserve their children remaining looked away again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- examining get a -- It's I didn't -- -- it's a little it's a little you know beaver and everything like you know has found that on Dallas. Finding out what we have we've got a lot we believe we now I wanted to ask Charlie yes assuming you're asking wins best. Britain's prince Hector -- and part of our area commander -- -- -- -- an American -- I think I'll thank you thank you. Yeah stick -- -- but thank you know I love you read done anyway my man thank you dating advice have been trying to get a date here on -- -- What do you recommend. To get -- -- personal advice or -- -- -- Charlie opened with -- While I would allow yeah but but here's the abuse until you only have a 135 characters -- -- It made -- -- getting leaving getting tweets and the most asked question we hear we you have new goddesses. I don't have now you don't and I -- now -- -- -- that's floral. Yeah how do you want as one yes yes yes -- Jones. Please -- Jones you don't -- -- we have good news right now are rattling on there and talked about another hundred on the other than not she's she's fattest. The rumor have a law that provides a singular not a yes yes yes I cannot I got angry here he's got down and you're -- -- -- like Elmer had deal was not yet again this -- on the ground and it doesn't quite simply put there. You're talking about your movie -- yes and they because only -- about your film career kind of fan. How that working with Omar it was it was amazing he's a pretty intense guy he's not all fun and jokes like he expects. Let me yeah he's he's even a moment diseases and then if you like that didn't. Very yeah it's so -- to work with him once again. It's really cool guy and I'm not getting other phones and on the -- -- I think Andrew struck many machete to. Yes and I mean scary five did feel a -- here. -- came down -- -- what I did it's it's good to have you back it's clearly it would we knew we needed it is you mentioned the red -- They don't -- -- the classics people read on let me read don's dad and I angle and now I can remember what the weather was like the afternoon nice -- -- -- that's on the -- is -- varying. What what is your favorite on the Iran route want to know what was your favorite film that you made a good question wow -- It was time to commercial I'm. I guess its final I was laughing I think regular gas tax -- -- good -- have so. Definitely need look let's not debate the baseball film Major -- now. Is it's on the it's on the very short list of previous -- of all around me down and and isn't the only straight up comedy brilliant and it's probably heard the talk of a third of their should really yeah now we should look at this thing happen let's take -- -- -- I had the trilogy I think if -- -- -- And then Alaska to -- it. If you could change anything what would you do over. Our friend Tressel wanted to know -- -- Twitter fans follower. -- that night -- I'm not I'm not much admits it's it's been such a great ride and I'm so grateful -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They have to I think it's where we -- the sum total -- all those experiences the matter only you know. Yeah indeed. Yeah. What will chime in if we get more tweets trying to get a knowledge yeah like -- Here right the album get a date -- -- a day -- the end of the day we didn't. Police have not happened but did you -- that's hijack yes. So and spit it out there we want to hear from you. So what's a lot -- -- that you guys can you show me where they aired there it is right up there on the screen. Your -- -- they -- right about Charlie Sheen roll but you're -- about and what you'll love is -- right there aren't a lot of -- anger management. This is it that other program that he was a part of once upon a time is -- major lead. If Wall Street -- -- a good -- -- and everything might be hot shots I am though I am gonna write in red Don I'm -- I'm changing my life I'm writing thank you. It's already on the Horizon League play -- -- -- goes on could. On top and Charlie said that and and ending up. We have some pop for its preferred for -- I love you yeah DuPont fracture your great Chiming in today during a shout about it CD yet I'm on the West Coast Good Morning America you great part of nicely McConnell yeah you can there be a legitimate political Moneyline and we do have a big gaming news -- don't. Congratulations -- John you know how they are they're going to burn hey aren't an apparent. A second -- parents actually no ally Asia I was born. Friday in Los angeles' Big Brother Zachary two years old couple that -- Now I now really such a happy family and the couple is quote overwhelming happiness. And that the birth of their second son completes there and let alone second primarily. -- -- Mop top ones -- mood and grandfather by that I that is on your next I unity and no. He got no now I mean you are going to a Belgian honorees are I had. And -- forty. We'll have -- a note from not was -- -- -- yeah. I don't have a plan to dance for today's player today was actually really is my favorite OK and I now. -- Charlie by the -- very much Natalie actually no baseball the body minus MO yes Santa Monica high school club and soccer. Sport I -- we both love. This is the most adorable interruption to a soccer game you're ever going to see take a look at this this is a couple of I believe Turkish ball clubs -- -- Their opinion nevertheless. I'd have to stop -- Yes I don't know I -- and that. -- well. If we need get a loved the feel there's -- to take you home. Wait now until golden get into a sports arena and get on the field. I was sitting on its credit on I don't know -- I don't know here's what's -- Nobody seems and -- you real rush to get him off the field now. -- -- They are wrong thing. Soccer you get your take a break here that happy is played out -- -- Harada had an announcement while you just look at sounds I'm quite happy. It's a nice little human story and -- -- feel good Charlie showed we have soccer injury. No we're gonna keep bachelor's student -- count -- -- that's just send that was Roger -- and -- -- -- now you know I'm still isn't. It's like why did we say not -- military group -- -- no. -- -- and yes some fun fact he's I'm -- I'm holy -- -- -- Last season when they might not have to speak it is Josh -- noted Jack and his posse. And so tell us here can take them at. Sheriff's about -- -- function. She is an eastern -- -- -- -- she's the second largest species. When she's full -- -- probably be about all fortified feet tall they don't I mean having dinner he. You know kangaroos -- dumped -- like squirrels and -- and -- they are. Another red tailed deer that are around here they're really common people see him all over the place. Julia exciting now are they nice to people are being mean to people want to have a lot more right to climb in the foot they do you're exactly right and a big claw on the back -- -- -- here that they. You know fight with each donor but right now kangaroo who. How you got out they don't worry about as long as she and her Nazi is feces pretty happy into Louisiana ones want that money -- Com. I can take out a -- -- -- that's dot but they all -- -- the ball and it's really got an excellent and you've got the weapon that he possesses today. So that -- happy happy happy and we -- my breath freshener yeah. 'cause apparently I don't know -- -- -- -- very bad behavior Charlie -- years of vitamin and with so this still claims to be life transforming -- break. It says it will help you look and feel Canadian at an instant I'm not sure what that means -- here at this animal -- -- there is waiting. If you miss your mouth does that count in the gonna burn out of yeah. Come from. It's not a guy who did guys we have also we have the clock golly I'll quote. Now -- pledged here. And then the one you're pulling race here a disagreement on -- -- they're not that -- What do you like our databases. Is like a home second night this is like if so this is like a Swiss Army knives -- initially she walks around wants -- army. Ingrid you are the sweetest little thing and thank you very lovely. Room and -- Like I'm sharpening well yeah yeah yeah -- and -- in five -- Josh Elliott and come into real I'll try not. I'm -- dynamic grant you I'm Jennifer I did his clothes nothing that expands. And Sam fully Canadian and I might say look and -- today -- you really -- drop some water line and I don't I'm not that -- you have worked out its we have heard while arguing that we CN. Do we see Sam and preliminary I don't know why. I junior -- did this story today about how this new work out where supposed. Continually be sweating it's a little like a wet -- has joints so you can -- and -- I'm not sure that it's. That it you don't have good Mueller who answered you on here yeah -- -- it and I really did ask him really look like -- I think you would about a mile journey and I -- -- whatever feature I would -- -- under something -- chorus yeah why don't hide it looks bad -- to. You would not shooting took advantage of -- at that point I mean is he said it is there's a girdle unit aspect. -- the reason. But it looks like you're ready to make -- -- rescue which you can on Saturday morning. NBA center -- -- ma yeah Bernard ever stand in her whereabouts did that but it can and -- like you're about to give it like Jack. The couple -- that one more time pentagon standout Anthony -- I we go before we leave. Can I just say Charlie Sheen you have been joy and with all morning long and relatively every moment you released it then that's really -- -- -- daily news. His entourage visited her star studded GMA life I really don't wow that's how you know -- -- morning everybody named Mario. -- -- -- Incredibly easy and again I think everybody is one -- and --

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