GMA LIVE! (01.17.13)

Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer check out Tory Johnson's money-saving deals and steals.
16:45 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.17.13)
-- -- She's on the camera work on camera camera in an extra hand this is GMA alive he managed to find is as Good Morning America dot com backs last -- I. I don't have to tell you that -- because you. So just tell your friends and can't fight India not easy to once you do -- First you know I want -- -- you wanna say hello to Bob rarely home. Why they're they're friends of my dear friend Jeff -- of this of -- pickles and despite all of that they have -- Angus eve Nickels is joining us today. What a lovely audience and friends. Great sound and -- by another show I mean again like you know what we have alligators come and you know -- -- how he broke -- -- -- Now I imagine I would in the studio -- all. At a news upcoming. See. Bradley is paying a lot and they get in trouble because they're so sweetness of trusting however these two managed to not punitive can be panic. -- lunged at Lara. That I -- our -- luncheon five's congratulations second season of sea rescue for Sam. Just felt -- twice the episodes -- for this season and -- results. -- -- really good to -- when you're down in Florida rescuing wildlife and today and usually under -- when I'm not Medicare -- -- I am Monday found ancient ice on Mars maybe there's some. The agency rescue maybe you can go interplanetary. Sea rescue next. Season again every Saturday mornings check your local listings he -- greets town and you -- an important as Daniel. We -- we've got a lot to get to hear public. Just -- you wanna go right over to the spring. And your I didn't -- yeah. -- bonded with Charlie I. And and I am quite frankly that's not how initially. He was unsure about your names like whoever -- the -- is that is that -- -- either sent. But they're not our priorities are -- what I want to let you -- anybody I want to let you. You don't have your own relationships jobs. You do and it's great -- were so happy boy and you you're going to be happy tightening may want to get the message was edited -- -- -- -- -- Which is just revise any more of all he needs to get. Or by calling Todd -- Arnold yeah OK so this -- -- -- message but I got -- really great message on FaceBook from our friend James and he said. I wanted to thank you for restoring the positive attitude back in the news. I love it it it makes me feel and you better homework keep up the great job -- and what we do as we make people smile and we we start them off right that we ask people with morning. What makes you smile. And our friend Janet sent in this little picture of her daughter she's making -- -- have. And we go to the next one McMillan. And this is show. -- anything. I got out all Lara and then -- And then let's go to pollen dog lover I love that. Because at Yankee girl -- -- -- she says my daughter because she makes -- see the world -- better place. Good. But my but what it -- you smile that was our big social but we're human just like you I'll Syrian camp and -- a little -- -- -- -- -- -- Makes me smile about it that we -- -- explain it. Grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet sue the -- off from the -- -- and -- eastern 12 central Pacific and half left that was established late ultimately is reminiscent the next Internet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God -- some props seriously her -- -- is -- so user friendly if I just started cooking. And it's unacceptable and the recipes there's not a -- there. Some not having heard and it's really Monticello home we have Alan here's what. We have on the show today actually was known -- well you know you sixty OK we also -- a drug company. Shrinkage of the subway sandwich oh that's a good story when -- long as. Yeah because that's all Andrew why aren't you all over this because that's all I had an. This subway sandwich scandal -- measurements have -- -- it actually isn't that why not twelve inches yet another -- yeah. Great picture with a guy and I Australia. And he posted -- visual -- hey yeah and it got something like. 600000 common. Reserve -- there's something -- don't have the specific figure you -- -- finding it's good that our social media producer doesn't have specific a year and so as well let me. Oh OK and Eddie -- a lot Charlie right now. Child. You know -- down. The only thing you need to know if it -- had a million fans on FaceBook. I and. I've got a lot of -- that's right. We talked about what makes this body it's interesting because it feels like that obviously the news cycles are just -- -- -- but right now the. There's a lot of deception. In the news right now there's a lot there you everywhere you look you know what can you believe what you know we spoke about today increasingly. -- in this online world what is real who knows and that actually is Sam's hair. Yeah question -- people ma'am -- were you concerned that this might not be my real hair. Now but it might not be the actual color -- And certainly -- ordinarily -- really well. Good we -- and now and now one of us is. Is not usually you are -- one of us is still -- but I want was blond to have that child now get a little help so I shouldn't. -- -- -- But here is something that we need to get his wife standing right -- would argue that every candidate Bob. And they have like cape -- Oh yeah. Or. I'm OK so antique things are -- I think that make you happy and most articulate just outside on -- Now all of these people are not -- -- just so -- said. Everybody at the show really liked him his bees don't nice shiny -- I would like right -- -- -- I would I would love to tell you something awful about this guy but this guy is the greatest guy on the planet of the greatest guy I don't present government. Why -- to be and a little bag of -- admit that yeah. Get them out I don't think golden wedding -- she not seen how that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gupta about a deal to get that these deals went skin needs work created by the green moms and he's like super fun on the -- package hits in four school class and after school snack -- to -- off this anytime he wants. And we -- deal normally six of them would be 35 dollar -- Have since then let eighteen. Okay. I'm just saying you know they think you might easy you know really. Good and my good -- well I might be my god so there's going to be adopting this. This -- yeah. My -- -- lady Bucs now so this is so wonderful because it if you're packing things for kids every day. And normally don't do you -- so much paper and you August yeah yeah yeah and -- -- -- great idea at all -- deals from an -- Yeah and often that they view huge amount of money on my cash in undated and -- what are they doing what is it. But -- all around player what does that sound -- that better deal until I got -- you're everybody currently. Okay. We haven't Diana's -- nobody told me we -- I didn't. Yeah. -- yeah. -- -- -- Com. We're. -- -- Com. That's enough. And that's got sick. Okay. Why they're -- yeah. All right. Our. Your -- I had yesterday I didn't immediately -- -- Actually no reason to -- yeah. I'm truly have no we had no idea -- yeah how I what I will say yes and I wish this. -- really really was -- because this would be the greatest day of my life. -- -- -- Now what I want it. Is this part of a program that we're. No actually from Australia were doing -- show at the -- victory on 42 street. Today the new victory theater -- admitted -- -- mothers don't live next door Sousa didn't. And we bring -- -- Brussels from a strong Iron Man America on the stage and we actually bring some -- -- from the site to help put the Scotland and. If the kids didn't hide the -- -- -- I can tell you I feel like -- I feel like I'm five years old again are the kids. This must be almost too much for them to hand -- I love it. I realized that -- the love. -- -- It's something that we don't know -- that would happen let me go to a museum we have these static exhibits and yeah we've actually and I don't -- along this kind of sort of scale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was discovered for -- -- -- And it's why it actually catching its price the -- -- -- pretty high school. That you you know I. She isn't eastern. He's sorry Sam yeah. This little this little beauty of this little baby draw us all drugs have come from New -- there I have very specialties in the back. Now Tom they had the bullets. This is united when -- brilliant and New London and -- -- -- little while and. I'm afraid I hated -- think jarring kind of you know obviously. There's something really. Real an exciting about those found there is there but not the events that give it -- -- -- Upcoming winter when -- -- and when he leaves you degenerate did you ever think you're gonna bring dinosaurs and now at. That's what you get here on GMA life dinosaur. Yeah it's about. All right well while I am not. Excited. Yeah -- does a guy like that it's -- selling really spots like anyone yeah. I can't believe yeah. And wind and -- to augment -- -- -- -- anything. Strategize for the Big Three 142 street the kids and adults -- -- hundred years old. Come on down we -- until -- tie between -- that's amazing thank you. -- Will -- mother. Tracey. What went into hiding this from Sam and I. I didn't know about it literally they say they're easy to not only when I don't know now is easy isn't everybody. I mean yeah. -- and I'm Mary -- -- I -- upstairs again. Parties beforehand and champion. -- -- -- Thanks -- thank you I'm willing to -- I have I'm not yeah you're just taking advantage I'm glad I'm parts of Maine what I think here. They didn't -- they're married -- -- countries -- -- immediately under the throat yeah. Great -- dinosaurs -- about how you write parallel to pop acts. We need to settle down did you get into a little plastic that covered many groups -- have a gearing up cash market dropping -- There is speculation that we might be human that would -- greatest. That was the greatest moment in my professional life. Job that was also home. No that was because somebody have to stay with her in the audience while I ran up on stage. And hung out -- tell you very huge dinosaur -- Really -- -- kind of flooding she didn't think about studying anthropology you're either diet actually I I was on my way to a minor and anthropology. Really we're I don't know staff because it was so it was so collegiate community collegiate sort of thing to do again. Well then Jeff and I got distracted there -- I would when Santa Barbara and -- -- -- program straight gunning hard to think about. Debating club part time I felt that I wanna be cop at heart a little bit in the -- backtrack on -- remembered his mouth and New -- another part kind of favorite creature can gremlin -- Warner Bros. had been in talks to revive the eighties comedy. He's I think that there's room for the -- again and love that I love. Why it sounds like it's pretty close to getting -- -- night not officially act that we will keep an eye on it and we want your way in earnest would you like to see a remake of the the gremlins. I mean I'm not imagine imagine what they would look like now imagine what it would look they've enough with the new technology and because I mean back and it was. Yeah -- didn't this suspension of believe. Was pretty profound thinker like Muppets were like running amok yet. Destroyed the town now they'd be like -- If you like real -- dinosaurs. Yeah. -- -- -- That do not remain the classic people. Yeah. Oh. Calling you how well I -- an -- again the real poll questionnaires. You didn't realize the -- I knew. Yeah yeah -- adequately. Honestly I would have got. And he's brilliant. This will be continued on GMA -- and live -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other then Brendan Brendan Charlie Sheen I would say that out loud -- friends of Charlie Sheen if you think about it probably best not to pronounce this you know what I'm saying so let's. You everyone such a great shall I until little run by the get my -- Gator that will not -- attic and looked at dinosaur right. Hello again and the sweet potatoes and -- moisturizing GM moisturizing. Hey still the we have a second later on the floor -- did you use all of you demand makes is -- possible. -- -- It -- we can we do not get like the dinosaurs in the segment six that in. No you know we only get the dinosaurs once -- -- and this is the show for them. I'm I'm I'm half of everybody watching this on the Internet analyst thank you for the done. Done as we loved the dinosaur another. And I love us -- be all right everybody. I'm sure -- And standard time from. And this -- maybe that's relaxing come back tomorrow.

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