GMA LIVE! (01.22.13)

Bill Weir, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer discuss 3-year-old animal wrangler and celebrity crushes.
15:29 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.22.13)
Yeah. Am I allowed that that they're stressed out yeah. I don't -- yeah. It's time to relax. The Sierra hut outlets your head down what I -- yeah and I -- shout such of Sunday morning America today. And it's so great to have you without you it's great to be bad news sort of post dramatic stress syndrome when the alarm went off of parliament -- government revealed Jim made day's business -- -- you guys. And the -- is. See Jennifer Lopez -- person wow dank night. -- the only time I've I've experienced something similar ruse when one of how -- is on the show years ago and she is six. -- -- How can feel her presence coming down a hallway but Jennifer Lopez she's got us -- -- I I felt badly I was sharing the entire time and I was like write a better place during that are going you're very client I -- And I looked over and you're just an opinion account isn't it that -- you're adding. Being -- media goes so much is up by the way bills -- and that's Lara I'm Sam -- -- our studio audience yeah. I'm a fan of the new movie it's -- Parker it's it's it's like added. It reminds me about a site it's really within minutes she came in. To talk about that and on and really -- -- great girlfriend and then we had -- Golding yelling buildings and she -- had some choice -- was one of my favorite summer concert series it was nice to have them back. Men and Alec -- -- found but lights was like. The biggest yet we can't play it for you but we're gonna show you video. With no music because that's -- -- year old -- -- -- in this area that rules there international licensing rules there and not. Get across first thing we must do is kill all the lawyers William -- expelled or -- -- Yes I was very -- -- after you watch your mail I've that you don't want -- Google learned you can hear a little sampling of replies yeah. Andrew icu luminaries tweeting her I am treating we got a social and -- actors -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- This is -- your message I'm -- I'm hoping though it is -- front and Tanzania and we had a -- segment on -- and we had three love connections on the air yelled out you have learned -- ruined -- Lebanon might type of people behind him. Get it give it lags parents we did he says it is it just me it is illegal to look like she could be Lara Spencer's sister. Yes what -- -- -- yeah I love at about two of -- -- telling me on the journey when you when we were not on camera and -- -- that's just palace. And it washes out how she looks so that's brilliant yeah I was preaching to Juliet shoes did you see the -- you know I'm -- I'm mistresses could she have been that I platform shoes. Yeah anyway as yet unidentified that is what people -- talking bottom line I that I Kelly Golding. Fueling idling but everybody. Women were exploding over the segment we did at 8 o'clock over the guys who put on the things. And it made him put on -- legs can -- be more discredited and -- and they weren't sure journalists now as -- I just say no and -- -- as simulating. Yeah let me tell you live oak tagged to stop so. Yeah nothing can compare. Unless she wanted to try to El Paso watermelon -- -- -- She didn't know us as Carol Burnett we -- Doug and Carol Burnett always had a great joke about guys John and understand what childbirth feels like first grab -- lower left like this. And then pull it over your head. Yet what we actually act on Twitter can your husband could your husband handle it and give us some of the responses techno would love to see him try -- song. I would want containment through that yeah not an enlightening -- on yeah yeah. Hi guys -- -- -- get a cold seriously doubt they could handle -- look I I do think women how many there are due time he that I like you speak for all men but I I'm I'm gonna say right now that we we hand this to you. We love and appreciate you for doing it and realize that we. No part in that particular day. How can -- tell -- -- -- he was 11 years ago this morning that I gave our minds off what's it today today aren't -- -- in my vehicle -- -- like what's your husband president would see yeah part of Warner process else -- and still has. That's what I was. I was yeah. Yeah athletica the modern father you know it seems like we went through that phase -- gotta go to -- classes together. But that I feel like when bad man came on we gotta break and it was a decade ago you know smoke in the lobby like doctor Ricardo. Nobody is available classes now like a best friend -- I -- have done right now you're just kind of out you know I think it should be above Abdul -- experienced personally I love that he he felt my pain but. You share my opinion but it was -- happy birthday to my boy I want us to we have on the show you guys not this is -- -- where we -- California. I don't know where says -- -- we are we going now what's happening -- honestly my life. GMA -- while -- lot more value Al let me tell you whenever -- on the show. Don't miss it don't miss it way it's fun to have -- you -- game show upstairs we gentle way -- -- ever getting Mike because I -- -- there all. All -- all around Iraq. Have that yet you did. Because look here's the deal let me just let me just -- that got them. Ten minutes to -- Mike -- I -- holding it like it got -- held at what is up with that high because there's a way to hold the -- Mike and it's down it's down it's at the bottom. You hold this -- -- don't you -- -- likely. I -- -- -- -- -- really nice and commitment. Like rock star get a little bit but it -- -- -- -- requires a delicate touch. Only go to gene Rayburn fantasy camp to learn how to -- that absolutely. Can you are real light show left from and this is -- and this is on mrs. George Stephanopoulos. And I love when she's on because she had this -- and really an embarrassing Georgian the most adorable when there's such a gorgeous couple and very fond of and here's a little snippet of the not -- -- like. True it is Georgia's celebrity crap he -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- Yup that's -- -- he's got hit the next Oprah. I wonder which Marisa Tomei -- sympathy My Cousin Vinny Marisa Tomei is that the wrestler. You know I mean what exactly I I well if there's a lot of range to -- I'm willing to bet that if you have a crush. On on an actor actress it's no matter what they do I mean you with Matthew Mark you don't really care. Whether he's doing a serious role for whether he's doing magic might be -- don't -- now I I want he has a tremendous body of work. -- -- -- -- -- -- How much time as there and Jim -- I think. I think that's right and fairness I know I am -- a loved one I'm a huge. That's lovers so much of like got a name Black -- -- Natalie Portman I -- Brands in in the the attitude I see -- relentlessly funny. I love her and Scarlett Johansson. Well you really do have a list of crushes we'll have we -- for want just. But here's this the beautiful thing is why I love my wife love -- -- -- she knows I like Scarlett Johansson and so for my birthday last month. Much is -- what you want and I'd -- Scarlett at threesome with Charlotte going yeah. And instead I'll get to the next best thing and we got great seats to see cat and hot tin roof high. That's great -- -- this'll work for every married. So please don't take this -- marriage advice but we do have dating advice today. Yeah on the upstairs yet you all month long been jump starting your January we've got -- I think we goods and money. -- -- fitness and today today was about love peace and on the author of it's complicated. Modern -- finding and keeping love Paul -- stopped by to tell us about flow dating. That is a new kind of speed dating they uses games to sort of break the ice and his superiors and and that -- yeah. Talk to somebody -- to -- taste in movies or have a good sense of humor he need to watch them move. And that way you'll know there's some sort of a chemistry there so many of you guys tweeting questions -- -- on Twitter so we're happy. To have him back towards fall right here right here rather quiet about it. And let's figure out how to do you see how are you that -- why don't you want anything they might miss the whole thing is good because I was downstairs like I can't wait to hear more about this they don't understand. Blow -- -- -- editing for us so I would go to lot of us. Be dating events right and they were good morning. The report yeah reason -- because you would sit -- subpoena repetitive questions. -- dating is about giving up and seeing body movement body language because 80% literally 80% of what we say is not -- Is coming from -- body language right. For -- so few minutes and I'm you know somewhere where there's not a -- dating opportunities what advice do you have for people looking for love if you -- -- use -- -- -- I'm it was -- just do things differently. You don't think about all the things he did over the last year the last two years that didn't work. Rip that up thrown -- can do things differently. -- I totally agree and if it's that thing is that. Here and now we've got to this point where where -- like an interview dating process you really need to just relax have fun with someone maybe that's what this does. Better than anything else in that you can actually just relax and -- phone with somebody you don't feel like you're on an interview. He knows when we say in an interview. First dates that our dinner dates like interviews like interrogations -- something -- and that's your advice is depicted frenetic first date someway. Lot of movement absolutely movement activities because you wanna see values that's the number one match criteria is -- -- that plays out over time and we. The show that gives you added value. Two GMA we want to know about love connections made upstairs -- ducks got very involved I started they did some comments on. On on the gang that was trying to find lots of who made the connection after Mexico -- -- -- we have we have -- and Steve. -- -- -- -- If you remember. It stayed with Google but this in the chair I think -- like that right -- and we've -- we've we've we've got every Jeremy we've Jacqueline -- And and guys all of you feel really good about your potential job parent you know I has been usually isn't that a loved one. This is exciting news what wasn't really track and you know -- -- decides on her movements. -- -- -- -- But -- an interest in food and also an interest in outdoors activities which people have shared and -- talking about it and -- Nestled dialogue conversations -- what about your -- what are your what you see enamored. I felt like she was laughing when I was saying so when we talk I'll actually have something that she can actually take from me. Think and when I'm listening that oh -- -- -- other women voters are fighting upstairs yeah. Does her -- as they get married -- actually had our couple -- and as -- Jacqueline. Seem similar entrance she laughed at me like how she left them. Becoming than Jack and -- -- Tom movements near -- kinetic energy that attracted him. And -- was the -- that particularly independent. Everything it can I see a little sampling -- -- we'll. -- -- -- -- -- Isn't so you know you saw the right one if she finds that attract. Firing now yeah. We don't know what's great about that is that that's what sparked the conversation. Right and you also get a chance to see who has confidence and does. -- well we are very glad that you're with us this morning on GMA and all of you getting that big chance for love. And now we know let's not go grabbing her and -- it's exciting 2013 could be the year who love letter to the have you ever when you guys go on your first dates would you kind of give us a little at least ten hash tag GMA live as you know how that can be three words -- was blank -- right. Probably -- did nothing about. And that's because of the business back to gene Rayburn you know and it lives -- first -- black. Everybody was OK you can. I the other big topic this morning very controversial. And we were saying what does this happen and in Florida in Australia yes it happens -- Australia's some. People are crazy this is -- toddler a three year old -- who pals around with. Monstrous creatures look at that. And a -- and crocodiles and alligators his family is is one of these you know. Wildlife daredevil -- example you think -- this this disturbs me. You know we see this all the time men and it's funny because if all of us were talking about other. Television animal experts Steve and Steve -- And. And just saying that that it's -- think it's a dangerous thing it looks like fun. And and sometimes it is fun but you have to have respect for the fact that they're wild animals and I'm just not sure. That when you let a toddler cuddle up with that if that showing the -- you know who knows. Proper respect for problems. Are on Sam Champion -- -- rescue Sandra. -- -- -- -- -- That is about it trivial on the floor we have pictures are on ABC news around on the offices casino at various people doing things. And -- -- and a wetsuit -- of porpoises. Tuesday night. Wednesday or Tuesday tell us what I haven't been kept. Big I think that we are they are -- turning is that they're slamming into. Just this woman anyway -- important. This. -- what we -- that just get right to fall. You know you've heard our opinions on it we tell we've told the stories and the next haven't happens you know you'll see it on GMA right next time someone Malcolm Burnett -- -- will will will talk about about what do you think. Would you let your toddler play with the Gator and or snakes. Then and do you think it's it's. It's an educational experience for them it's the family business -- But it is it's it seems that people who get killed by animals are lining their own business are usually doing something to that creature. How to create that dynamic and now you know let's -- just -- This now answer hey thank you so much yes -- very busy out there or what we're looking at -- I didn't -- head of the day I think you're gonna like this. Math yep. Let me get -- that this one is from the this is cute little dog it's not bad not -- there. This is Mac we -- -- -- on the screen Anderson we're -- running things the area again. That is here anytime you can put a boxer on the air that that was three and adopt them -- Are your mourned the boxers and I think. -- All right I love you so much been -- -- and you thank you know we're here how -- -- always literally. Even when you guys did I am I wouldn't have happened yeah. Yeah. They want to go back.

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