GMA LIVE! (01.24.13)

Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Bill Weir discuss the Subway Sandwich lawsuit.
13:27 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.24.13)
Okay. -- -- -- Here on Good Morning America lines in -- -- thousand. -- telling her favorite moments on the morning but goes on behind the scenes Josh is not. Sam is on assignment wearing a wet suit somewhere and Florida. He's rescuing the CI believe he's shooting -- yes yes I think all of -- talk about it. What about the value of the war hasn't yet visited us. Hey Bill Weir okay love having you love being here thanks for coming any lie about your mind we -- -- -- -- Yeah -- how exciting was it acting to deliver that news of in the -- next. So new it's so great just a walk by and see her in her dressing up and you know it just feels like -- into. -- out I was sitting in the make a -- and I heard her voice and her lap but I thought. I think this -- -- recording industry everybody's spirits -- then that's she's there in the -- you know it's like -- is right with the wrong guy again this is her world we just -- -- so happy to have her how beautiful she looks by the way. It's a sign of the progress you have to drive run wanted to get up at the same time come in you have to make up yeah she's seen the shooting and it's allowing an end to end their steps that go into it right she's got it just got to sort of make sure that the lights are okay right. Make -- process and you know as she sat which I just love I still have not alarm clock -- And I know you know it or not is not the most. Pleasant woman of the morning now -- language you feel stronger and updated daily basis you know compared to -- compared with two weeks ago it's steady progress and of my favorite lines to see here. Her hair is start to come back Livingston but my Michelle Obama bank yeah. It just one of the greatest senses of doing in the business and has just a way of -- of turning. All lemons into lemonade like I've never seen interest duration -- only love to have Kenya can't wait and its head to gonna come sooner than you have to get back that I -- action. Tyson -- what else oh yeah we had we're talking with that Michelle Williams -- kind of felt. For Michelle Williams and Destiny's Child until you know -- -- -- is an artist in her own rights but. Everybody wants to know about beyoncé did here didn't she lift sanctions -- you -- did the interview she didn't have -- She says she was kind of amazed and surprised and we heard this from a recording studio as well here in New York City saying. Everybody does this this is not unusual this isn't this shouldn't be shocking to anybody and and that's exactly what Michelle -- and in and everyone knows that. I think the thing we can all say without. This shadow of a doubt is that -- -- -- -- -- -- on the -- our money -- -- first thing you can hear. I -- -- she she gave her time she went -- she celebrated in the president our country and I just feel like. I mean we saw not bad -- today that -- she certainly looks like she's singing to the track. -- -- how this is creating even more buzz for her in May be Destiny's Child. For the Super Bowl halftime show are all going to be watching maybe even ever more closely and I know they're gonna where she's gonna knock it out of my gashton what was the final verdict -- that Destiny's Child we'll get to that -- together for super -- I would love it. I think it might happen I mean she -- didn't -- without let them say that much she didn't say no yes so that's something I already have the best army did not it's a little slow -- -- -- LLC having a -- president and I don't read that they were doing every union single arguing there at all and they are releasing it now comments and what has -- -- -- new single longer yes that we will be hearing music in the -- song's writer on Valentine's Day. That's -- that's an interesting dynamic took -- to see would have electrical history coming up childhood friends. And beyoncé blows up in matters Jay-Z and as a movie there. Yeah absolutely right sitting right over -- attempt look at that gorgeous creature over social. Justice. I didn't yeah when I Wear my land where my -- it's cold out my mind my bangs. He when they are happy boorish you're working -- -- Michelle Obama yeah. Before -- cancer friends Saturday. That's why I'm springer it's happening morning -- Twitter exploded in a show about -- flat out play the most tweeted -- story this morning with your towel and pop news. The study that says that hugging can reduce stress. And -- memory and lower your blood pressure has -- over 200 regionally -- -- The feeling calm cool and collected and Imani I'm uncomfortable -- Yeah sorry to hear from your Google all the -- will. I. Yeah. Where's where's god skies so we're dealing with the. -- he's reading the newspapers -- -- I got out anyway so we asked people on Twitter who were used honey this morning. I'm so -- sent us this picture he's -- his -- this morning's new. We got Tony and her little girl this morning. And Joanna is touching her west the pop -- Tanning you're so pretty high art had a today. But then we have Laurie -- his -- he said I have teenagers chasing -- down the husband raise my blood I sued. It's not arrange a loan. We're watching -- all of pioneers -- -- -- -- live right now I'm reading and that it's funny enough. I'll give these guys aren't. And -- on my -- Torre and Torre just in the house. You get me a lot -- the morning with our delicious like it I think that's our society is like he went to steal that blanket or anywhere right kind of mind he's wearing it somewhere and not the way it could -- into that. -- this -- -- -- exclusive to any idea says these are high eighteen -- head barely cook eat. Neither -- -- you cannot bar and I am. And to me I loved it yeah salted and com news found sea salts and narrow mountain. And could. -- Madonna isn't the -- -- -- -- native -- got it right. Japan's leading independently you a lot of story you had been the -- -- and downloading is that bears fans. Near the prices were great all six items were fantastic this is unbelievable designed to -- he joked that as Paramount Palmer online. And it's a minute maybe coming I think -- -- the women who residents so super cool also normally you get this like big box -- -- Nearly all of you that big big heavy back normally have 3750 that exclusively sports yet -- it -- you. Slashed in half 1875. It's really -- -- -- -- morning again it's so obvious. You get 6816. Handmade bars and now -- This is at its core I cannot ask and ask on that inning and Adam I think that's and it went off the yeah. We -- many maybe -- when you let that that's how I got not only do you get the links it -- predict but probably think that the -- and Good Morning America some extra exclusive. Even more worrying tomorrow and -- -- -- -- Christmas anyway. Yeah honestly there was a blanket on deals and still standing is so luxurious so. Cozy bid for this old mother right now it's yeah it is called her and her but I highly recommend going to check it out because he was just a convenient beautiful wedding guest. A beautiful Christmas get on -- -- -- a great Valentine's Day against. So thank you drag queen and her daughters -- that its chip yeah something that's a different group -- loses -- my little six year old gave -- this film. And -- I yeah. Usually playing god it was still night yet he says I -- to be designer when she grows up silence is not attend an -- yeah thanks you guys thank you current -- historic. I don't think I want -- saying it. We also I -- Michael Simon on from the two when he need barbecue that was I think Mimi spite it was combustible Len let's just say that we're out laughing you don't usually -- -- -- that. -- -- you can use it for crowd control yeah. Just -- even in front of an angry and it's like me and so it's all my charm wrapped enlightening. And nice places -- I was really given that plus the strawberries so where we were definitely we don't need assaulting just now that. That's why I don't know how you're not a thousand pounds -- -- national -- you know. Because we want -- to give you a little more love this is this is a proposal that we -- so fantastic it's a photo bombed. Do you see the woman behind me there's a gentleman proposing. A woman behind his catching the moment and we absolutely -- visitation shocked this is I think. This is in Disneyland it's -- and Christopher Humana -- and Christina Silva Zimmer from running. -- -- -- -- A fantastic moment. You're running in a five K. I love you -- little slack -- They didn't know getting came and -- caffeine in fact we have Christopher. And Christina and joining us via Skype from their home in Santa Barbara California hello -- Okay. -- how surprised -- you with that just out of little freer did you know he was about to propose. I think -- -- thinking there I I yeah. They have her on the Internet we just can't hear Tracy can we can you guys here. We could hear you but I think -- said it was a surprise as I was reading your lips here we'll see this okay I'm -- yeah. So don't since we couldn't really hear what you said Christopher you're running a five -- you dropped your knee and what are the magic words. The moment I wasn't asked do you will you marry me. I'm Christina how -- of the -- losing what I mean that what do you how do you I don't even know -- India except exit and a great idea. -- -- -- Christopher I'm I'm I'm I'm always and you know sort of fascinated by you guys -- -- creative. With the engagement. We did you have good at any point think I'm gonna do this on mr. -- wild rider -- -- do this in front of the senator -- castle. What it was it about that moment that we just possessed then to do -- -- had you thought -- game this out. -- these repeat about it me about a week. -- 400 actual event and I'd get my want to see something special something -- -- members and something that would be captors. -- anything like this. -- and I ask you how you did captured did you have a committee on -- for running alongside -- you how did you get it -- on tape. We actually had -- our son running behind us beauty in his. Yeah and you just thought Christina that he was videotaping you while completing this run her -- Grant d'antoni can't tell you come -- we get across -- finish said he didn't say Andrew Lauren and don't worry that -- -- an honest commentary has studied does not about the actual wedding planning any plans. Yeah. -- wouldn't. A winter wedding but no deep we have say. But winter in Santa Barbara California yeah I like your style. Audience. -- creative enough to pay guys congratulations thank you for sharing your story with us. A. Imagine that they have -- -- and it is a good omen when Captain Hook comes over and greets you with a -- I get they've got they've hired out right out. Here's news for the white nose out there -- Internet land that truck here is familiar with yeah cash and -- and the beautiful -- -- -- -- Trader Joe's. It's no longer to box they're raising the price of Charles Shaw one to two and a half bucks -- They kept the prize for eleven years kept -- -- there was insanely popular. Now we have to come up with new nickname -- two dollars and fifty cents now fifty. -- is nifty nickname Ariel half -- Two joke didn't work we talking up jobs is one -- and Justin -- not any vegetation line they're really. Now. Now nobody could of course that we would love your suggestions hash tag GM a lot of -- right we have -- -- yeah. -- -- -- We can vote wary eye you can vote I guess for what the name should be what do you think the new nickname should be for Charles shop wine. I call it at my house water. I'm. Texas it's got your -- embryos -- unorganized and diligence when we lived and allow I have no idea -- it was just like bottled water and friends yeah avenue at any point -- and it's. Fascinating story you know the -- -- the vineyard they'd say. -- they buy extra grids from all the other vineyards -- it's really the same product but they figured out a way. To make it economical to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And her gorgeous I don't know I have learned -- He -- guy I guess I'm you'll feel better.

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{"id":18302130,"title":"GMA LIVE! (01.24.13)","duration":"13:27","description":"Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Bill Weir discuss the Subway Sandwich lawsuit.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-012413-18302130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}