GMA LIVE! (01.25.13)

Lara Spencer, Amy Robach joined by Sharon Osbourne, tackle super bowl 2013 recipes.
14:07 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.25.13)
-- Yeah I yeah. The NL batting GD girls' day out. -- Sharon Osborne in the house thank you for being on Good Morning America this morning. -- Mississippi -- me and he didn't. While I honestly I needed -- -- bout between mormons with everything that's -- a lot of what warning you have forest as you just a role on all I -- -- -- math. I wonder how -- what's the deal everybody's talking that Kelly. And -- very very serious relationship with that hot shaft so far there -- -- -- They kind of very serious relationship -- -- wound down the amount you sound disappointed we'll. Children I have not enough -- And I am so glad to hear that that your okay after the fire because. Not only for your health and on his hair and also the to -- -- house of viewers off the -- Martin Lawrence -- and it did he do this on asthma among teens don't burn all I need you -- kind of he's fat in this isn't he -- -- so seriously you guys broke and the houses of Time Warner yeah. -- -- is he knows he could always replaced. Off. It's. It's a very important lessons -- I think you know covering all that we cover all of the disasters at the end of the day I think I've -- to place where I could lose anything yet and it doesn't matter as long as you have people who can't count -- exactly and -- don't -- And the dog -- today -- -- -- dogs yeah. Guess what we're bringing back our social media producer to tell us what you all are talking about online and I'm guessing Sharon Osborne is. There's a huge part of it -- -- and. I have -- the beautiful bachelorette ladies. Xanax and -- not I'm I love the shows wanted to show that might -- watch. You're also the opportunity to call you -- -- hoping that question for you coming and I put it this morning I'm -- can't see Shannon hall. Yeah. I'm Sharon want to ask DO -- super fan ask you. How he loved being a grandmother. Takes one of the best things that's ever happened to me and almost silly to one of the blessings and being my -- -- -- -- -- You know it's not simply being sixteen and how -- that he knew had grandchildren so therefore -- -- -- and -- market fast. -- that's a great way to look at. What kind of -- it's. Visit Everett girl happy he's happy happy happy -- like Jackie voice -- -- late Friday eight. He really bad apples as -- thanks. Battle fires what you have permission next question from Nancy you know famous fan -- that can be really hard what did you do to keep. Or did you -- -- are you got. Yeah antidepressant. Yeah. -- therapy is all -- I actually now. You know why keep you. If you try and -- and healing not gaining 24 -- -- -- you have to have some sense of normality. Don't you can't turn yourself into this industry 100%. -- she wouldn't be saying my friends and I -- question here. Where is your favorite place to take a holiday in morning -- -- Actually -- tell -- -- and when I tell what you next time I like I would really like call me move the crowd. And put fifteen -- in Sydney and would hate me you -- -- do you acknowledge. I'll. -- -- -- Not the yeah absolutely and now let me get like that -- -- Osbourne family abroad I mean what is the reaction when people see you in their country I can't even imagine. -- -- Not me but my husband -- ahead of what -- country wins we have green and yellow lines in people who know -- area so it's like you could be a cool -- I'm guys in the eighties we see -- are not going. -- -- -- -- Here you're not exactly cut nearly there now and he -- it as it -- -- 68. From doing what we -- so why is because generally people lost so great yeah -- -- think they're excited to see exactly. All right everybody Sharon Osborne -- I'm happy she's got her. Son aren't good while thing. We're going to continue -- I don't know what it actually we're watching -- tweet tweet us all right guys that if Aaron. We'll give -- the entire -- -- -- -- audience we have. A group yeah yeah I -- freezing outside activity and it on the inside sales face it's a welcome everybody I -- want to talk to you about a recent study by the journal psychology. That reports that 84% of parents in the US. Lie to their children. -- to get them to behave when I will not reveal whether or not I'm part of that percentage. But we -- -- -- -- live audience water -- -- that you've told your children and -- -- C 73 says that. -- she tells her kids that they can be sent to jail hash -- works every time. Wow wow that's that's very harsh but it it works. I always brought tap on my parents used to always say to me when -- -- include the children's time. And they would sometimes hack into the bag put me in the whole way -- seeking -- -- Waiting for the children's -- after an idea -- -- yeah I think it's -- really mean yeah. It's another thing that we tell another -- yeah -- yeah now I like this one though this is maybe a positive spin. -- his kids that if they behave all day they will get a special -- they never -- all day anyway so. An everlasting imagery. Pop -- I'll have a funny so maple fan goes pretty honest -- it. How about no -- if you are not going to follow through it don't say it. Hash tag honesty I blame if I think that's the -- -- it's very hard to do sometimes. Following through when you make those tracks and you don't follow through. My sons I was like -- soccer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get them to -- yes a little like can't hurt or. No honesty is the best policy and that's what mama caused when police. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- everybody on the Internet pop chips I think earnings announcement -- yes we are not just yesterday we never talked about and now they're coming back up to him we have on the site yesterday a lot of you online wondering why get hot -- yeah us and I went 100 doubts. You know what your doctor -- -- -- -- -- slaughtered yesterday rankings are out. Explain that this is I'm actually about Katy Perry kisses her latest head. If you welcome the relief. Very consumers aren't -- Tangling in -- how to Katy Perry didn't mommy -- -- -- these are -- -- quantities are Kinney carried. The -- flavor she -- kettle corn growing up so much that she would actually bring sugar and the movies and 400 popcorn and she has created this labor force -- jets -- -- that on the -- And yeah. Let's call him a taste audience that you -- like I would think capital today. It's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And equipment that had happened down and here now. Dimensions Atkins Diet -- can't is that not enough I patsy Lee yeah. They're pretty enough however I do -- -- -- tech hijinks handsets featuring anything. So excited about her and John -- I think this could be -- -- You won't find him then I think he had found the plants and you've kind of ground and hopefully in the could come from but it is tough in the spotlight and no matter what you've got cameras following all everything you do everything you say everybody's writing about guessing in the past -- Friction or some -- some tension. But they're equal it's not like her in her marriage I think they're probably moments where her fame. Could have caused a problem. For a male -- for me perhaps had this guy has got a very healthy -- also very healthy career yet so they're they're sort of able to -- Doctor -- in the house for now kind of a united us. Good. What's next capital. Volatile -- now you get to I -- apparently thought she was saying I thought he -- it was staying not gonna. And at 910 you know yeah -- phony check killings. Staying hacking his ticket -- yeah yeah. I want and when -- All right so -- it first was on the big and now chicken -- the national chicken council that there is it chicken wing a shortage among us. Two weeks before the Super Bowl at that it's not that it's are continuing shortage of GM -- I know I got them now so we're here now and on. Now I want that we Elliott. Hornets shot got an entire of the council it means that over a billion winged -- -- -- thinking unsuitable Sunday alone. In my house. But some major chains are saying that they that they won't run out pizza -- -- street claims that Baltimore San Francisco have. But her I don't even know what this is talk and I think they're soft let's just a couple of jolly -- that morning -- it. Right through hard we make the perfect chicken wings chef -- The morning fix for hot. -- if you know I love my name that he. Except that I love you -- -- not don't know why you think dirty math and. -- what I hear about what should not make sure my favorite chicken wings that worked out in -- -- claims. It's very good very simple. The -- soy -- sugar and honey. If Clinton all up. How much soy sauce for the bucks who caught the sort thought the alliance she lawyers for a lot of -- may not actually here's coffee sugar and in public money and is it. I was just in. On and -- -- wow. As you know like. And -- -- -- -- -- and here comes the real -- comes the -- and you drove in no whiskey whatever you like vodka. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- garlic okay. Every go and -- and you don't buckeye -- at some Tabasco make it sweet salty and spicy I love that light years yes please visit the -- the yes. -- -- How does not growing mountain my love I look good up I want to make Nittany quite right my name to be an idea is that they're saying to me the next couple -- -- -- I'm not happy I had no idea it felt -- eighteen -- -- -- have gotten. And added -- that I loved the high. They -- -- -- yeah. About it making them Honolulu salt. Wouldn't -- with an hour late night menu at the general in your city yeah I can gradually you get the death and under one night -- -- towards their turn and outlets across street because I -- to bring him -- and well. We now what we're about to close at 4 AM but it's huge Asian restaurant -- The modern concept it's the had a fantastic and it is a total celeb hangout if you haven't been checked it out yet to come home please yeah. Annually over the hanging out its job you know -- I would guess I know my opinion around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- it out. Put -- from the oven for about going. Point five minutes until its parts of the five degrees inside and then after that he went to the leftover marinade and -- in the middle and vacant again. So that -- cook got everything -- okay so so. The first time the second time -- again spicy marinated for about six hours four hours before any album it's about ten minutes tag refit the -- medical bought half way. -- the extra marinate base and -- Again cut and and that big again threw for another six search and yes -- -- done. And had an obviously that's just don't make sure it's not commissioners should update -- actually follow the -- handy yes it's amazing -- -- similar line. We that not enough. -- -- but they look at me -- and Iowa code to. -- -- -- Well alcohol because yeah. Hold on all got to -- -- and does it doesn't they're so good and shot -- we love you -- this can -- on it. -- they're asking are you on her web site. I hope that we have we don't enjoy making they have a right. So if you want -- rescue for Super Bowl and hopefully they'll be enough wings and everybody will lower. -- -- -- -- -- you on Monday.

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