GMA LIVE (01.27.14)

Rebecca and Ginger preview the Puppy Bowl with a visit from adorable pups on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (01.27.14)
-- I think at some point -- my goodness sometimes even overtakes me that I can back inside what is the effect and the flute I don't see it here comes that you bring an end. And tenth -- when -- like that -- it's just when I really buddy. -- -- -- -- for the weird and I have had. Get -- that's what shall I do and I think we have some beautiful tell us with us again and I wait lap Kok and Alan. And now academic who did that that he needs. Do child you know I haven't tried any of it what -- you gonna as a Santana deal this is what I like -- earlier in the morning is good for me on this act and -- Mexican anything before -- -- try to tell myself certain. It doesn't count. So we have a cornbread cheesy -- cup I'm assuming that's that they asked that -- and then what's the other one. The -- already picked out it's not -- and so this is game day -- yeah didn't. Anyone back here -- -- -- good says he heavier. Hasn't back. Didn't I just wash my hands. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just keep an eye on it and then -- -- sense for how. Abandoned -- and I'm gonna do it -- have a duet soccer and say okay -- -- this morning right at the vegetarian not photo neither of them -- the legendary about it but the bottom part the cornbread. Won't happen. But there are women -- how another adventure. Maybe someone back there and hot for a slower than the amount of their old. So much fun we have this contest coming up with and the puppy while the Jews did we just -- the puppies live. Let me just cut -- we just cut -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hot dog or better that's up for GM and live friend. -- ready -- just like -- and admitted that -- -- on All the time. Point 47 they -- you what you have time now to vote until 3 PM eastern today for your favorite recipe if you're watching here on Good Morning America dot com. That you can help the people went to the -- if they -- about that. Including here in May be bigger deal than sport right guy hadn't just -- what hurt me better highlight definitely I'll absolutely. -- and you didn't -- the next. Let's take a look this is the play of the day -- this is the one that didn't quite make it onto GMA this morning. And so we have a very special GMA live version it is -- zoo polar ocean park in eastern China. Is a little kids take a look. He's getting a bat from eight gleeful beluga whale I don't see the -- -- -- all that. He and looks like he's smiling but it looks like his parents. -- enjoy it even a little and more they they didn't quite get the bass but they got it all on camera looks -- Diana. Totally clean water -- I -- ever -- moments like that you know when you go to something like that added that as -- dream come true. How much did we want we are at SeaWorld or wherever -- wait to get splashed Snyder act on -- That's where you sit in the -- -- he got a crane -- out. That's senator -- and I like I wanna be closer to the -- the gas. And the OK that should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's frightening -- Then may be inspiring. Allow -- all these cats have the same feeling I didn't have -- united. Around the world about -- -- but they are they all love it. Interest I have I have a cat and the cat has never done that now -- -- bring -- -- but not take effect -- Am I didn't say I don't know that we just that a lot of toilet paper adds it would have been a lot. Also not only do we have this Super Bowl in the puppy -- coming right up. Back but there's also the Olympics -- less than two weeks away. We want to welcome our new ABC news Olympics contributor she is a live US Olympic medalist at yeah. Art and I am surprised MGM I live by who we happen to have you haven't. Oh yeah. And then then I haven't seen -- my goodness welcome. We'll make any hair and Janet -- it's very exciting because so what do you look he's my goodness you're going to be helping us out during Olympics what do you looking forward to the news. -- -- -- -- So special about energy of the Olympics and bring together every country every sport. And -- that it's a dream that we trained by -- -- entire life and there's these two weeks that the whole world with stops in his intentions. It just. The drains and -- the -- -- everything that you see it's so inspiring and a good people take piece of that act that life and to so much fun to watch we. Couple of weeks away right now. What do you think that team that's going their -- -- -- -- going through right now given what your experience what this is almost game time. It's -- you really can't imagine the day after the Olympics -- over the day after your and competing. So you know going and then something that you -- you know you break -- up into four year cycle of and to know that -- two -- -- you know the biggest -- of your life and it will change the rest of your life. It is almost more than you can process you know these athletes are just sticking by their training. Focusing on the moment and just. Keeping it consisted trying to keep outside influence the way and just do what they do every day. Do you happen to be able to -- I would think you would want someone who had already been through it telling you -- just can't take the fall and concern five. Without it it doesn't you -- you can't -- out an area stay on the podium it so hard that it's closing ceremonies your show about -- And then at the Oscars that no Lindsay was another Olympics and yeah I get out so -- it it just it goes so fast but you have to -- a great coach comes and and the people that are in the sport now they've done shows with olympians and -- they always asking questions and I should show in December I was -- -- and actually lack parent. -- is so they're so excited and there's a team of for the first time ever in this Olympic Games so just. There's only so magical that you just can't replicate about the Olympics and it's it's cute to see these eighteen year old it's just. You know. Bright eyed and bushy tail was so excited to go into -- it's really amazing -- we're totally -- teen USA so much good spirit going forward but one of those things that people are talking about right now with security. And it's a really big concern and -- even the State Department -- came -- and said you know don't we -- teen USA stuff out and about is that makes you a target. Would you be afraid if you are going this year would you be afraid. -- you know if it is a very scary premise but. I completed my first Olympic Games -- a few months after nine elevenths and the games were held in the US and it was considered. He noticed a huge threat and and everyone was -- a little bit. A little bit cautious and the you know everyone stepped up and it's such a good job I remember going to be arena there's the -- -- -- You literary authorities gone doom metal detectors one -- they went through every little piece of vineyard in your back into -- three times on the way to the arena. Unsecured pops -- You know -- taken very seriously and -- you know the athletes security it's the most important things -- The athletes can I think kind of step back and focus on what they need to do. And and trust of the Olympic Committee well -- step in and do their job. It's it's it's heavy thing mountain after watching this and there's so many but that house on drug a lot of attention to -- hopefully at the end -- become a positive thing. We know that you'll be here to help. All the way after they'll -- here really look -- to that do you wanna come see some puppies and. I. Even -- -- he's not holiday. -- -- -- -- But come on out there who now where we stand that's -- -- High and didn't I don't know probably not get to get into the ring of the -- Utterly hasn't come on in the field -- if you dare yes I do. You know the let -- at least in mile leg day leg -- -- I can't you know we can you can talk about it for a minute and then -- like seven. Senate let them go into it's okay says yes please yes let's talk about by the rules anxiety about there -- rules that are. -- -- -- -- Well they're really simple. At first of all I -- -- -- -- team jerseys but it's really every dog himself. Gravity -- dragons the end zone every dog as a running back nobody is a quarterback can hang. And that can sit back and -- them what what does this breakfast it's offensive. Yup this is like you know this is like posturing right now that just shows shows -- right now that you notice there's no truth to it but they're battling over some doesn't have to motivate them and you guys. This is what you're fighting over so that either alcohol or -- -- to like get spending cuts down get -- an Angel and the end any -- -- -- that you think that. Carter it like. It them with trees and -- my pockets full of bacon Vidalia. The longest of people that is average ticket blitz the longest of people in terms of tiny. Like it's always two hours yeah we will we will we -- this thing gets hours and hours I had a certain point and then you just can't get them. It never happened. But maybe this -- people -- coming up. Maybe -- -- tied to the awesome what's been the highest scoring puppy bowl of all time high school I believe one popping one year because all about individuals scored five times. I. Line applicant was of course named MVP -- -- of the -- Had visited the team. Date all we -- submissions from all of the country the great things that all these puppies are for rescue shelters. Centers and rescue shelters -- from the brother country they're all available for adoption. And we just get people who come to us and say we'd like to get a autism of people 66 puppies participated this year while -- these bodies are not -- puppy bowl that from a group called the saddle project which is. Puerto Rican organization that takes abandoned puppies and minds of new homes and they're all available for adoption as well sent to the standing and then they're doing well they're standing and we -- a choice -- a puppy bowl right. -- -- and heptathlon ends of the Alia the I would get too close and then vote in the poll about selling it at yeah yeah -- -- -- -- And -- it airs Sunday at 3 o'clock and Animal Planet it's it's it. It's an incredible event it promotes adoption awareness and encourage -- -- chicken -- it's going to be best year ever viewed as one -- ever. Bombs again I was too little puppy bowl please. Explain to play itself -- -- office heading. Now this right -- -- -- all the time there's going to be huge about the legal fornication but -- so. I don't know and I threw the flag and -- -- -- -- Toledo and all right so yes -- the whistle does get them going to -- those -- already and he went. Let all of the real. But notice they're pretty good and -- something you think. -- outlook on motivating mostly offense and defense here on offense and defense simultaneously -- This visible and entertainment all they've done good I don't have an aquarium 5%. I think. I think scramble here scramble. Yeah we don't get -- female family here what -- the problem. You don't that would have been -- touchdown -- Mom and yeah. Like stats right everybody's a winner and -- For them but it hasn't. Thank you that sometimes you have here is another I'm no longer -- let me -- yeah -- yes adopts -- all of that. Anyone who wants to adopt a puppy everyone -- on set today is available for adoption. From the -- project. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- watching him since my favorite present -- I -- -- let the husband joining -- thank -- everyone within. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gotten really gets dumped -- to I want -- here and in my life.

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