GMA LIVE! (01.30.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion Discuss extreme weather, Puppy Bowl.
3:00 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.30.13)
It is great to see again welcome to GMA -- leave. Really live like incredibly -- steps misnomer. We are so lovely morning some 9 AM where he lives you can be summoned him hot and now I'm here also -- -- I know plenty accident on. Come and reason in the highlands -- Josh what's that Ali you know what it is because yesterday we were you know we are you hammering on about how -- -- under -- -- look what we've -- Chris song. -- -- Thinking what you don't know is that. While you do now you're watching the show we just -- and morality. Conceivable snack rest is so and we were on handling this is when they are not under fan and I actually begin with the Tory Johnson that was it and might have been -- -- Laura Steele I'm not sure wish it was both really. -- baby back ribs in the sausage baby back then we're back and none of the -- was -- by the -- no I didn't come because I. He's altered to weld cracks of the -- that it was scared me I am here again but didn't end up. But that -- that have put. So much I love this is this like something -- -- we can serve and I literally nineteen Turkey burgers while we are not on camera I was and held hands I'm not gonna have a -- -- I'll save one for later ordinarily we are. What is the budget you know it's funny show but there's a lot there's a lot of weather out there someone adds that W -- we you know we didn't promising updates again what a night these tornadoes. Cutting down across tonight we have -- lapped up -- the metro area of Atlanta right now what this was just. Kind of the introductory lines is way ahead of the cold front itself. That popped out a little tornado warning in the Atlanta metro area now what we've been able to find. Is not a lot out of as the tornado warning is is expired. In metro Atlanta right now but we watch that line of storms. Then take a look this -- the pictures that we were getting in from everywhere overnight this morning. -- shots -- the heavy rain from global shots. From Indianapolis. And not all the way through Indiana. A good part of Ohio. With some strong storms is well on -- on into the south Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi. This is where those storms will be rolling today and -- -- if you are watching us on the has just like to say interwebs. And you're from New Orleans to Birmingham to national Pittsburgh you're on the back line at the rest. The day today it'll be moving east so Atlanta Raleigh Washington Tallahassee -- take this all went to Pittsburgh today because Pittsburgh is like seventy degrees and today -- he went thirty degrees above their normal temperature so when a cold front comes through. It's got to do some damage with winds are not -- -- -- -- -- in the -- Demetrius there of weed and we spoke flat today. He proceeded they hit saying they expect snow right -- -- Yeah yeah I heard tonight. I got to -- our -- down and that's I mean I would be fine with. This pattern this system coming in April we tell everybody to be warned and everybody would be used to it trying but I mean this is January into February and we still don't have this line. Where cold air has settled out across the country we're still doing this. Battle between warm and cold -- you talked about it when we were dealing with -- sandy desist. Point fingers toward this change and global. Climate you know it's going to take a lot of study before anyone can say definitively what's going on. Do do the weather patterns change on a regular basis. On the globe or is this something that's definitely -- -- but. I have to my personal belief is I've never seen storms like this I've never seen us go through months where we're not quiet where we don't have down time. There and there's just too much of -- going on and then to see that polarized not to come. -- that's. Carol -- summer months we in the ice lists and and then you know you know you've got this you don't you're not setting up a boundary now -- cold air stays in the Arctic and then moves in and solidly stays in the country you're getting this. -- big -- this push of super warm air which turns it -- yeah. Yes that's just off that's just -- usual scary. -- Kerry Washington I know you were looking forward to it. Ravishing. Along with Tony -- -- this this is a big show this year. It's not like I love and I'd love this show since day one I think if you haven't seen -- scandal is a really great and not guilty pleasure it's so Smart. John arrives it's got -- again -- to her writing -- space just a spot on and it's all about president grant and Olivia Pope was sort of this. It picks -- this DC insider so they were on today Tony Goldwyn and and -- -- to us about Scotland and having an affair. And now the president wants to divorce the First Lady who's pregnant it's very scandalous. Hence the title of the -- -- but it's also about the fashion high and I know women love to look at. The clothing that Olivia Pope wears Carrey's character because she is just always spot on her -- is just -- Court like like -- Bergdorf Goodman. Fantasy -- sprung to life yes that was great having them both and we thank them for coming and I do check out that child and give you a tip of anything anything. Happening Bob I was just talked a little bit about chemistry -- the so anything off camera that we -- -- day he said that he -- you know he was shot in recent episodes of any shot of an I had. And I said is he OK -- they were sort of they alluded to the fact that. He may not be capable of continuing Connie -- and -- he's going to be OK that's the least of his problems having been shot -- -- -- One coming up so fast that tells you that there's some good stuff -- -- pass -- along to. Almost 3000 tweets -- minute during the show when it -- scandal parties popping -- Almost over a 150. Thousand are missing classes we really I think we showed everybody does everybody does tax -- save Hough. Was believed was the last couple weeks because -- is their god is being framed. First for shooting the president he didn't really do it I don't get into -- -- and really if you haven't -- But it's really protect will be on over -- -- moments but first off we wanna get to be Super Bowl -- from Volkswagen hit -- -- now. So good spice and things up -- -- it was just crazy -- Some people saying it's racist other people saying it's just funny we have. Adding -- -- a -- veteran. LQ will you join us this morning he weighed in on the topic Nicholas Simon comes. What is it may black people look too happy he had a horrible. This -- we go to you. You may be ready you bit elevated leg -- right. Again. Predominately white actors in the commercial. Happy because they have the Volkswagen and speaking. -- all accent would describe to Jamaica and had yet to make -- say that I mean I know. You know people of all. Skin colors from Jamaica that's a Jamaican accent it -- it's not. You know that doesn't have something that's specific to a skin -- and not know the Jamaican minister. I entertainment and tourism weighed -- and said. He let them in -- he's talking about talking about doing some branding deal with that with an arm. I'm always happy when people are our little careful I mean I think it's great that we have awareness but -- if you know if the folks who were involved in in in it. Say they don't have a problem when other -- to me that's okay. Com is someone who I don't like to be around when people make you know gay jokes or anything like that so. You know I always think it's best to check and see if anyone's offended that appellate defender great move on but I think it's a nice thing. To check. I don't think it's a good thing to say it's offensive but -- you know well. It's happening that's a great. The idea it's great it's great yes and Volkswagen also happy I think the probably selling -- -- if you talk to her word and never bothered. And let's bring in now the real star of our program. And just bring her social media -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We thrilling literally Ariel -- could have got this got a little Oreo is going to -- -- -- that I had this is our producers cast she's feeding her kid. Baked beans and hot dog -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna get kids getting hit the car she's gonna hit Maine's top I was sort of -- by the anyways. -- we asked the other morning it hit meaning what yeah you did not -- would look at little little the view. Fall. Hide. You know oh great there's a lot approaching -- in the off. So we asked we have today what needed to jump start your morning which was a suggestion by our friend Jessica. We have different fellow who's drinking one have read copy want to have to run for a while watching -- -- -- I support that this. This -- our friend. Nor cal tech this drug related good to her local bakery. By local collisions -- yeah there. Like just young yes. And then -- out -- if -- she's on her bike and watching GMA. No -- -- tweeting and writing. She didn't exactly help that it's it's it's a stationary bike it's all the barn and I I guess that's okay but -- -- that's hard for Zambia could not only at a top. Let's let's be real I wanna give a shout out to our friend Lewis who -- on my FaceBook page this morning that he watches -- -- live. Every day. -- yeah. Andrew Lewis to a great city and do you see -- -- yet to -- now but -- -- -- trying to get about the papers and the wardrobe uptrend like a leather another. Thank you that members only notices -- Lara and I love it. By the way never got on well I mean it has -- seventies Perez's -- around -- he's he gives I don't know what is what is what is. What of members only. It's a great friend here on -- spot on. If they stop going to hang on hang on actually live let's go let's go to the controller in -- continues. Yeah you you can't even when she's about -- his -- what they say they have student -- -- to evaluate it like doing it now you -- -- to argue their ago him geragos soon. -- I've visited -- this I've always worried about. The hipster folks in the winter because it looks good but it's rather killed. What did you have you have and I'm saying -- -- paperwork that was my question I don't out of that tells me need to get into right. And -- -- stay -- the pants sizes that is what I can we I'm here that that's what element. We didn't deserve our jobs -- sometimes. OK. Yeah. So what I was telling us we always tell our our viewers thought long line right away yes that is the stuff -- yes. Were not. Kidding we're not trying to cooking -- how my ass and go some things don't seem like hotcakes at Minnesota things like ribs where frankly they could sell many if they have -- -- many people Johnson didn't have produced those rich and they would that not they're something like a little like to invite you wanted Santa arrived and that's and -- in light the first -- 2000 of those little -- so are you going. -- not immediately -- not. So let me remind bosh -- -- don't tell don't we don't get anything out of this this is just deals then you go out and -- -- our viewers asked. And you would you make these people do these deals I mean they're don't tell you what I. I had I gotten a little bit of -- hits with one of the companies that -- I steamers knew how hardcore you are about getting the price down on like a hard heart about getting the -- down south but yeah everybody and everybody went small every -- and focus on wing of the female friendly business as -- did meet in America all of humanity and yeah. Pack -- -- get good deals for. Jamie alive I'll take a Mala -- So these these relief fund -- animated studio city California from a list from the south and she had these huge celebrity volleying. My desire is how Haley Berry he Taylor Swift fall where her staff and exclusively -- -- the fancy Isakson who I can't tell you who's been there how why not that I show that he doesn't love today that he is -- south it's -- right. -- about a blanket tried separately I. Have a very special special deal you guys. Yeah you should see my business. Jeremiah isn't that it can we judge each day you got a bland yet they have now body blanket and exit the -- a cop but a probation. Calling that Josh is special diets -- just you know. Special -- of that. Next week we're doing like super mega deals we are taking over the whole show are you when they next meet with like major -- -- what -- what I can't tell -- -- don't re allowed to tell him. Tell me give -- -- live viewers met video of mega -- we're taking over the entire morning -- yeah I don't. I tell us this -- -- allowed to say -- day. That you don't apply to you really want me about to be able to meet today and that you confusing at thought today was Thursday because we -- on Wednesday were always on Thursday by next week Thursday nominated candidate -- -- decided yet but think we have a really good graphic. British steel regularly these cops range from 9210 dollars but slashed by more then 75%. Take about nineteen -- What -- yeah this they also say something really really inspiration is off today is history today no tomorrow all is a mystery. Today is a gift that's why it's called the present. One. -- his. Very very long but it's a very positive is -- they want them all very broad integrative and -- -- -- -- -- -- confidence -- -- -- -- I love you guys behind -- -- -- story. A. He's -- -- on the car were guardedly. -- -- -- how the American dollar yeah. A lot of good exclusives that isn't everyone hello this guy. Your beliefs don't make you better person -- your behavior -- might actually -- all true so true don't be afraid of the unknown. Which is based his whole show -- after don't don't fear us yes we come in peace and to prove itself most like to prove it we have kids. It's OK Sam and I hadn't gotten a new or Linton is the Big Easy later this week for the super -- I was going behind you know which is you know what I think I think it's gonna happen beyoncé is gonna be it's -- -- be destiny's child and now they get a destiny's child and you guys are gonna go on a tour of Norman's I heard you might even see my eyes and food an hour -- my favorite movies of all time you might see that we will concert I heard in my seat Channing Tatum. Always know what you're limited snowball after death in New Orleans yes hello he elected they don't know what -- you leverage and later that night and -- take this change that's very different do you -- -- -- is -- weekly ad. I don't watch this now just for an -- Oh no Channing Tatum -- watch means week. -- -- -- -- kittens are cute they are c'mon let's go check them out -- I'm allergic so I'm not gonna handle that you guys do that yet so. We have it's puppy -- -- we saw the -- on the big show today but however. There are these are the cheerleaders the -- he's the cheerleaders on the kansans are cheerleaders. This other cities -- halftime. I -- -- really happy birthday eighty -- OK so. They are they looked about as friendly as the dogs did the company under those 200 hurting the dollar -- -- all these you don't stop production got a little pathfinder dot com and he cited New York that Tony -- -- voting today. I have them. It's. This is really that I remember when it started nine years ago it was a lark like to move things that start on Super Bowl Sunday are -- Has become it's become cottage industry unto itself bigger than the -- -- able. Which is no really proud of how are you kidding I'm and I think we've ever bigger than military aid to break it to you. I definitely. That's power America everywhere rescuers say we'd like nine million viewers last year it was the second most heated about event on Super Bowl Sunday. Next -- -- -- so we're really excited about it this is bigger and better than ever. Cats and dogs kittens and puppies living together -- and thank you very much thanks thank -- -- exciting New York thank you very much you know kittens thank you very much. Thank you spending your birthday with us it is lovely to see you again. Morning please join us look at the -- CN -- --

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