GMA LIVE! (01.30.14)

Ginger and Sara shares treats with the audience to celebrate National Croissant Day on 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.30.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GM -- -- -- That is composed GMA -- an -- being. Post camera and some beautiful music I think that -- remains and how does he ever love yeah and the sentence I think let's take it -- not if so I wouldn't read them they can people who south I have no idea we'll see it we'll see hit Callahan -- -- didn't talk about some social media in action pretty soon. And that's what -- Warning I have been outside if you could feel my toes right now I don't think we value coming down and -- about I didn't. We have that I'm -- that -- he's not only in what -- -- we slowly actually not to -- -- nailing your discount before you never gone down the full weight down I'm falling and Lara looks like your problem really biting her talents. But look -- both of you are determined to make it ends up screaming and looking beautiful all of the same diet and -- -- -- and nailed it Kerri Strug style and up the that company plans. The -- and -- opened the day. Seriously -- television up and you know inseparable boulevard and the whole thing -- -- has been transformed if you haven't checked it out -- months that you've got a second a lot of -- public some things and it -- that I've got something to -- Bennett thing really. The not bad -- that right after this and it warms you up to beat you gotta get a chance -- You're -- out of breath you could hear that and hopefully. And we have. Well. That's some great studio audience wouldn't. Malevolent ignorant things yes. I love high -- and the environment happy happy to be inside -- my friends that with -- on morning. Saw. That there they really out. Thank you. They apprehended still don't know -- was sleep is available -- riddle them with the -- had island cannot this in your daughter she might would be easy money. Kelly yes how many people decked out is that -- I -- see more Seattle fans in New York City is -- -- -- around I don't. I didn't -- -- whose -- for Seattle. Okay now Denver and -- may be -- -- minority who knows. It happens and that's that we didn't have big game here and courtesy of regularly we have something there that we wanted to talk about rights at the -- at -- -- -- again and Jesse come back let's -- not yet. Please help us here. Please leave us reasons people here. It's important that -- and ended forty sentences. The secret here that they're putting on right there yeah sun where. Well and so was there anybody can tell us closer to us coming into -- and he -- -- so. Lots of -- how it it's gonna be Super Bowl 48 stuff from 47. Friend 47 brand which has -- counting but. I totally confusing and Brandon 47 assists for Super -- 48 that's totally cleared -- not -- -- snatched by 49. Speaking of snacks actually how we can head over bridges and more behind the scenes stuff as we can head over -- you don't have our -- now. We know how to walk and homelessness we want to even think that's what got an email that this great. Yeah yeah. Hope hungry I'm hungry. -- we'll be all right. Volume -- yeah I think well we will we will move for cupcakes and and it's Parlow -- -- -- hundreds Internet. This birthday gender and expect it and that they aren't New Jersey is on serious stuff cupcakes. -- there are different flavor is limiting. From the beginning and yet know what they're asking -- that's not available to you -- now stuffed cupcakes and red velvet you know classic chocolate overload I feel like. Short and -- uniter -- -- I'm trying to have a bright diet that's not working -- -- -- -- You don't need to brown okay need it -- -- -- -- -- on and then. Let's clear. I hate that I. I recruited a sweet little taste -- -- I don't know that it signed when he tried ice conversant cupcake hey you get in -- -- -- -- off. I know what's fun things -- and you know and ginger about the gun heat many use of the word Omaha fingernails. Oklahoma all time. I love it kind of an -- we ask them to participate -- echo. And even a day before it -- it is to it but having well before he snapped the ball -- at -- that great because his -- people often. And up so much about football we are probably the -- back. Let's call it ESPN rather than in GMA live we've got some stuff going I don't know if -- by her own -- the Yukon hybrid is on the -- for different things I'd do a -- -- yesterday -- -- -- Where the forecast or and Nebraska with a certain way and -- and don't think that -- weren't and then said. Obama and it changed into something -- why in heck does that work any money understand. I don't think -- -- something based in Omaha cracked. What did he -- is yeah it's hitting just getting well how would that faith what -- -- T yeah that's beautiful and you like that I'm so glad you're here eat my calories and an evening at 083 -- Leon. What does it taste what's in the Atlantic blueberry. I'm a little scared that a blueberries mixed -- with that -- -- -- -- -- working its good. If the bloom -- alcohol. Without the Philadelphia under 200 that -- -- -- and I think. While. -- are children in this room. Yes -- sleep here mops and. Speaking of things here. Parent Tracie is upstairs and wants -- now that she knows that you two can't communicate right now -- -- can they tell an earlier -- is where the next. -- -- -- I know that you need to organize skating -- amazing -- are now upon and you need to Wear -- yes OK -- OK guys can't you know I teach eighth seeded yelled at me I'm. Let's do that the people here. Here. You can hear yes people people who can't hear Tracy Wright and for us yeah I want things that we do like most about super ball. And credit tell a story stories. I don't want to light at the end seven hang out those guys in the always tells -- but aren't some of the players and -- got the biggest game of their lives. He might it mean Derrick Coleman -- that for the Seattle Seahawks anyway from nine gas. Blame anything on. He's like he's player who ruled his death spending such great things for his fans especially other hearing disabled athletes -- We've got an exclusive first look at a message from the deaf athletes at the John Tracy Clinton in Los Angeles they want to thank him for the amazing example that he -- I'm not making excuses and pushing forward every day people. Yeah. And and then. And nine -- doesn't -- easy. So didn't mean to -- -- But you're borrowed. This. It's bad if you win or because we know because not some -- every -- Yeah. -- There's it was improved shifts -- Day. In my -- yeah. Air support script that handwritten letter is infinitely better than email text -- proposing. But I noticed yesterday that Twitter debate was sparked about Twitter and FaceBook in which is better not in my heart it with busy yeah -- -- -- because this is eminent like it's a big part of social media as a huge part of what we do and I received some interesting responses from something that I posted. As saying -- I I said I've noticed that Twitter in general is much more positive yes I. And -- look because for me when I get and just yesterday right after I got wildness to people on FaceBook that I hate her eyeliner -- look fat -- ugly. Yeah I can keep on Twitter immediately fat I love your eye make -- -- -- that what a wonderful thing. And the same time and this is not for after it has done some yet reason to witness -- tell me you know I've put that out there and some people -- back. And I want to show you a couple of their responses and I think first and Jim help page and page says is because killing a 140 that I didn't and that is that it at that point here less complaining yet more fun -- sarcastically. And I -- it and that's maybe that's what I like I like soared to the point. Sarcasm yeah so I couldn't -- they want ordeal taking. Have to spell it out on -- -- FaceBook -- on the door and intellect capital -- than yelling you and tell you what apple. I -- I keep our -- -- the other night anyway you and independents like -- It's ironic Twitter is effective. Positive social media yet an application its social media for the anti social -- that was brilliant Jim I knew little thanks so much thought that -- that he's right. I think where the heck is -- happy this -- -- the vast. -- -- -- What FaceBook. -- -- -- in asked how old are you yet. I don't really know I think part of his aides still -- yes -- generation only more people use FaceBook and tend to be more conservative this is what I'm finding -- -- your. Artist when you ask young people of the F FaceBook now FaceBook is for all people removed because they are more on -- -- -- Twitter all these -- any -- even a little bit borderline for them and how little people. My age and older better -- FaceBook -- to -- it's like you feel they're just like every time a new version of an iPhone comes out and that's when you start feeling well I can't upgrade path for the. I love higher equities and I know I'm style with the red -- in the I have the OK guys that he might have known ginger and I are both. Engaged in -- admitted it -- Yeah yeah I don't. We're very well -- -- became one upmanship that's round the proposal game and it's over reaching new heights this morning. Adam pink who wanted to go the extra mile when he proposed -- bring Jack the cat and talking about the grand finale to an already exhilarating experience. Skydiving. Adam -- -- -- -- and extremely -- carved out and so that is girlfriend would get the message before -- my -- before she touched down. I'd love freaking out for so many reasons I'm -- it is -- proposed deal. Avalanche at first it was there with the -- family members looking on as she except. Inject an adamant in skydiving for about a year but it made. Isn't -- people to remember. That is so memorable and I love because that isn't doing a long time for the regular thing as -- and that didn't do that then you get the proposal and without them -- -- an otherwise it's like why are we going skydiving today -- if you stated in my hair. I don't know I didn't hear your proposal story. Accordingly so anti climatic he woke me up he did he said it was the only technique catch me when I won was not talking and -- -- -- -- in a bad news house. That's Vietnamese Bob Rae said that's not about -- -- it really does Sarah's story but like what happened in the name in the standard and yeah. -- yogurt like you're working out is -- and putting putting putting banana pudding but -- he did he planned for a long time because he told us. If you are told me me me every day we met at this fountain every day was a regular thing so I wouldn't now and -- so he knew when he started doing that -- and he is like premeditated amazing that snow and it -- very -- Matt. You're -- and you wind. You then anything -- -- -- yes she did and she is an amazing video on YouTube -- you can -- -- I don't know that -- -- yet Tracy. No hand knowledge no fan but I he jams that -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- up. Clinton island stated that he. -- Attache case and -- -- -- and I cried. Athletes that yet. Well we are going to have have many other taxing questions but can't just say that -- -- skydiving teacher she's gonna say yes -- and it just gets here. I guess -- anytime. We should do a compilation of knows -- think they're on the Internet they're definitely on the Internet pouring good movie scenes a kind of -- It -- but before we -- had dimension that would all the Super Bowl above. We almost forgot to mention that today he of all days is national trust faith and -- audience of more than a great couple ice -- This morning. Or -- taste tester Courtney -- and Chris Johnson had to have been -- Wednesday. The press -- not need to be that change I think Chris not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the audience of food allergies and any of gift bag -- -- All -- gotten on what what those are beautiful now the game is to last. -- -- In anti gang -- let mess that's that the government had again good. Feet -- from someone coming -- could -- -- could do something that's -- again yet and that sounds a little better we know. She. You know get back -- she neck and the financing and the finance -- -- defeat. At least he knows he hadn't -- announced he had what about me it looks like your permanent because you know -- -- morally delicate coastal. So -- the finance. So because lucrative endorsement. So he was -- got -- -- couldn't imagine luz was. -- -- that allowed a lot of that a with a lot of by her daughter if I had a lot of -- good better yeah but if you -- -- took -- -- should have. -- people in The -- and CEO of sound and if so where we're really celebrating this beautiful everybody loves her son. And I have never occurred last thing. Is that indeed he did -- Odyssey getting some that we can do is pleased to -- Let go we speak ten days -- is -- said is about to have I -- about what I've loved. -- money we -- kept cool honey he had no better or so again. And here is all of her items but I love here and and then left on the simmering because sometimes some people just -- -- -- beating -- and and that -- times of the gets she can. Cheek and was a bishop many inside oh spinning that we wisest thing each and good that -- that -- -- Well educated and saw how long you can put an -- he has -- -- men aren't yet connecting -- Actually how he sent it. Hot hot I don't know how they want to -- heat PPP ID act and under this is a classic classic French. Breakfasts my goodness I know -- -- an elephant friends last. I just got a basket of Brad the most beautiful Brad -- and then just the -- -- and that and and you never influence on the you don't have anything now because because he -- -- -- -- free back about it. -- if they get -- Kelly yeah yeah yeah. There has an account. There hasn't -- there's plenty of air so let all of celebrates the loss on the front of the bus on the back on by Sunday -- -- female seed. -- Clinton I think it reflecting. They yeah I could be here and ended -- and can't tell -- you -- That ten units of Manhattan we -- five kind of in the midtown east and five down and Wall Street which is our home -- down in the financial district. Serving French pastries every day we also radio -- coffee daily in Brooklyn and -- over as well so. Remember life is difficult so you always have to have a little pleasure and right. -- let -- get it. The importance of pleasure and today is that we're gonna celebrates today the -- indulged a national assigned to all day long I think he got some entertainment will likely attend different location saying he died. Have we -- enough have we done enough -- -- pay investors are eating for me so I'm starving at. OK well that is herself that he -- -- -- think you all for being. Eighteen and well thank secretary Kathleen we're gonna get there any Iman don't mean bride and -- -- it. If -- yeah yeah and when you look hungry people -- and I think it's time that never happened. -- here -- the mild. At 9 AM. -- and I and of course the -- of -- have a good --

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