GMA LIVE! (01.31.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "GMA" and "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.31.14)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You Blalock but -- here the heartthrob of ABC a go ahead say it. Smile outside from the time that you -- frozen and I mean it. And I wanted to begin this whole thing you know what will be safe but -- 39 below zero thirty -- -- zero in Chicago and and and I thought I was smiling I really good morning. The picture trying to smile you're -- And finally. The man your life is that -- -- these days perhaps even fully bearded at all it has become something we'll forgive. Harry problem for -- about. Sales are dropping it back dropping so fast that Gillette is said to be blaming November. Put the charity effort to -- his guys to grow their hair. For prostate cancer awareness those who knows they've got to just -- period these -- -- five and it's not -- it's a sound business plan however. To blame the goodwill of your potential clientele now. -- not by nearly. And dash Mount Shasta thank you -- that it. At that shot that didn't mean to look at rally by the -- 61 today dropping thirty tomorrow that's -- who. -- -- I've got -- -- back and coming up home ice and spicy hot -- he still -- Yeah -- the -- super Lara might play that day it's super. You can see the Super Bowl is coming this site. We're going to -- you can't -- -- -- Six far -- and involve football. Are you ready. Seattle Seahawks. Alexander brown there you haven't George why. President -- kids can't. Very good track record I might -- he picked the last two winners. Meanwhile the -- going on central. What players and coaches are saying we -- -- on the. -- Patty Duke tell my -- and share and got out again -- Richie. -- ritzy -- -- I would not would have the -- -- local union and that -- can close though the beating of blood you must still believes. -- -- -- My neighbor just an -- party I'll make good tri legged minutes or there wouldn't go bunch of those guys have face are appropriately selected second would show. -- don't like you. -- -- -- If anyone. And you know what they're doing. They -- rent and only. We don't -- a day. -- about how easy could it be in the ten -- -- -- -- Cats have the same feeling -- Let's say I'm. Did you that I I have it. The -- ever done that now looking at right now. I wouldn't say I hope that we just that a lot of toilet paper I think what happens on the -- today Elizabeth. That didn't quite make -- on you like him in. The very special GMA library then it is we knew polar ocean park in eastern China this little. Getting them back from -- -- please call beluga -- I don't even after the elevator. -- -- and yeah in our favor about memories. I here's one right here wow what do you know he -- she is -- some rings and we knew that. Yeah in the market for ring -- -- -- on June 7. I mean I think I. Watching from home yesterday morning. -- -- why -- Robin -- Marvin Marvin problematic. Thanks we'll monitor him very well I'm sure the gym that morning me and the defining cultural events happened. Right this very minute these -- the photos -- video spreading around the world and today. Army into a Super Bowl special. We're going viral here this one is gone so viral overnight thousands of people -- at these pictures snapped -- folks in the Denver International Airport we thank you. Here we're changing its mind and a special homage to Denver's Super Bowl bound Broncos an easy -- -- outbound flight. -- exclamation point and they really love it when it's as. Three gather there's more more flights -- that sound exactly like Peyton Manning obviously known for shouting that. -- middle of which comes to good night's sleep it turns out thinking is we'll leave it so. To get into the us researchers Colorado College have discovered that just being told that you slept deeply whether it's true not. Actually cut you -- increasing your attention. Boost your performance this caught the Stephens and it works like a necklace that was where your brain convinces her body that he is. What kind of believe -- I can't tell you ethnic I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a little little but I -- I thought you know my hope would help I hope -- very small. -- -- movie studios would pay a hundred million dollars that special look back. That is something you never -- when we return airplane yeah. Good -- yeah there are what's on the ball could afford to make. And part time and in this guy -- special GAAP and us. I thank you thank you guys it's a it's always wonderful to be here you've been so busy I just -- found what we did we -- -- -- some -- -- most wanted. Now the couple months. That this report -- Well we we haven't had and I think it's a really funny -- about to -- but between the Highlander I think a lot of -- myself hand. And not only -- a former NFL star and movie star mr. Terry crews. I thank -- that we look. -- -- -- -- -- -- similar -- right now -- the because we're gonna the next segment neighborhood on Monday. -- -- -- Good morning. Mart -- and Barbara that's going. This morning dozens -- children the little. Don't have a data and recent -- Scott nearly 181000. Lives on against the Graham. Didn't -- What you are talking here. Had good fats the original victim her again. The public about for the. I'm my side like this. I gotta say you know what I found -- that wasn't skating -- last night we realize he joined us -- -- show vice president Joseph Biden. This react to get -- instant reaction by the. I have a feeling we be seeing him today in the ideal morning mean I -- one appearance came after her. Vice president -- killings can we have a vote for for the -- is that. -- The jury -- But they're not beating up a foot. Section right there into the middle its -- in Germany. The new paint job it's good to be once again ready to sail the -- -- line on all of those will be gone that maiden voyage if you wish. Well that is go. -- stand on -- Just don't break -- bottle of champagne may be against the new section game at home I'm sure it's gonna work out there. Oh yeah. And to deter -- well -- I want to sort of conjure a lot. Thank you she needed she was -- she -- you -- can't get also show you that really very tightly in the thank you cut the husband -- thank -- everyone there with them and northeast. Thank -- and it works it's bad really good Duncan.

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