GMA LIVE! (02.04.14)

Lara and Ginger learn how to make a healthy, but fun, meal for picky children.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.04.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage in GM it. Appear out of here out on the Dow welcome Tammy and I. We made -- L yeah I'm still trying to get over the star power and today's GM and reach out. Read our we got back from break and that left the guys Kevin Hart says everybody -- yeah that put them. I'm pretty confident that guy is sold at funny and honest he he was here with Regina model for their new movie about last -- -- about as we share common. Township -- just got such a -- But also. -- was here and funniest thing I've ever seen is a -- before -- -- being Regina and having -- -- -- because it's like you know including one start next Americans and renowned. Robbins just finished -- -- being -- and and Kevin -- pitching not a movie. The idea hit you glorify. But I don't there was stand up for serious -- -- -- -- like. How -- -- people collecting them is great I know Connie was going to be and it is that aren't -- yet -- are -- I got the distinct impression of the starring Kevin. And I was really that I love those moments behind scenes moment that you don't -- season Greg overplay the day. Ginger and I discovered and we haven't gone and -- common passion and that is a little film and we like to call about last night. In 1980s fashion aspect it's something that it's like he hadn't seen for awhile and then -- Sutton made that Arnold. Hill later maybe college and then -- really -- -- Kenya and then something I would and moved to Chicago I would watch it. Regularly regularly -- I -- an unhappy aren't they and I understand because I remember the first time I watched it I believe I really just like this is what about this. And Bernie played by Jim Belushi was just the funniest ever and I don't seen in that movie I would I would. -- get it and then there had been that I lived in Chicago yes I want to start carrying -- see things together and then when Rob Lowe when I saw him for the first time and GM it. Do you re daughter session youthful self stockings I could not stop peeking my head around a few -- -- -- That it like -- eventually was on camera yeah. She looks so good looks like he did he -- in about last night -- thirty years ago I feel like he he ends and John -- are the two. Like what are they need to preserve its yeah Dalton's reading all out what -- ahead. That is -- LA open let's do something we get them to me and rob and we just hang out yeah now maybe to I don't know about one day and China that is because this really need to -- on the -- -- -- it's a -- and on but I found -- from the producer he actually bases have more on sexual perversity in Chicago which was the play that inspired the original movie. Anyway it's not it's funny she can see -- it's about her if they're very -- Martin Regina are very very funny. So that's that that was the -- -- And then when we haven't we have so we've got we've got the healthy pigs in front of us Katrina talking about cooked up thank you enter a half men thank you look at -- them. To you very soon and says it all about and -- -- -- owner. So when you're watching -- -- -- think if I were going to be an athlete this is what I would -- really gotten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From one drought over driver and Moscow because really had great -- in Russia -- pick apples cameras in every car looking incredible footage. I don't yeah Allegheny heading over there little high for so many recent so -- -- driving way too fast and decides to and he sold lucky that he didn't just get absolutely pummeled. By the other cars is there please check in the -- and -- caught on tape -- So that -- parked. His parking -- probably not on purpose he's a Hollywood stunt driver c'mon. The mountains a 183 slide just straight and there and you decide if he meant to do it or not known was injured so that's. -- -- -- -- you know. Won't wait just one minute of it without talking to me I brought this that's Ross Ross I hadn't done Jim -- and while I miss your -- -- in my -- holiday season high -- -- really get Tenet the Olympics kicking off just a few days from now millions of people will be gathered around -- TVs to cheer on the athletes. And it's not like this Super Bowl where you -- try to inhale as many calories is possible if you're looking at the finest athletic specimens. On the planet and you two should consider what your putting your mouth we want to make it fun -- And delicious right to sell. Why not a couple of celebrity celebratory dish for everyone to enjoy to show us how to do that please welcome celebrity chef author CBOs. Yeah yeah. -- I -- yes. Could not need it could be -- maybe I should be -- -- this is this is -- but she there's no -- I didn't listen. The philosophy of my new book black -- the -- and -- food philosophy is. You try -- all -- recipes with small changes in lifestyle changes and he straight. Ingredients for better for you ingredients have however you don't trade on taste you do not skip on to -- You make little lifestyle changes so -- we've got a little pizza party that you can do for tickets and you can give a different flavors we've got Hawaiian which of Christian academy. We've got Mexican and Mediterranean. But speaking out better for you ingredients the first scene we have to does got to marry Nader chicken to bring -- -- -- nice natural parents married. Rosemary. -- that snow -- got a Martin -- yeah. With -- our guard like at what I was sitting better feed ingredients Mazzola corn -- Studies new studies have proven how corn oil actually -- the ability to fight to the -- cholesterol. Many more times over and out of -- extra virgin olive -- know what everybody thinks has been so helpful in my opinion that well that's why I'm -- We let you marinate. Now this is what we do although we are going to be using -- Cheese it's one thing to instead of using half a -- on a piece of chicken -- -- tables and mozzarella you let it hit it very light so we've got our nice. Grilled chicken ready to -- were gonna put that right here we're gonna build with a little bit tough to -- -- Sort of like you would do first pizza and -- -- -- a great way of cheating the kids into this idea. We're gonna do a tiny that you see teaspoon -- actually taking my kids that he thinks he's (%expletive) looks like sneaky and it looks like about -- its holdings of these are all the tricks. Take a little bit of red onion you can just do some last -- -- Helping myself with a -- is that we've got ready on the DL. Little bed of pineapple because we're giving it up how why and twist before. And some all of -- girl. Little bit of that. And now all we do as we topped with a little bit of parsley. -- you go over the do you want a big -- from a week up an insurance so that everything blends into each other and she counts -- cup. Yeah pop pop pop up again. Yet you wanna give it -- Mexican -- somehow nothing else with a little bit of -- -- out of those yes you can. Your hands you know honey do you want this show. Shouts hey invest. And for a Mediterranean -- we asked some green peppers yellow peppers red peppers and some -- first. All of us and you we've got a yellow -- -- so it's all delicious. And by the way that's really I created a bunch of recipes for you guys to happen you. -- how. If you wanna see them right -- -- life right. Yeah. He's got a regular -- direct Good Morning America dot -- on -- Ingrid -- check out her recipes this is really really good it's very light delicious villain of the opinion is his move couldn't move he. Last weekend and that -- anybody's guess. He may have different think it's good. Well I -- languished CNN time he has an idea that was nice white eyebrow it's easy. -- that a picture is so. -- -- -- -- and yet adorable little. And everybody -- that's our -- Check out C bank tomorrow morning seven and potentially talk about about --

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